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Banner/Flag: Rekamgil

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Hello artists:


I have a humble request. Since I live in Canada and take most of my IC photos from Canadian scenes and military, etc. I think it would be pertinent to change up my image to reflect "things Canadian".


So, I'm not looking for exactly the maple leaf flag etc. as my national flag, but something similar. Somthing similar enough that when the maple leaf flag appears in my photos, it appears to jive with my IC banner and flag. I hope I am being clear enough! However, I am willing to use the RL Canadian flag as Rekamgil's flag if it makes things easier. Althernatively I could use the "Pearson Pennant" as the Rekamgil flag. The Pearson Pennant was one of the designs that was in the running to become Canada's flag back in the 60s when the current Canadian flag was adopted over the old Red Ensign. It was named for Lester B. Pearson (the then Prime Minister who championed that design)


user posted image

The Pearson Pennant


This flag is similar enough to the real Canadian flag that when the real one shows up in photos, one could cliam that it is the flag of the armed forces and the government, while the national flag is the pearson pennant... if you catch my drift...


My name remains the same: Dominion of Rekamgil

My Motto Remains the same: Truth In All Things; In All Things Truth


Thanks in advance; you computer savvy artists.

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However, I am willing to use the RL Canadian flag as Rekamgil's flag if it makes things easier.

You can just say that the red sides of the military flag represent the army. Red is an agressive colour, while blue is more peaceful.


I'm not quite sure what you're asking here. Redising that flag, or something similtar? And a new banner/signature as well? Or do you just want that text on that flag?

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Ya sorry about that. Yes i'd like a new banner that reflects the "Pearson Pennent" theme. The motto can be put on the banner too. My national flag might as well be the pearson pennant. So that can remain the same (or maybe be resized?).


For the banner, I'd like the pearson pennent as the theme (as mentioned). But also you could superimpose some images in the background. Here are some examples:


Parliament buildings


Parliament Buildings 2


Parliament Buildings 3


Canadian Soldiers


Canadian Soldiers 2


Soldier and Flag




Scenery 2


Scenery 3


Thanks again!

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My pleasure.


Now, regarding that banner. I understand some the pics you posted are welcome, but not all. Is there any text you'd like on it, besides "Rekamgil"? Or perhaps you don't want your name on it, as that's already clear by it being in your sig.

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Yes you are correct. Those pics are not all necessary. In fact, if you find any better ones that you'd prefer to work with you can do so... I just had a quick look for pics of the Canadian Parliament buildings. I could snap some of my own too I suppose (I live in the capital). But anyway, yes, those pics don't necessarily have to be in the banner, they were just posted as suggestions of pics that COULD go in. Whatever you think looks good I'll trust you.


As regards text, well I'd like "Rekamgil" in the sig somewhere, but not necessarily in the banner. In Canada, whenever the Federal (central) government has anything to do with anything, their "logo" is put on it. SO if you could rework that logo and just change "Canada" to "Rekamgil" I can put that in my sig too. Here is an example of that logo.


For the banner, well if I have the "Rekamgil logo" as outlined above in my sig, then my nation name need not be in the banner. Maybe in that case, the banner need only contain the "pearson pennant" theme, some pics, and my motto ("Truth In All Things; In All Things Truth")


I hope this is clear... I'm not thinking clearly today!


Thanks again

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Thank you for your enduring patience. Here are the banners I just finished for you. All other were a piece of cake, accept for yours and Mongol-Swedes'. I've made several version, all containing the same properties, but with other backgrounds or minor changes.


Rekamgil 1

user posted image



Rekamgil 2

user posted image



Rekamgil 3

user posted image



Rekamgil 1 (with name)

user posted image



Rekamgil 2 (with name)

user posted image


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I just noticed these today. I've been swamped and so have had time only to quickly look into the Senate rooms ad make sure government is still running, or that nothing needed my urgent attention.


These are excellent. Thanks a bunch. I shall probably rotate them!


Thanks again O.

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