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Striving for Safety: Ministry of Public Safety installs public surveillance devices for YOUR protection


This week, Public Safety Minister John Malaga announced that surveillance cameras would be installed to monitor populous areas throughout Barbaccoa. This measure was enacted by Grand Duke Viernes XIII and the Ministry of Public Safety as part of an ongoing effort to eliminate dangerous crime from our fair land. The Duke's official statement had this to say:


"Nothing is more important to me than the security of the law abiding citizens of Barbaccoa. These upstanding people should enjoy the finest protection the modern world has to offer. The new surveillance system should ensure that the Ministry of Public Safety can protect the people more efficiently and comprehensively, identifying, monitoring, and eliminating or deterring dangerous criminals who wish to wrap our fair land in peril and sow the seeds of unrest."


The system will cost almost nothing to impliment, as the funds required will come straight from the General Security budget. Performance questions will not be a concern, as officials will be able to monitor an impressive 50 square blocks of capital city Puerto de Fuego alone.


Public response has been enthusiastic to date. More than 50 citizens turned out in Angus square upon the release of the announcement, gathering spontaneously in front of the administration building in support of the safety measure. This also gave the system its first successful test run, as a gang of twelve muggers was identified in the crowd and quickly apprehended by Public Safety officers.

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