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MISCHLING, Ravenhelm (AP)

The Corporate Order of Ravenhelm Returns

Finally, Ravenhelm has unisolated itself from the rest of the world after a long period of seclusion and secrecy.


Two hours ago, it started with a few Europan citizens noticing, but before long, all of Ravenhelm's neighbors saw what had happened.


Ravenhelm demolished its ominous metal walls that had surrounded the nation for so long. These were the very same walls that suddenly obstructed the entire view of Ravenhelm from the outside world. The walls that left the rest of Europa wondering why Ravenhelm would barricade itself from the inside, and be silent for a long time. However, the clashes, clangs, and explosions that brought down the gigantic steel barriers that encircled Ravenhelm were far from silent -- no doubt it could be heard from miles away.


Although relieved of suspicion and wonder, the people of Europa still want an explanation at Ravenhelm's seclusion. Apparently, Ravenhelm's Executive Chairman and head of state Mr. Manelin Zanthe knew this and ordered a press conference immediately. The following is an excerpt from said conference:


ZANTHE: Welcome to all, and thank you. Please, be seated.


A long time ago, we deserted the people of Europa without a word. Without notice. And so, I feel it necessary to convey to everyone an explanation or an apology; take it as you like it. Everything that I will attempt to say to you this afternoon will be sincere but succinct, for I know the repercussions that will awaken by all that I have done. At this point, I am positive that all that I want to say I will not be able to articulate as I would desire. But I implore Europa to understand what I do say henceforth. Each time I appear on the media, I speak only to convey the truth and I do not sidestep the unpleasantries. I can do no less this morning.


To take down the walls of isolation today was a most momentous but joyful decision. And, yet, by putting up the physical walls that bordered our great country, we were endangering something I took for granted - Europa's trust and friendship. I am not remarking that it is fair, or just, that we gain these feelings back from Europa by dismantling the same walls that banished us away from the world. I only entreat each and every nation to forgive and accept us by means of an act of humanity.


I believe it is time to begin my explanation. Before we closed our gates to the rest of Europa, our government had been working tirelessly toward a new form of technology to benefit all of humankind. This research and development was done in secret from Europa for reasons I cannot note at this time. So saying, the Executive Council, taking advantage of its power as the ruling government of Ravenhelm, decided to further the mentioned research, but we feared that other nations might steal our secrets and methods to developing our wonderful technology. And so, we constructed the walls which you all knew so well to protect Ravenhelm.


It is difficult for me to say much more at the current time, but we feel that it was necessary to open our doors to Europa once more, and never to be closed again. Thus, we demolished the walls that cut us off from trade, culture, and inter-regional relations. It is with true joy that I say I am happy that we have done so.


That is all. Thank you.


Chairman Zanthe made no further comments on the matter, but everyone still strives to learn what mysterious technological advancements the Ravenhelm government made during their period of segregation from Europa, and also if Ravenhelm still is working on this supposedly-beneficial intelligence.

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To: The Corporate Order of Ravenhelm

From: Miirosi Foreign Affairs Ministry


Fear not Ravenhelm, for the people of Miiros once used their great armada instead of walls to keep our people isolated from the rest of Europa. We here can understand the ideas and motives behind such drastic actions. We Ravenhelm now with more understanding and hope relations between our nations can be established once again. Afterall, trade between our lands would benefit both peoples.


Wishing your people well,

Foreign Minister Melissa Vander

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MISCHLING, Ravenhelm (AP)


Reports confirmed today that Ravenhelm has undertaken a friendly agreement with Miiros to further the benefits of free trade for each nation. Chairman of the Committee of Commerce, Magnus Fortescue, offered a few comments on the matter.


"You know, this is what we really need right now, especially since we've been disconnected from the community for so long," he said. "I was gratified when the nation of Miiros hastened so helpfully to our side. I see the beginnings of a firm and valuable alliance. I'd advise Europa to follow suit and unite with Ravenhelm for an alliance." Mr. Fortescue took his leave, claiming he was holding a yacht party in eight hours.


How exactly will the new trade treaty with Miiros affect Ravenhelm? For starters, this will be a signal to the rest of Europa that trade is open with Ravenhelm. Both nations are prone to develop new levels of economic strength forged by the profits of commerce. However, the question in many peoples' minds is if Ravenhelm is going to be kind enough to share with Miiros, and possibly the rest of Europa, its new, supposedly "revolutionary," technology? A private source leaked information on this research:


"For many years, our scientists, although well-funded, have been on the brink of delving into . . . well, I'm, not allowed to say. I'm guessing that experiments and new development was made that could potentially endanger the rest of Europa, hence, the two-hundred foot steel walls that made traveling to the outside world impossible. Either way, I don't think we're quite ready to apply our new technology."


Said source did not care to have its name or affiliations disclosed.

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