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I saw this forum and i like what ive seen so far.




Armed Republic of Zorbaka.




The republic of zorbaka is a small but advancing nation with a population of 5 Million. It's located in the Rigonese mountains in western europa.




Redoku: Redoku is the capital of Zorbaka. Its main landmark is the Zurien tower which stretches 300m into the sky. The country's government is situated in this beautiful capital.


Gregine: Gregine is the largest gambling sector in Zorbaka. It is famous for its nightlife and fine cuisine.




Jan: Cold winters approx. -13c


July: Cold summers approx. 7c


Ave: Cold climate -2c




Zorbaka is a military republic. Its current president is Juninho Byzan. it has three main ministers, Minister of War, Minister of Foreign affairs, and Minister of Healthcare.




OOC: Im rennd's younger brother.. so watch out!



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The Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa welcomes you!


We are a pro-socialist, environmentally sound, alternative energy-grounded union of many tribes, chief among them the Mongol-Swedes, residing in the tropical lands of Central Europa.


(OOC) Hey, brother of Rennd, awesome. I used to have a couple buddies who played on here. Can't figure out where their nations went, though. Anywho, welcome to the region, watch out for occasional outbursts from mod-wielding jackboots and anarchists, and overall you should have a pretty cool time here.



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