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OOC Question for Everyone

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Sorry about my sudden dip in activity, work kicked my butt over the past two weeks. I've got a place on the map now, a wonderful standard, but no idea how to drop into the IC action. I'd love to take part in the EOS, but I have next to no idea of how to go about that...Any suggestions?

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You could apply for membership through a IC telegram in the EOS subforum, that's how most nations usually join an alliance. As for mainstream RP, you could always have a revolution inside your country, those seem to gather alot of attention nowadays and usually someone will take an interest and join in.


You could start a news thread, make a trade thread in the trade subforums, anything really.

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Have a coup and establish a brutal fascist police state like how my nations use to be.

Good idea, but no way in hell would Miiros let your nation do that. XD You're too close to home to have crazies running about.

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I'd love to take part in the EOS, but I have next to no idea of how to go about that...Any suggestions?

Activity is one of the main factors we're looking for in a member. It wouldn't make a great alliance if no-one did anything.


I can see how you may be a bit frightened to start role-playing rightaway. But the following may be of assistance to you.


1. Our new friend Aalandia made a good first post in the RP area.



2. You could have elections like Tamurin had not so long ago. Just a couple of parties, with rather different candidates. It would be a way of us getting to know you, and you spending some time getting to know yourself.


If your nation is a not a republic, you could (for example) have the old king/queen reinstated, or have a military coup in your nation, making you the new leader.


3. Take a look at what's going on at the EOS forum.


Are you sure you want to be part of this? Taking a quick look at the other alliances and how they function might seem not too unreasonble as well. If you'd still like to join, then you could post something like:

FROM: Sudrlund

TO: All EOS members


Change in foreign policy <stop>

Reaching it for new friends <stop>

Would like to join EOS <stop>

Those ingredienst would be swell, although we would surely appreciate a bit more 'coating'. What do you have to offer, and what do you expect?


The first step is always the hardest. We've all been there. You can do it.

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