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Banner: Vocenae

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I was wondering if I could request a new banner.


I was thinking about one in a similar vein as Tag's, ableit the second 'Greco-Roman' styled one. Perhaps substituting the greek ruins found in it for Nordic ruins of a sort? Imposed on front of the background image I would like 'Imperial Republic of Vocenae' in gold. On the right side I would like a hawk/eagle with a olive branch in its beak, and on the left I would like my flag hanging vertically.


Example Tagmatium Banner:


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And thus, the sea rose, it's waters churning angrily as it hovered above the land of Suverina. With a clap of thunder, and a roaring noise that drowned out all sound, the wall of water slammed into the ground.


In that great instance, the land of Suverina was claimed by the angry sea, and vanished forever beneath the waves, never again to bother the other nations of Europa like that kid brother that keeps poking you on long car trips.

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