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Just thought about making an OOC thread, so we can sort out the aims of our different nations.


I assume Rennd's fighting for control of the island and the resources there.


Deltannia's fighting to stop Rennd's grasping, as are the Mongol-Swedes.


There is a Tagmatine force to shore up the Renndian forces and enable them to retain control of the island.


The Aristocracy forces are being deployed to test their armaments and back up the Deltannian units.


That's all well and good, but I can see some problems arising. Aristo's deployment maybe one, as Delt didn't give permission yet, as well as the attack on the airfield didn't give Rennd much of a chance to fight back against the attack.


But, we're here to discuss!

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I had Pmed Delt about my involvment and he agreed, just not on the thread. I had though that he had posted while I was typing my little story (he was viewing the thread at the time).


As for the attack; I have edited the post and will wait until this is better sorted out...

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Tag pretty well summed up my position: I need a sandbox to play in... Our position could be changed should a proper 'gift' be offered from another player...

Beginners Area: http://s7.invisionfree.com/Europa/index.php?showforum=90


You can safely RP there and recive comments from others on how to improve your RP. Reading some threads in the OOC area can also teach you how role-plays are directed behind the scenes. This thread for example shows you how everyone can contribute to the storyline: http://z7.invisionfree.com/Europa/index.php?showtopic=2532

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Uh, Deltannia has naval superiority - Rennd got beaten and has retreated.


Mind you, firing on Tagmatine soldiers may have far reaching consquences - although I don't see why it can't happen. tongue.gif


On a side note, has anyone seen Kant?


PS: @Aristo: You may want to check out this sub-forum before declaring war on Rennd...

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The Aristocratic Confederation, consider this a friendly mod warning (ie not put on your card). You can't simply delete a whole post/change your actions like that. Yes, I know we questioned your acts, but those questions were related to realism (your undetected attack verged on god moding/your reason for joining the fray were, well, a little weak) and whether you had asked other players if you could join in/attack. Once you've launched an attack/declared war you can't simply deleted the post because you decided it was a bad idea. That is poor rping and, frankly, unfair. It may result, if you keep doing it, in other rpers refusing to rp with you.
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Uhh, that is almost a complete annihaltion of my forces, especially napalm gutting my advancing soldiers and jets blowing my tanks to buggery...


I'll have to have a bit of a think before typing up a reply.


On the flip side, does anyone have a link to information about the "Arsenal" ship? Adaptus has mentioned them before, and I'm interested in what they can do.


EDIT: Plus, when I refer to a battalion, it's 700 men, split into 10 companies of 70 guardsmen. Each is then subdivided into two sections, one commanded by an ensign, another by a lieutenant. The company itself is under the command of a captain. The senior officers are two majors and a lieutenant colonel, who is the commander of the battalion. It's based on Napoleonic War-era British battalions.


No idea why, but I blame the Sharpe books.

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Uh, Deltannia has naval superiority - Rennd got beaten and has retreated.

That's right!


Yeah, I've been a little busy as of lately, The Aristocratic Confederation came up to me with a PM, and I told him to put it in the RP, but I never got around to responding because of this project. I'll be online tonight to get back into it.


Tagmatium, pretty much you listed the reasons we are in this. I am assuming the refineries (different ones, but the one I'm in now, let's call an oil one) are still functional, but since evacuated (the one I'm in), there is no work going on, obviously.


Sorry that I've been busy, I'm actually typing this up during my lunch break. I'll have a reply late tonight, and I'll make sure it's good. 2-thumbup.gif

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Dang it. I was hoping to keep aresenala secret... and I didn't know Adaptus had already mentioned it. I got mine from FAS. I modified mine a little to be able to submerge. This way it surfaces, but remains stealth, launches missiles at structures on the Rennd coast, causing a little havoc and causing fear, then sinks back down and goes back out to sea. Then it returns later, strikes again in a different place.


Surface to ship missiles would only be able to lock on if it were detected, this is difficult to do as the ship is stealth. Air attack can only work if planes are scrambled in time, ussually, this isn't quick enough. And attacking it with ships will only work if they are in the vacinity, or detect it before attempting to engage...




@Tag: The first wave of jets was only twelve planes, not enough to wipe you out entirely. The next one will be 85 planes... PH34R M3


Oh and Arsenal isn't carrying nukes, dont worry...

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You wouldn't be expected to know about the Arsenal thing, as it's a good few months ago that this all happened, way before you came to this region, although you're operating your's more like a stealth balistic submarine.


I?m not being funny, Aristo, but I don?t actually want to have my brigades wiped out. You?re also going to start a war with two close neighbours if you do do such a thing.


The fact that a pilot has no insignia and carries a cyanide pill is also a bit fishy, especially when he?s going into combat against what I can presume is a well known nation ? the closeness of our two nations means he probably knows people from Tagmatium, and vice versa. Again, it?s also very unfair, as when my men capture him, you can just say he tops himself.


The naval deployment would have been watched by spy satellites, plans and the like, so they know where you?re headed.


You?ve said that you?ve left it open, but only as far as for me to say my men are dead or dying.


Basically, continue with your IC course of action and you risk war with the League of the Treaty, because Tagmatium will want revenge.

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