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Banner: Tagmatium

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I've always sort of fancied a banner of some sort, but this is in no way an urgent matter.


I would like something like my flag fading into a suitable city scape, maybe something Roman or the like, maybe the Haiga Sophia (although try to get an image without the minarets).


Here's my flag:

user posted image


It doesn't really matter much, just whack some suitably Roman or Byzantine imagery in there, maybe early Christian stuff as well.

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You, Sir, can surely read minds. I've been working on one for you. And for Tamurin as well. tongue.gif


1) Do you want it to be pink as well?

2) Do you want LT-stuff on it?

3) Do you want text? Ex.: "GHET" (full version), or perhaps a slogan.

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