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The Concordant of Rezzurus

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Sorry to everyone about just up and vanishing like that, life has a way of messing with you and making you reset your priorities. But I'm back and I would like to start roleplaying again, if that's alright.


Not many probably remember my first welcome thread, but I set up my nation's background there, back when I was the 'Disputed Territory'. When I had some downtime and started coming back to the forum every now and again to skim through some of the topics, I had a few new ideas and decided to 'fast-forward' my nation. I'll go into the history of it on that keen historical forum you've got later, but the civil-war ended and the Concordant was formed.


The Concordant struggled to maintain a hold over the newly united country as a democracy, but ultimately failed. Rezzurus is now a totalitarian state, and uses 'Civil Protection' units as it's way of controlling the broken populace. You know, secret police and Gestapo tactics, that sort of thing. Any and all cultural identities are either under lock and key or have been destroyed to help break the spirits of the people.


All in all, not a nice place to live, or visit. Who knows, though, change could be right around the corner...

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The Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa (originally the Confederation of the Mongol-Swedes) welcomes you back to Europa.


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I would like to assert that I believe change is a good thing...'we' will be in touch.


With Fair Regards,


Your Friendly Neighborhood U.S. Army (Not for much longer...) Drill Sergeant

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