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Banner: Mongol-Swedes

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I am looking for a banner that has OD green as its main color, with the phrase "Honor In Rest and Battle" in brown across it, with this picture http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g258/roc.../flag_jolly.jpg on the right end of it, and this one http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g258/roc...emarne/bali.jpg on the left.


drillsergeant.gif PRETTY FRICKEN PLEASE?!

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Negative! This insignia represents the Military Intelligence Branch of the United States Army. We don't have 'electrical brigades' or whatnot...that kind of stuff is handled by the Army Corps of Engineers, which is largely staffed by civilian contractors.


And we do still have regiments, to some extent, but yes, we have moved to independently operational Brigade Combat Teams, and we are continuing to make it to where even smaller echelons are independent. And...our brigades are bigger than your regiments...HEY-OH! Our divisions are also larger, but we have only like seven active duty divisions, PLUS all the additional assets that are tasked to them that really have no home to call their own, 'floaters' if you will.


All in all, a total military force of around 2 million uniformed men and women, plus all the civilians we contract, not to mention the additional Reserve and National Guard assets, a few more million there, including those who have seperated from active duty before actually retiring who are still retained for a couple more years as Individual Ready Reserve: not attached to any unit but can be called up for a deployment or what-have-you...


So, no. This is not a unit crest or insignia. My batallion crest is a black panther on a green and white diagionally split background, the 3rd Battalion of the 69th Armor Regiment, of the 1st Brigade Combat Team, of the 3rd Infantry Division (Mechanizezd).

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It's not about the size of the military, but how you use it. Or rather, how the government neglects it. Heres a little inside news for you on the British Army. It is very close to only numbering 100,000 combat troops, about 110,000 combat troops. Lowering the level of 100,000 troops technicaly makes it a corps not an army.


Out equiptment is pot of the line, however, very unriliable, and still opporating in old methods. The government are trying to keep it going by saying things like. "Oh we're going to buy 300,000 HK G36 assault rifles, in the year 2006". However, it does not happen, and another rumor will come about. But even with this lack of equiptment, and financial neglect. The army still opporates as one of the best in the world, if not the best.


So if we had the chance of complete digitalisation, and equiptment of the US army, imagine the possiblities. But no. "New Labour" ruin everything in the country. The British military is well overdue a massive overhaul. But I do belive that if you put a 4 man patrole of SAS troops against a company of US Marines, the SAS will still come out on top, no dout.


In conclusuon. Britiain is to damned conservative!



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