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Greetings from Barbaccoa

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Hello all! We're new here in Europa, and I wanted to say hello. I've had some experience in NationStates before, but I'm looking for a fresh start here. I look forward to the future here.


The Grand Duchy of Barbaccoa is a small principality that's under tight control of the duke, Viernes XIII. The regime focuses on trade and keeping the population within its grasp. The country is known for its high quality restaurants, especially its cheese and beef productions. The military is not really strong enough to reach outside its borders, but think Duke Viernes wouldn't like to extend his territory if the opportunity presented itself. Culturally, the people are wild for association football, musical theator, and expensive coffee, though most are too poor to afford it. The people aren't exactly happy with Viernes's rule, but don't expect a rebellion anytime soon.


Barbaccoa is looking to open trade with other nations in region, and hope to have good relations very soon.

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The Tribes of the Union bid you a warm welcome to Europa!


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We are a predominatly socialist collective that has one of the strongest environmental support policies in the region, as well as a strong, eco-friendly economy totally devoid of dependency on the massive oil trade afflicting the world today.


On behalf of the Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa, welcome! Perhaps there is a future of peace and unity between our peoples?


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