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Hello Europa!


I have recently started anew on NS as the Republic of Carvalo, however I do have previous experience on NS and Europa with the nation of Castillanos. Not finding any suitable regions for my new nation, I decided to go back to Europa and as I have glanced around the forum, I am happy to be back!

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Oh dear god! ohmy.gif Welcome welcome welcome back! I do remember Castillanos. You organised the first footbal/soccer RP in our history. What great fun we had. I'll gravedig some Castillanos-stuff for you. Did you know you can get your nation restored by sending a request to the NS mods? Click here, select 'restore ...' and mention the name of your previous nation.



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Ah yes, the IEFL! That really was a lot of fun yes.gif !


Well, I don't think i'll be restoring Castillanos as i'd like to start my nation out fresh, but you know, i wouldn't mind hosting another tournament! I've still got World Cup fever, maybe we can have our own Europa Cup! Well, that is if you don't have one currently, I haven't explored the forums extensivly yet...

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