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Police//Roit Control Request

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The Law Enforcement forces of Accra Imperiale are seeking to purchase gear for the police and riot squads. Requested materiale includes: Body Armor, pistols, submachineguns, sniper rifles, tear gas, flashbang grenades, gas masks, riot control vehicles (APC-like vehicles), and quite possibly anything else other nations may have to offer.


Law Enforcement budget will be alloted $75 billion for the purchasing of new equipment.

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To: the Government of Accra Imperiale

From: the Imperial Government of Tagmatium

Re: Law Enforcement gear


The state-owned Tagmatine arms manufacturer, Imperial Armouries, has a wide-range of sub-machine guns and pistols available, as well as shotguns and grenade launchers.


We can attest to their effectiveness in law-enforcement roles, as all of these weapons are used by Riot Squads (in the case of the grenade launchers) and Armed Response Units (everything else), as Tagmatine police are not armed.


The catalogue for the equipment can be found here. We hope that you choose to buy these tried and tested armaments, suitable in all urban environments, for all your law-enforcement needs.


Buy Tagmatine!

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We at VWS, and VWC have offered you these products for what you require. We hope they meet your needs.


Police Tactical Equipment System


user posted image


The ultimate in Police protection. Based on the protection system the IWS uses, it is highly effective. Lightweight, manoeuvrable, strong, and comftable make it an excellent protection system. It uses the same Ballistic Shock Padding as the IWS, which gives armed response teams a good advantage in protection against fire arms. The armour is capable of stopping a 7.62 round, at a distance of 400 meters.


Price: 2500 per Unit


Pecheneg Police Support Weapon?


this weapon was designed for civil police use rather than military, although it can be used in the military, but must be slightly modified, as it is not capable of the stress of combat. it is another weapon we have just developed as part of our police forces is becoming an anti-terror unit, and this is to help with situations like the resent CLF crisis.


user posted image


Caliber: 7.62x54mm R

Weigth: 8.2 kg on bipod; 12.7 kg on infantry tripod mount

Length: 1145 mm

Feeding: belt, 100 or 200 rounds

Price: 2200 Euros per unit


The Adaptus Nova Tactical?


A next gen shotgun weapon for police and military use. can be fitted with many attachments. serves with the Federation Police Force, and some parts of the Federation Army use it also.


user posted image

Seen here with Red-Dot laser sights.


Type: pump-action

Gauge: 12

Chamber: 3 1/2 inch (89 mm)

Length: 1025 mm (with 470 mm barrel)

Barrel length: 470 mm (18.5 inch) or 500 mm (20 inch)

Weight: 3.05 kg empty, with 470mm barrel

Capacity: 4 3-inch rounds in underbarrel tube magazine (6 3-inch rounds with extended magazine)

Price: 1900 USD




user posted image


This is a extlent weapon, with exelent range and power, perfect for assainations and such, alough is quite heavy, with makes it not the best weapon for a full blown military role, more special forces style. but non the less an exelent weapon.


Caliber: 7.62 mm

Cartridge type: 7.62 x 51 mm (.308 Win)

Total weight (with empty magazine): 8 100 g

Overall length: 1 208 mm

Barrels length: 650 mm

Bullets initial speed: 750 - 820 m/s

Practical rate of fire: 30 rpm

Magazine capacity: 5, 20 rounds

Sighting range: 600 m

Price: 2000 Europs per unit.

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Guggler Cars --- Specialized Wing


We have two typers of riot control vehicles in our assortment. They both have opposite purposes, but can work together perfectly.



user posted image

Water Cannon Truck: Can carry a large supply of water and features a powerful, long-ranged water cannon. Effective to cool down a large group of overheated demonstrators.


Price: 1.255.000 HR euros.

or $2.284.100


user posted image

Armored Water Cannon: Sometimes a demonstration can get over-enthusiastic, bacause a core group likes to create trouble. With this vehicle you can go up close and target the trouble-makers, without disturbing the peaceful protesters.


Price: 945.000 HR euros.

or: $1.719.900

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OoC- I've been sprayed by one of those... it's kinda fun...


We would be willing to pruchase several of these units if a few modifications could me made.


Firstly, if the body of the truck could be thouroughly covered and armoured, being able to resist a 7.62mm rifle round. Second, an extended bumper be placed at the front of the vehicle. And Third, a compartment be added between the cab and water tank, allowing for extra persons to be on hand should rioters attempt to storm the vehicle.


The end result would look something like this:


user posted image



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OOC: Can't you just by the jeep then, Accra. tongue.gif

And they say it hurts when you're close to it. Maybe Belgian water cannons are more powered. wink.gif

I could also come up with one of those "pain rays" that America is developing, but those things are too icky for Haken Rider.




Guggler Cars --- Specialized Wing



Such drastic changes would not be beneficial for our company. Yet we have the ability to take up a new type of car in our assortment that fits your demands.

So far are technicians has come up with this:


user posted image


The prototype will be ready for testing the coming weeks, but we are pretty certain the results will please both you and us.


Estimated purchasing price: $2.865.500

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Why have vehicles like that, when your good pals at Vickers can offer you the latest in hi-tech, digital, armoured vehicle technology. Leaders in armoured vehicles, we can offer you practical and effective products to suit your needs.


Panther Light Armoured Command and Liaison Vehicle (CLV)/Multi-role Light Vehicle (MLV)


user posted image


The MLV is the next in off-road 4x4 technologies. With fully digitalised systems, and controls it is at the top of its class. Its armour systems are unmatched in the world for a vehicle of its class.The MLV is designed for tactical mobility with a high level of protection against anti-tank and anti-personnel mines. The vehicle has a maximum road speed of 130km/h and the range is over 500km. The armour protection is tuneable by the replacement of armour packs within the vehicle's external skin. The MLV is of low observable design with minimised acoustic, radar and thermal signatures. There is accommodation for up to five people and a spacious rear cargo compartment. It also comes in a civil variant for police and Para-military use.


Wheel base 3,200mm

Track 1,710mm

Length 4,687mm

Width 2,050mm

Height 1,950mm

Kerb weight 3,600kg

Gross vehicle weight


Payload 2,900kg

Towing capacity 4,200kg

Price 75,000 Euros per unit


Boxer Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle (MRAV)


user posted image


The Boxer is a fast deployment armoured transportation vehicle. Very good in a tough situation, and is capable of raming thin walls. The Boxer offers a capacity up to 8t and an internal volume of 14m?. Driveline design is optimised to accommodate 6x6 and 8x8 variants to satisfy specific user requirements. The Boxer design will provide an 8 x 8 APC and CP vehicle versions and also allows for the development of other variants using the same base vehicle. The base vehicle operates independently from the modules, which are interchangeable in less than one hour.


Overall length 7880 mm

Height vehicle 2370 mm

Load capacity 8 tonnes internal volume 14 cubic metres

Crew 11

Max. speed 103 km/h

Trench crossing 2 m

Climbing 0.8 m

Range 1050 km

Engine capacity 530 kw (ISO)

Price 575,000 Euros per unit

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