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Joint Operations

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EOS must provide a united and clear voice in shaping a peaceful, balanced and stable world. We must harness each other's strengths in knowledge, skills and resources.

I Membership Roster


  • Miiros (founding member)
  • Orioni (founding member)



II Research and Innovation Projects


III Military Specialties

Explanation of points system:

+ strong (3 points)
± regular (1 points)
- underdeveloped (0 points)

CpOLqD6t.jpg user posted image user posted image
Ground Armies Marine Navy Air Forces

+ Emakera

+ Niederoestereich

± Italgria

± Miiros

± Orioni ± Tamurin

- Bainbridge Islands

- Nan Gorgwaith

+ Miiros

+ Orioni

+ Bainbridge Islands

± Niederoestereich

± Nan Gorgwaith

- Emakera

- Italgria

- Tamurin

+ Italgria

+ Tamurin

+ Nan Gorgwaith

± Bainbridge Islands

- Emakera

- Miiros

- Niederoestereich

- Orioni

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We compared our military strengths and weaknesses and this came out. Tamurin has its focus on the Air Force while Orioni is more the Navy-type, and so on, and so on...


I guess this representation is more clear than numbers of carriers, tanks, aircrafts etc.

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Please explain this.

OOC: The idea is: evaluate your national army. You get to choose a good (* 3 points), normal (+ 2 points), and weak part (- 1 point). You will see that certain members have a strong army, and a regular air force, but a weak navy. However, their ass is covered by other members with stronger navies. The idea is to show which member would be perfect for a particular kind of job. The total points don't really show anything, they are just a total. We also thought it would help with the realism, as your military can't be perfect in everything they do.

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Thanks for the acceptance!

Below is my analysis of the Royal Bainbridge Island Armed Force

* Navy (Strong) - As an island nation, having a strong and versatile Navy is a must for the protection of territorial lands and power projection. As such, the two nautical branches of the Royal Military have developed into a formidable joint forces entity. [Costal Defense = US Coast Guard; Royal Navy = Nautical power projection]

+ Air Force (Average) - The Royal Air Force specializes in fixed wing aircraft and VTOL/hovering entities (mostly helicopters). There are some multipurpose aircraft (especially cargo carriers, rescue helicopters), but overall the RAF is about average compared to other air forces in Europa.

- Army (Frail) - The Royal Army is proportionally smaller than the other forces in the Royal Military. Most land assaults are handled by the Royal Marines (part of the Royal Navy), with the Army involved in peacekeeping functions and civil defense.

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Army - frail (1 point) — Regular Army is small and used more for defense. It is offset a little by a large special forces division which acts separately, however it is pretty weak.

Navy + regular (2 points) — The Navy is decent, but not outstanding. (OOC will have to get better now that I have a longer coastline)

Air Force * strong (3 points) — By far the best is the Air Force. Pilots are excellent, and it is the largest military force in Nan GorGwaith. It is sadly lacking in up-to-date planes and equipment, but that is currently being changed. The skill of the pilots would be scary once they get their hands on new planes.

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Thank you, and updated. The current roster looks very well balanced. Also, the resulting responsibilities can be spread over the east rather easily. A small interchange of troops will help to cover most of the weaker defenses.

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