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Ok, I continue to seek trade with a nation outside this region. Recently he interested my in buying a proto-type tank from him. It would be modern+1 or maybe slightly more (I'm not sure)


user posted image


He claims it defies gravity by using a kinemassic field generator and some super-power source... I would like a stab of input before I start boasting about this thing being in my arsenal

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Depending on how?s your nation in technology... from what i?ve seen, i think you wouldn?t be allowed to use it this early. If you start roleplaying that you are researching some gravity-defying vehicle, together with this foreign nation (and even with some of us), then it would make more sense. But that?s my opinion (read "bullsh*t") XD

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Definately Future Tech, I'm afraid.


Modern +1 is modern technology, plus anything available within the next couple of decades, and anti-gravity devices big enough to lift a MBT into the air really aren't attainable in that sort of time frame. Plus, the guns on that thing are lasers and the like, again which aren't attainable within the next few decades, other than things that'll have your eyes out.


Well, see what the RP Moderators think.

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Mod Comment:


I am in complete agreement with Tag, it's future tech and, therefore, not the tech level of our region. On a side note, I am also rather leery of these cross regional trades as different regions have different rp rules and different tech levels.

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You recognized where that came from? Wow, I need to flip through my warhammer 40k books again.... Anyway, I didn't even know about the laser guns, I just assumed it would have ballistic weapons.


As for anitgravit; the kinnemassic field generator is real and was a military project (in the USA) until the media got wind of it and they decided 'now isn't the time'. you can try to look it up (I can't find the site), but I don't recommend wikipedia. Wikipedia never gives enough info for anything (other than star wars... all those geeks...)

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Third mod comment:

I can only support what Aki and Adaptus said. This is too far into the future.


The kinnemassic field generator is real and was a military project (in the USA) until the media got wind of it and they decided 'now isn't the time'.


Well, a base scientific study isn't the same as a study of a military vehicle ready for deployment. If you're following the news on directed-energy weapons, you will know that prototype weapons of that kind have existed for more than 20 years, but there is just one of them deployed (and that is a bulky cold-war fossil in the US used for ICBM interception).

As we speak, the US is testing a very powerful and useful laser weapon (THEL), but it's not ready for deployment yet. A technology has to mature to become battlefield-ready. What happens when you deploy technology that isn't you can see in the history - German WW2 weapons...

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