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I like music very much, I don't think I would be able to live in complete silence. there's always a song playing in my head, even when I'm trying to get some sleep. For the musiclovers amongst us I wanted to create this subject, just about music. Just post anything you're thinking about, as long as it's got something to do with this subject.




Currenly: Frank Sinatra & UZ - Under my skin


My personal top 10 (using iTunes):

1. Van Morrison - Ain't no sunshine

2. Gorki (B) - Mia

3. Squarepusher - Tommib (from 'Lost in translation')

4. Gorki (B) - Tijdbom

5. David Grey - Silver lining

6. Flip Kowlier (B) - Bjistje in min uoft

7. Gorki (B) - Lieve kleine piranha

8. James Brown - I got you

9. Joni Mitchell - Night ride home

10. Novastar (B) - When The Lights Go Down On The Broken Hearted



(B)=Belgian music, which you probably won't know.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

1. Nightwish - End Of All Hope

2. Therion - Abraxas

3. For My Pain... - Autumn Harmony

4. Apocalyptica - Toreador Part II

5. Ayreon - My House On Mars

6. Aina - The Siege Of Aina

7. After Forever - Glorifying Means

8. Within Temptation - Deciever Of Fools

9. Nightwish - Deep Silent Complete

10. Epica - Cry For The Moon (The Embrace That Smothers, Part IV)


Currently: Rainbow - Man On The Silver Mountain

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In no particular order, but these songs always conjour up memories and make me join in.


1) What a wonderful World. Louis Armstrong


2) One. U2


3) Southampton Dock. Pink Floyd


4) Sympathy For The Devil. Rolling Stones


5) She Sells Sanctuary. The Cult


6) Say Hello, Wave Goodbye. David Grays Version


7) Kiss. Prince


8) Bitter Sweet Symphony. The Verve


9) F***ing In The Bushes. Oasis


10) Coward Of The County. Kenny Rogers



Currently hooked on Snow Patrols Album, in particular Light up.

My musical taste depends on not just my mood at the time, but the season, the sunlight and my company.



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Hey y'all,


This is my first OCC post, I'm Dan btw.


My musical tastes are fairly eclectic and like Paranoid Schizo it really depends on my mood, the season, and my company.


Currently I'm listening to the following songs in no particular order...


"Common People" William Shatner from his new album Has Been.

"The Reason" Hoobastank

"Poeira" Ivete Sangalo (Brazilian pop song that my wife got me hooked on)

"Open Road" Bryan Adams

"Out Of The Forest" Soviet Red Army Chorus

"Mosh" Eminem (A protest song attempting to get out the vote today in the US elections to vote against George W. Bush. If you wanna see the video and listen to the song it's located at http://www.gnn.tv/videos/viewer.php?id=27&spd=hi )

"1985" Bowling for Soup

"Donkey Riding" Great Big Sea

"Alabama" Neil Young

"The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead" Crash Test Dummies


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Currently listening to "Within temptation".


I like various styles, but the top is "symphonic metal", like Therion, Nightwish and Within Temptation.

Another one is "true metal" like Hammerfall, Man-O-War.

Then there are several bands in between like Darkseed, For My Pain, In Flames, Rammstein, Betray My secrets and some more that I enjoy listening to from time to time.


I also like to listen to 80s-Rock (Killing Joke, Saxon, Van Halen) and to symphonic soundtracks like the ones from Star Trek, Stargate, Lord of the Rings.


Btw, Veritates:

Seems like we have a very similar taste of music.

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I'm into alot of old-style rock and roll, so currently i'm listening to david bowie, but i also like stuff like the Who, Beatles, Led Zepplin, Queen, etc, but am also into quite a bit of modern rock/metal, so things like system of a down, franz ferdinand, the strokes, etc

I like most things really...

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songs im listening most to:


Head Automatica - Beating Heart Baby

The Smiths - Girlfriend in a Coma

Kanye West (feat. Mase) - Jesus Walks

Eminem - Toy Soldiers

The Cure - Love Cats

Interpol - Evil

Nas - Bridging the Gap

glassJAW - Ape Dos Mil

Snoop feat. Pharell - Drop it like it's hot

Jimmy Eat World - Pain


im odd


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Amazing how wide some people's musical spectrum is.


My "bandwidth" is a lot more slim, almost only (poppy) rock. I'm mostly into Britpop: Oasis (brotherly love), Manic Street Preachers, Franz Ferdinand, Blur (to a certain extent), Keane, Travis, Radiohead, etc.


But I also listen to K's Choice, U2, Incubus, Bl?f (Dutch band) and the occasional good Top 40 listing on the radio.

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I like to listen anything that sounds good. So far only Finnish folk music from the 60?ies, most rap and Wagner has been totally and utterly so bad that I cannot listen to it.

No Wagner?


*listens to "O Fortuna" for the moment*

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