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A career in the Tamurin Air Corps

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I've created a new RP here:




It's a news coverage of a military newspaper about five pilot trainees and their training to become real pilots. I've put it in the military section since the news-section covers more politics/sports/culture, while this is more a military thing.


I'll introduce some Tamurinians here and their way through the training. Sometimes I feel that we look upon our nations and its people like numbers or just like we look on footsoldiers in Command & Conquer or StarCraft. I'd like to give them more life, to develope some personalities and to show how our politics in Europa impact on the lifes of these young men and the ones they know and love.


This is a long-term RP with no real "goal" or end. It's designed to present a different point of view of the things we do here.


I don't know how you guys can participate...maybe you come up with something. Otherwise I hope you can enjoy it a little bit.

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A slice of life, how nice. Very original perspective there, Tamurin.


How we could participate? Well, perhaps you could let us suggest further developments of the characters. Nothing decisive, but some future ideas may be very good to incorporate in this RP.


Example: What if Christine had a baby with her commanding officer?

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Well, I haven't developed the characters that far, yet, it's very new.


The basic idea is to follow them through their military training and later in their service. Let them participate in the "grand picture" and see how it can impact the life of young soldiers. It's like one of the documentations of the German Army in German television - sometimes they accompany young soldiers during a maneuver or something like that...


Private developments, like the one you suggested, will definitely be there. I'm not sure what they can be, but hey, if you have any suggestions...


One thing that will definitely happen to all of them: Problems with their training. This isn't gonna be a walk in the park. They'll have to WORK HARD. Which will of course have an impact on the private life...


My basic ideas are these:

  • Daniel will have a hard time to get on the JAS-39 "Gripen"-squadrons. This is the elite of the Luftwaffe and he'll be fighting very, very much.
  • Christine will face difficulties with her social background - a peasant daughter in a high-tech fighter/bomber. That will be awkward for some of her friends, family and commanding officers. And herself - it's a big change for her!
  • David is the bamm-boom-bamm kiddy who played to many computer games. He'll be the "joker" of the group and the menace of his commanding officers. His undisciplined behaviour will get him into trouble, I'll guarantee you that.
  • Reinhard is the tech-guy. He'll have some problems fitting into the military with its system and sometimes ancient technology. He'll seek a scifi-adventure and he'll be disappointed on some levels...well, just wait and see...
  • Well, and Bruno will have to develope a really huge patience-level...you don't get to fly a spacecraft very often when it costs millions of credits to launch one of it and when there are only four spacecrafts available...patience and hard work will be his future...
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This should be cool. I've always wanted to do little mini-stories about different people in Miiros, but always put it off. It's nice to see someone doing something similar to that.


Maybe we can see Bruno in the future EOS space program when it gets up and running.

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THAT is a GREAT idea... wink.gif

Well, perhaps it'd be too early for these wargames, they could probably only watch, but in some future wargames...or maybe one get assigned in one of your countries... cool.gif



Well, you're welcome to contribute. Any ideas what you want to do?



That's a cool idea...Bruno in the space program of EOS. Nice one. I'll incorporate that.

Yes, the mini stories are something different. I was wondering about new kinds of roleplays we could play here and I was inspired by "The Sims" a little. I think this could really spice our RP's up - having the point of view of the leaders AND of some of the "average people".



Copy as much as you want. Maybe at some point our guys can interact...



So, I'll write the first post of their training today. It's about basic military training. I'll incorporate some of my own experiences as a soldier... salute.gifdrillsergeant.gifsalute.gifencolere9.gifEuropaArmy.gifBarmy-colonel021.gifbadmood.gif ...and stuff like that...

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