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My Random Post for This Random Point in Time

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I got to wandering the forum, and I went a lookin back on where I have been in the forum, what I've accomplished, etc.


So I'm gonna start randomly posting things, if only for my own clarification.


Today: List of nations my military has fought against.


The Chosen Nations (Yeah, it was nullified, I don't care.)


Accra Imperiale Dichia


Imperial Tamurin




(More will be added as I recall them!)

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My civil war and that of Adaptus. Beat Ide Jiman marines soundly in the Deltannian one, but I think those are the only recent conflicts in which Tagmatine soldiers took part in.


Admittedly, in the Historical RPs, my lot generally feature on the losing side, but that's all in the interest of good story-telling.

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My Preferred Artists and Groups in Music



Bob Marley



Snoop Dogg

Barry White

John Williams

Jon Bon Jovi

Bobby Valentino


Rage Against the Machine

Ramstein (And I can understand German enough to get most of the lyrics 2-thumbup.gif )

Dr Demento

Black Sabbath (Ozzy Ozbourne)

Martha Reeves and the Vandellas

Rolling Stones

Michael Jackson

The Monkees

The Gorillaz

Ice Cube

Insane Clown Posse

The Bangles


Slick Rick

Bone, Thugz n' Harmony

Dr. Dre

Led Zeppelin

George Harrison

Yasunori Mitsuda

The Bee Gees


More to come as I expand my collection!

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user posted image

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