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EOS Banking Network


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TO: All nations in EOS

FROM: Italgria


Since we are about to start building the EOS Headquarters and we have no main fund operating for this our financial sector has come with the idea of creating a Bank under the control of EOS. This Bank would be ruled by one person of every nation included in the EOS. This EOS Bank would have two purposes. The one to create a EOS fund which will be accesible for any humanitarian action EOS will be involved with. And it will be a bank accesible for any civilian living in the EOS where civilians can create accounts to store they're money in.


We would like to know what you think about this idea?

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Top Posters In This Topic

TO: Italgria

CC: All EOS members

FROM: Ministry of Finance, Tamurin


Dear allies,


although it is a great idea to create an organization that builds up and manages a fund for international aid, we don't believe in one international bank. Instead we should try to create a joint banking law that allows our citizens to access their accounts in any bank in any EOS country without extra cost and transfer money from any EOS country to any EOS country without extra cost. We should make all banks EOS banks.



the Minister of Finance, Tamurin

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TO: Ministry of Finance, Tamurin

CC: All EOS members

FROM: Italgria


We are happy that our allies are taking into consideration this suggestion. If the other EOS nations also have the same view as Tamurin, Italgria would be happy to see Tamurins suggestion taken into action.

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(OOC: Do we really not to "to" and "from"? These are our alliance quarters after all..)


We support the idea made by our northern friends of Italgria, and the comments by our western friends of Tamurin. We would agree to a joint annual budget to help fund all operations by and for the Entente. We therefore propese that a certain percentage of each nation's GDP be set aside and sent to a central EOS fund of operations and costs. Would 0.5% to 1% be enough?

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Esteemed Orioni,


It is impossible that you can agree completely on both models since both are different. Tamurin wants to unite all Banks in EOS but not to create one Bank for entire EOS.


Further we would say that 0.5% of the GDP is an adequate number.



ItalEdit: As the OOC is not located in this topic anymore I deleted my message to Suverina. If somebody wants to know what it was to be able to understand the discussion PM me.


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We agree to 0.5% of the GDP being used to fund EOS operations.


We also agree to a normalisation of all banking systems in EOS members. We support the idea of Tamurin. Just remember that reforming a banking system on an international level will take time to get it working properly.


(This is going nice and quick. I like it.)

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Dear friends,

We here in Miiros are quite fond of Tamurin's plans to allow cooperation between all EOS nation banking systems. However, the government of Miiros does not control private banks within our nation and only the national bank. We will allow cooperation with the national banks of Miiros with other EOS banks, but cannot guarantee that private firms will follow suit. We will offer some sort of government incentive to get them onboard as an "EOS" bank.


In regards to Orioni's proposal, we here in the Free City would gladly agree to giving 0.5% of our GDP for EOS operations and funds.


Kudos to our allies in Italgria for starting the discussion on the matter.


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So does everyone agree to unify our banks to one EOS system were we donate a fund of 0.5% GDP for humanitarian actions (Other actions may be approved by entire EOS before)?


We would like to hear a notice from all EOS members in the three days we accorded on when we signed the EOS pact. A 75% majority is needed to pass this system.


Italgria votes with Yes.


OOC: What does Kudos means Miiros?

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Ok Update:


Kant yes.

Italgria yes.

Tamurin yes.

Miiros yes.

Orioni yes.


The voting could be declared as ended as there is already an 75% majority agreeing to the EOS Banking Network. Anyways the nation of Emakera will be given the time to decide on this issue as EOS rules state.


OOC: Sorry if I sound leaderish on this issue but through personal experience I know that if nobody takes the lead this kind of discussions will never end in a short-time.

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As Emakera has not answered in the three-day span we had set before we assume that Emakera is for this kind of Banking Network.


Since the everybody present has voted yes it is time to start creating the banking networks and prepraing our banks to link each other.


We have one last suggestion to this topic. What do our allies think of creating a main building where the EOS quarter is being built up where the information of all EOS Banks (independent banks working under the network of EOS) flows together?

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Well, coordinating banks will be a lot easier if there is some sort of main office and it will create more jobs on the "EOS island." I say a main EOS bank office is a good idea.


OOC: Plus we get to build another shiney office tower. =P

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In case other nations like Italgria and Miiros accept the idea of a main building on the "EOS island" we would like to propose some buildings:


Proposal 1:



Proposal 2 (Left Building):



Proposal 3:



Proposal 4:



OOC: Something really off topic but my mom just came back from Italy and bought me that bathingsuit (is it called like that?) with the EOS flag at the back of it wink.gif

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