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Joint Headquarters Facilities

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?. EOS members will work to establish joint-headquarters facilities on island 0.38, as it's location has strategic value to the Entente.

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TO: All EOS members

FROM: Orioni


The Charter states that we will work together to construct a joint HQ on island 0.38. With the recent military manouvers in Tamurin waters, and with plans for joint wargames underway, we feel that the time has come to get the construction started. The joint HQ would greatly improve the co?rdination of actions between all members.


+ Design One.

+ Design Two.

+ Design Three.


Please do send in any own designs.

I was looking at the HQ's of Interpol and Europol as well, but they didn't have pictures on their wikipage.
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(OCC: So it has been decided, and so shall it be.)


"+ Design Six" has gotten to majority of support. Construction plans have been forwarded to all members, with requests for the amount of money each member has to send. Members can also contribute by sending materials for the construction. This can be settled by contacting the designated ministry.


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OOC: I think 10 to 14 IRL days are enough in order to complete the construction. I suggest August 7th as the official date of completion. We could have some form of official opening then. Everyone will be invited.

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