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Formation of Aalandia


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This is the 6 O'Clock News on UBC with Mathew Towers,


Good Evening, At 3 O'Clock today the 7 states of Aalandia formally signed the new constitution that links them inextricably as a federation of states. By 5 O'clock the delegates had elected the first Chancellor of the Federation of Aalandia, Richard Wilkinson. In his first address speech to the new nation he called for greater co-operation between the states and nationalities with in them. He also announced some of his aims of office, which included unifying the army into one body as well as improving education and transport links between the states. He also announced some of the key members of his cabinet including his brother as Foreign Minister, the openly communist David Miller as minister for Transport and the card-carrying facist Joel Sampson as Minister for War. Finally he extended the hand of friendship to all other nations of the world.

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TO the Governments of Londim and Deltannia



We would like to thank you for the warm reception we have recieved on welcoming our nation onto the regional stage, and would be honoured to begin trading and possible diplomatic alliances.


Chancellor Niklaus Wilkinson

Foreign Minister

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