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Banner: The Aristocratic Confederation

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It seems I'm starting from scratch here, so... Since I will border Suverinia (correct?) I imaagine that we would have some kind of similar culture. So I found this image that slightly resembles the bull in you avatar.


user posted image


So, If anyone out there has photoshop and is willing to spend a little time... could my banner have that imgae above on the left side, and in the middle "The Aristocracy" in silvered letters in the middle and a picture of Winston Churchill on the right. If the background could be of a city in wintertime that would make this most likely the best piece of artwork... or if this is too much I'd be glad to curtail the request to meet your demands..



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While the banner I cufrently employ is fantastic; I wonder if there's more that could be done to it...


Could this image: http://i71.photobucket.com/albums/i155/yatta_01/b27c5e0f.jpg

replace the background image on the banner? And instead of the ram's head o the left, user posted image would replace it. The Chuchill image is great though.!

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