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The Holy Empire of Jaihu


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Greetings... I am Suzie Su'Jaihu, the Junior Under Secretary of State for Misinformation, Spin, Education and the Official Scribe to his Royal Jaihuiness, The Grand Pooba himself... King Jaihu the Great.


The history of the Holy Empire of Jaihu is full of mystery. No one but King Jaihu the Great knows the complete details of the birth of our nation and this is the way that our Supreme Jaihuian Council wishes it to stay. There has been much rumour and conjecture in the foriegn press that King Jaihu the Great became the Grand Pooba of Jaihu through a complicated series of bizarre gardening accidents... Let me assure you that this could not be further from the truth.


King Jaihu the Great tells us that the Jaihuian people are an ancient and noble race that came to the earth in the belly of a giant fire breathing dragon. This is accepted as fact. His Royal Jaihuiness further tells us that he was chosen by this giant fire breathing dragon to be our Glorious Leader before time itself. This is also accepted as fact. In conclusion, King Jaihu the Great tells us that we should show extreme indignation to those who would suggest that our Magnificant King is in his position due to a series of bizarre gardening accidents as we are a people with Great knowledge of argiculture and that my friends is no accident.


That is all...


Long Live His Royal Jaihuiness, The Grand Pooba himself... King Jaihu the Great!!!!

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