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Coronation of Queen Eva I


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Soon(tomorrow) will Eva be coronated queen Eva I of Suverina. All nations have been invited to send represants earlier (I do excpekt everyone to come as you haven't said anything..) to come and witness this great event that will take place in the church of God as it is called.


The church of God, the great Cathedral in Chisnau.

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To: Suverina

From: Adapton Royal Court


The Adapton Royal Family will attend this glorious occasion, our contingant will include, King Hollowfield, his Queen, and Prince Ferdinand, and Princess Valerie, and Brigadier Hollowfield, the second son of the King will also attend.


We thank you for the invite, and wish your nation well.

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TO: Suverina

From: Rennd


Dear honourable and esteemed allies,


We are delighted to recieve an invitation to attend this magnificent occasion. In a rare occasion, president Drogogli, himself will be arriving just shortly before the coronation. He hopes to send his best wishes on behalf of rennd for the royal family and hopes that christ blesses Suverina.





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To: the Great Queendom of Suverina

From: the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: Coronation


Dear honoured and estemed allies,


The Holy Emperor, Commodus III, will attend this coronation personally, in honour of our long friendship and to strengthen the bonds between our two noble nations.

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To: suverina



The Minister of foreign affairs has decided it would be a great honour to attend the coronation of your Queen. We thank you for your Royal invitation and I will most certainly be most delighted to come. We certainly wish the best for her highness Eva I your nations new Queen.


Neo Greenglow

Minister of foreign affairs

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TO: Suverina



I in name of my people and my self to congratulate the Queen Eva I for your coronation .

I go with my wife and my daughter fot the royal and fortunate happening.

Just tell me which way shall we go?


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To: Suverina

From: Emakera


The President Dictator of the Republic, Richard Haller, will attend the event personally and bring presents to our newest Majesty, Queen Eva. The best of luck for the new Queen and the people of Suverina.

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A lot of happy people had come to celebrate this day!

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Soldiers were marching infront of the large line of cars and along the sidewalk soldiers stood on guard and people were cheering everywhere. Many represents were surprised of how beutiful the Suverinian capital was, they hadn't excpected such a wonderful city. Though the truth is that the capital had a LARGE makeover just 1 year ago. No city in Suverina is as beutiful as Chisnau.

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It truly was a happy day!


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Soon the everyone had reached to the church, the seats infront had been reserved for all represents from Europa, the church was full of important people. And at the altar the priest stood.


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Soon the doors open and eva walked in looking very happy. She walked down on the way to the altar and kneeled infront of the priest. He started speaking:

- I am proud and honoured to coronate our queen. I cornated Prince Michail aswell, not many priests get to coronate two royalties. But now we must go on with the coronation. Do you Eva swear to whatever you can for the good of your people.

-Yes I do.

Do you swear to be loyal to your country and your people.

-Yes ofcourse.

Now prepare yourself to be Queen Eva I of Suverina!

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The queen prepared to be crowned by the priest. The priest put the crown on her had and said:

- Now you are queen Eva I!

The queen stood up and started talking:

It is a true honour to become queen over this nation, I shall work tirelessly for our people. Suverina will flourish under my great rule under god, ofcourse I'll work to keep the ideals of Socialism that my brother once fought so hard for. May he rest in peace. It is an honour to see you all here, just beacause of little me. Really i am of none importance nor am I worth more than any other suverinian citizen. I am only a mortal, also I even though now being a queen have flaws. Event though I am normal and have flaws as everyone I shall make my very best under my entire rule.


- All cheer to the great Queen Eva I!!

The whole church was full with cheering and aplauding people.


Soon they would continue to the great feast with lots of food and lot's of vodka!

The feast continued all night long....


(OOC: Iactually don't have any experience of coronations...)


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To: Queen Eva I of Suverina

From: Executor Andrea deVries of Miiros


I regret that I missed your coronation, Your Majesty. I know it is apparent that our two nations have little in common and I do not want you to take offense by Miiros's absence. Therefore, to make up for our faux pas, I will contract the finest of Miirosi smiths to craft a statue of gold in your likeness to be sent to you as a coronation gift. If this gift is not to your liking, feel free to request something different. Again, I apologize a Miirosi diplomat could not attend.



Andrea deVries, Executor of the Free City

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OOC: Well i thought you atkeast had a an ambassador in my nation aswe have had diplomatic relations before.




We thank you for your gift, although some roses would be enough. You are free to send what your hearts desires. we are thankful that the great nation of Miiros cares for the little nation of Suverina, though we do not have much in common we do look up to free people of Miiros.

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OOC: Don't cry for me, Argentiiiiiinaaaaaa.... XDDDDD


Richard Haller, the head of state of Emakera, holded the queen's right hand with both hands and gave a lively hand shake, while smiling from ear to ear. "Majesty, you have my blessing. May our countries live in prosperity."

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