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Imperia Colonialis

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OOC: I post this in the name of Suverina since somehow he has not gotten the rights to create a new topic in this section. This war happens at plot .31 (island colonised by me at those times).

It was about sunrise as the small company crossed the border. The soldiers tried to march as quiet as possible as they were quite soon near the village. Their mission was to plunder the village and burn it, all men were to be murdered and the soldiers could do as they pleased with the women. The moral was high among the men since they had been stationed in the fort for too long without having a chance to feel a woman's body against theirs. The commander made a signal for the troops to stop and therefore hid in the bushes around the village to look out for soldiers. No soldiers could be found since the village was a Protestant one and generally the soldiers of Italgria never watched them as they looked down upon the Protestants as a minority. Not many villagers were up, one old woman was outside, otherwise, the village was empty. The soldiers surrounded the village as silent as they could and then the commander yelled "Charge!" The soldiers ran inside the village, surprising the inhabitants completely. They shot and stabbed every man they saw and rapidly the women and children were gathered inside one building. The soldiers quickly collected everything of value and soon they each got to collect a woman, which they were allowed to do whatever they pleased with. But not to kill them. Thirty minutes later they started to put the houses on fire, all women besides the children and the old ones were collected and tied up with ropes to be taken to the fort. A lot of good soldiers still had to satisfy their needs. The children and the old women were left in the forest, the remaining houses were put on fire and the collected goods were loaded onto a wagon while the soldiers started to march home.

At about the same time the royal navy of Suverina sat sail to sail to the island of los Santos.

The great wooden ships were loaded with soldiers from homeland Suverina, most of them had never seen battle and they were all excited to see the world as not many had left their homes before, all they knew about the island of los Santos was that it was very beautiful and that there were to large copper mines that were on that island. Too long had the Italgrians ruled the island that was rightfully Suverinian! The large copper mines would give a great boost to the economy.

The large royal navy was sailing north. The captain looked at the island of los Santos. Soon it would be ours he thought. The ships of Alexander, Borsilav, Ivanov and Petarov sailed to Las Hereras to bombard the town from the sea and to prevent any vessels getting away from los Santos. The 1st and 2nd royal naval brigades were to land the main army close to Santa Lucia and to capture it. The main fleet was to block the great port of La Rioja.

Soon all ports were under bombardment from Suverinian ships. They knew they were with war, but they didn't know why. The soldiers began organizing the defence as the enemy would probably land troops soon.

It was early in the morning that then soldiers landed close to Santa Lucia, the soldiers were quickly organized to assault the village. "Now men! In the name of our Prince, The arch Prince Alexander III and god. We are to capture this important island from the stupid Italgrians." Who had held the island as a colony for many years. "Now men, march!" The soldiers started marching, the musketeers prepared to storm the small town while the pikemen were mostly to secure the flanks if any Italgrian soldiers came. Soon fighting erupted in the town. The defence was quickly smashed, although the small fortress was still held by Italgrians. "Soon they most surrender", the General thought. "Otherwise our ships will destroy it!"

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"Suverinians? Are you sure?"

"Yes, sir."

"They want war as it seems. Call the General immediately"

The soldier went to the general's house which was still sleeping.

"General, General wake up its important!"

"What is going on son?"

The general was really religious

"Seargent Black wants to talk to you. The Suverinians are invading us!"

"God be with us!" The general said, fastly dressed and went to the Seargents place"

"Son go to the rest of your division and fight for your homeland." "What is going on Seargent?"

"The Suverinians had a surprise attack at us. Our navy is destroyed and our ports blocked."

"We need to get a message out. Call the division of the son that warned us and send them to Jamestown fort. From there they shall get a small boat and try to reach Italgria."



The soldiers soon moved over to Jamestown where they left dressed as fishermen.

"I can't believe we made it"

"We are not through yet. Not yet."

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  • 3 weeks later...

La riojas harbour was burning and the city was a complete mess. The suverinian navy still continued its bombardment of the city. "Soon they must surrender" was the thought of Admiral Petrovic. "Soon..."

Santa Lucia:

The small fortress had been sieged for 4 weeks now and they wouldn't surrender.

An outright assault was the only option, the soldiers were preparing the assault. A lot of beer and some prayers would do for the rough Suverinian soldiers.

The 5 cannons started to fire on the fortress, after 5 minutes the commander ordered the assault. The soldiers started running forward screaming as much as they could. The Italgrian soldiers looked quite scared at the walls as they stared at these "savages" storming. Soon the suverinians reached the first wall of the fort, a 1,5 m high wooden wall. The soldiers climbed over and after some quick man-to-man fights, they had control of the first wall. Now the 2,5 m high stonewall was left. The started putting ladders and throwing up ropes to storm the walls. The Italgrian soldiers fought bravely, but soon the Suverinians were dominant on the wall and now only the main building remained. Soldiers shot from the windows against the Suverinians. BUT SUDDENLY!:

Boom! The fortress was blown apart, the fortress commander had blown the powder supply! 120 Italgrian soldiers and 309 Suverinian laid dead among

all the ruins.

Was it a victory or was it a defeat? The suverinian general was really mad....

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Suverinian soldier

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"Sir!" One of the as fisherman dressed soldiers ran into the room where General Malticia was having lunch in.

"What is the problem son?" He asked in a quite irritated way.

"Suvernian soldiers have surprised us! Our entire colony on Isla de los Santos is under attack! We don't even know if we are still fighting against them! The last thing we heard was that the Suverinian army was bombarding the entire island and that everything is blocked"

"God be with us..." He said shocked. "Lieutenant call Major Hooligan he is the leader of our navy!"

"Sir, yes Sir!"

"What is the problem General?" Major Hooligan asked confused.

"We received a message that Suverina declared war on us and is attacking one of our most important colonies! They have been messing up with us for too long! It is time to show them what Italgria has! You will take the command of 40 Battleships, 50 Cruisers, 60 Frigates and 100 smaller ships, fill them with as many soldiers as you can and leave the port of San Vasto immediately!"

"But Sir if I counted right you are telling me to command 250 Battleships! Isn't that too much?"

"No, it isn't for those Suverinians! It is time to destroy them! And now go immediately every second costs us!"

"Sir, yes Sir!"

The navy had been sailing for two weeks, from Isla de los Santos the Italgrian army could see a large number of battleships with the Italgrian flag approaching when suddenly First Seargent Miller screamed:

"Suverinian ships in sight! They are firing on the Island!"

"Gentleman! Everybody on their position it is time to destroy those ships!"

"Sir, yes Sir!"

"FIRE!" The Major screamed and a full load was heading towards Suverinian ships!

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Admiral Petrovic quickly reorganised the fleet. He had seen the enormous Italgrian fleet and knew that their chances to win a battle with them were none. But he would put up with a fight, he was the best admiral in the Suverinian navy and he would show his skills.

"The weakness of the Italgrians are their numbers actually, they'll have a hard time to manoeuvre, one must be stupid to attack with all those ships at once!"

"What should we do captain?!"

"We and Irina will sail right into the mass and fire like mad, if the Italgrians respond our fire they'll probably fire some at their own ships! Those stupid bastards!"

"But captain that means..."

"We'll be seeing god soon my boy!"

"Prepare the guns!!"

Some ships had already started to fire against the Italgrian ships, the big slow ships were firing like mad but at the distance few cannonballs hit. although the Suverinian ships that were equipped with larger guns got to put some cannonballs into the side of the Italgrian ships, although only 4 ships were of the modern type with heavy artillery...

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The story will continue tomorrow. smile.gif

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