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Flag: Mongol-Swedes

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I am wondering if you can take a Saudi Arabian flag and place this graphic behind the Word of God.


user posted image

(May require some resizing...)


As always, I appreciate the effort y'all put forth in keeping this great forum up (and for letting me stay, considering I haven't had a real NationState nation since last September!)


user posted image


Allahu Akbar!

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What's with the new one, MS? Bored with the other new one already?


@ Rav: Nice job. yes.gif Select letters, copy/paste, insert star, merge, save?

No, he selected the green with the magic wand, quickmasked it, I guess, put in the star and saved it. Or something similar. Because there's a green dot inside one of the letters...


I would've made a layer by copy from the white letters and then copy pasted the star in between the 2 layers...


tongue.gif This looks like a standoff. 2-thumbup.gifninja.gif

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*teehee* Haken just go so ignored, it was painful.  2-thumbup.gif

Omnipetent and omnipresent beings get ignored most of the time, talk to God. Speaking of whom, how long has it been you talked to him? Would it kill you to say hello once in a while? Even it does kill you, at least you go someplace nice.


You're just lucky my psy said I should cool down on the smiting, just don't push me like Saddam did... annoyed.gif



Haken, 5th most powerful God in the Universe!

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