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Expansion of Borders

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*The Imperial Week*

Byzantine military has informed the government that they see a need to rethink the Byzantine southern borderline. Shorter border is more easy to defend and there is no major national bodies south so they think that a small straightening of borders is in order. The preparations to move the border are already begun. The High council will discuss over the matter soon.


Old borders

user posted image



The military released following map of the Byzantine borders after the reorganization.

user posted image

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Colonel Macrembolitissa, commander of 1. mechanized division, watched as the men installed the last of the new bordermarks. They were almost done with the task and all three mechanized divisions had been ordered to move to west. Byzantines had decided to reinforce western forces with one armored and three mechanized divisions and one squadron of S-5 Erinyes multi-purpose fighters.


Armored division was already travelling to Ravenna, 2. mechanized had already arrived in Varna, 3. mechanized was would arrive in Dorylaion in few hours, and fightersquadron had flown to a new airbase near Kalkhedon. 1. Mechanized division was preparing to leave as soon as possible. Their new post would be in the city of Herakleia that was under construction somewhat southward of the city of Kalkhedon.





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The map Stoned Smurfs made is gone, so that won't be updated. But I believe I still have a cpoy around, so if I have time the following week and a computer to my disposal, I will try to make some changes.




I seem to have a copy of the map, but I don't think it is as recent as can get. My copy dates from october 18th. If anyone has a more recent copy, please send it to me. Thank you.

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wow you kick me and are going to STEAL my work? [...] you should have the same respect for me and my work i did.
I thought you were going to stay in Europa for some good RP. I'm not planning to 'steal' your work, I thought you created it for everyone in Europa to enjoy and that it would stay here if you ever left us.


you guys suck!
That's personal! I don't like that you insult every one of us. sad.gif


i could delete every freakin thread here but im not.
I ask that you do NOT attempt this and that you don't try to threaten this forum with blackmail.



(Talks to self: "Don't get emotional now.")

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