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EOS sees the light of day


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---- Voice of the Republic ----


Live from Alaghon, Palace of the President

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“We are live at the Palace of the President in the government district of Alaghon. President Axmann announced that the talks with our neighbours that began after the elections finished what talks before the election prepared – the birth of a new alliance. Since the downfall of the CPA, Tamurin has been on its own. But now it seems that… wait, wait, the President is talking. We shall switch to…”

President Axmann had just begun his speech: “…and Gentlemen, I welcome you to this ceremony. Secret discussions and talks between Tamurin and several of our neighbours have now come to a successful ending.

It is a great day for Tamurin and a great day for all the oriental nations in the east of Europa. But it is the honour of all signatory members, not just ours, to give birth to this alliance. In the light of war, confrontation and dissent among the nations of Europa, this new alliance shall be the safe harbour for those who wish to live a peaceful and calm life.

With three old sayings that have been lost for centuries in our modern, common languages, I'd like to introduce you to this new alliance.

Ex Oriente, Scientia (From the east, knowledge)
Ex Oriente, Spero (From the east, hope)
Ex Oriente, Sospes (From the east, safety)

May this become reality for us. May this become reality for...

EOS – the Entente of Oriental States

I will now read the charter to you.

I'll emphasise that EOS is not directed against anybody. We are forming a defensive alliance and our top principle is “If you don't bother us, we don't bother you”. We are simply saying that we are tired of these constant wars and have no interest in participating. And anyone trying to force war upon us will meet the combined forces of all of us.

Us, well, “us” is the signatory members which shall introduce themselves now to you.

I'll hand over the microphone now to my esteemed colleague and he – or she – will say a few words while I will sign the treaty.”

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http://f3.ifrm.com/1027/100/emo/pic.png:pic: Sir Andrew Pipkin, Councillor of Foreign Affairs, Orioni

A tired but glad Sir Pipkin sat on the front row, listening to President Axmann's speech. Oh, how glad he was now that all those long talks were finally over. It had been a very long week, with little sleep, and he was looking forward to finally getting a full night's rest. Axmann was describing the charter of EOS, the Entente of Oriental States, which meant the speech was almost halfway. Sir Pipkin had also prepared a speech. Not as long or spirited as the Tamurinian president, but he thought it was a good one.

“I'll hand over the microphone now to my esteemed colleague and he – or she – will say a few words while I will sign the treaty”, Tamurin President Axmann said. That was the cue for the aide of Sir Pipkin to help push his wheelchair up the stage. Sir Pipkin wasn't embarrassed at all, he had been to enough conferences before to not be ashamed of being in a wheelchair. If anyone ever dared to laugh or make funny noises, he always made a quick joke about he got injured during the Great Pot Wars. That usually did the trick.

“Thank you, President Axmann, for the impressive speech. I am honoured to be here with you at the official signing of this most grand alliance. It is the sincere wish of the Orinese peoples that the founding of EOS will bring peace and prosperity to the entire region in general, and the eastern part of Europa in particular.”

“All of us worked hard and long to give this great alliance the best start it deserves. I have personally interacted with members of each delegation, and the atmosphere has always been positive. Now that the charter is finally announced in public, it is my sincere hope this good interaction will only continue to grow even further.”

Sir Pipkin paused a moment and looked around the conference hall while gathering his thoughts. The flash of one photographer blinded him for a brief moment, but he quickly returned to his speech.

“This entente doesn't only serve a military purpose. True, one of the strongest pillars of EOS will be its aim for better security, but I know that's something we all wish and strive for. Of course, there are so many other benefits besides security. Think, for example, of the benefits people will have when they no longer have to wait for hours to get their passport checked when travelling abroad. And the research into outer space will also receive a major boost, with the allied funding of our very own space program.

Of course, more down to earth problems will also be dealt with. The current humanitarian crisis in San Agostino, Italgria is an example of how we can all work together to make the Orient a better place. As John Heywood, the 16th-century playwright and poet, once wrote: Many hands make light work. Perhaps one day, when that has been accomplished, we can all work to extend this progressive attitude to other parts of Europa as well.”

This is, of course, something for the future. Let us rejoice here and today about this great achievement. I have been given the authority to sign this document in the name of the Beautiful Empire of Orioni by none other than the Empress herself. She regrets not being able to attend this conference herself but assured me she will be following everything over the interlink.

Sir Pipkin winked into the camera. Most people ignored the gesture as a normal blink of the eye, but at the other end of the interlink, the Empress smiled. Sir Pipkin finished his speech with some strong final words.

“Long live peace! Long live prosperity! Long live EOS!”

The old diplomat received a standing ovation while he was being wheeled off the stage. The head of another delegation was already waiting to talk to Europa.

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In his clumsy but proud way of walking, Richard Haller, the President of Emakera and eternal arroz de festa in any diplomatic event, stepped onto the stage. He just gave a nervous smile, as he went to the microphone. As usual, he didn't write any speech, for he preferred to just say whatever came to his mind.


“I must admit that I'm nervous. Not because I'm talking to billions, and not because of the brilliant previous speeches of our friends.” Haller looks up.

“We are officially writing a new page in our history books. And, for a slight change in all the bloodshed that our kids and scholars have to read in them, it's not a page of war. Of cultures vanishing. Of murder. Of war, and all stuff that would make a little person cry, but a page filled with peace. Paz. Since peace's an animal who doesn't hang alone, this page that we have just begun to write is also filled with the consequences of peace – cooperation, understanding of each other, development – not only of the Fortune 500 companies, but of the life standards of the everyday citizen, and all things good. Sounds like a bright future, doesn't it? At least, it sounded so to me, and to every single person involved in the birth of the Entente of Oriental States. A new sun arose from the East… the EOS! For a better future!”

Richard leaves, being applauded, while the head of another nation's delegation was preparing to give his or her speech as well.

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Mariana Lopilato stood up and went to the pult. Everybody in the room knew she was not a good speech maker but instead a great negotiator, so nobody really expected a good speech from her.




“Ladies and gentlemen,” she started.

“Firstly, I'd like to apologize for the president not being here today himself, but he is busy coordinating the help for San Agostino and will be visiting each nation's ruler before the end of next month as soon as the San Agostino crisis is behind us all.

As everybody knows, we are here today to conclude our talks with all nations leaders about EOS. But what is EOS about? Why did we feel we needed to create EOS? Have you ever dreamed of nations living in peace together on the same planet? Have you ever dreamed of free economic trade amongst many nations? Have you ever dreamed about the population of the world living together in peace with practically no borders? I have! I have dreamed of all of this, and I am happy to be part of this! The world has to understand that we are all living on the same boat. Global Issues like weather change, natural disasters, etc. will cause us big problems in the future, and we have to understand that the key is not fighting against each other but to unite and find solutions to all these problems. As once a wise man named Martin Luther Kingr Jr. said:

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.” I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at a table of brotherhood. I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a desert state, sweltering with the heat of injustice and oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice. I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character. I have a dream today.

EOS is about all this, and Italgria is glad to be part of it.”

Mariana Lopilato left the stage, giving the word to the last delegate of the Miirosi Empire.

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To: Niederoestereichian People
CC: EOS Founding Ceremony
From: Niederoestereichian Premier, Sir Alexander Parkes
Subject: On formation and membership to EOS


My fellow countrymen!

We who see that the time has come for Niederoestereich to form a great alliance simply say that the time has come for union. Those who are against us must be the promoters of dissension. We say that the time has come when there should be only peace and good will and agreement between these great nation states. Those who are against us must be in favour of distraction and turmoil and dissension. They cannot, if they disagree with me, they cannot be other than opposed to the objects, which we seek. They cannot be other than opposed to the union of these great countries.

We seek to break down the barriers, which have hitherto divided us. They, if they oppose us, must seek to keep us apart.

Seeing that we have at this moment a population of upwards of three billion people living in a land which is girt by the everlasting sea and has no coterminous neighbour ? seeing all this, we may say that the time has come when Niederoestereichian people shall be one with our neighbours, henceforth and forever.

So, then we may say that one people may make common cause and inherit one destiny. But does this imply any disloyalty to the empire of which we are part? I contend that it means nothing of the sort, but it does mean that great Niederostereichian people, increasing day by day, year by year, increasing not only in number but in all the power that number and civilisation know, in the power which is conferred by bringing science as a harnessed steed into our service and by bringing to bear upon our fortunes all the abundance of an advanced civilisation. I contend that it means that people with all these advantages desire to live as one people and to rival in a very friendly way every power in the constellation of states known as Europa. We wish to be a united people and as such we wish to be the brightest jewel in the crown of all the great alliances.

I shall not tonight attempt to point out the advantages that would flow from the membership of EOS. I would only point out the signs of the times. I would only add that if the foundation stone is laid, then the superstructure must rise. I would point out that the seed is sown and that it must spring up to maturity. No power on earth can throw back the cause of the EOS federation.

Even tonight, surrounded by all the encouraging evidence that I see, I do not disguise from my mind the great obstacles there are before us, and the reasons that might be urged as tending to probable partial failure.

But it will do this, as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow: it will lay a stone in the foundation, which all the forces in the world can never remove. And a little longer space of time will certainly bring about a solid and competed edifice.

Now, I should like to ask those who doubt the wisdom of the cause in which we are engaged. I should like to ask whether they are prepared to go on forever as we are going now. Would they go on forever, with Niederoestereich divided from Orioni by a narrow sea and a line of customs-house officers? Would they go on forever with another line of customs-house officers dividing Tamurin from Orioni? Would they go on forever with all these causes of irritation? I do not believe there are any intelligent men in all this country that would say he would go on forever, accepting all these things. If no, when are we to try to turn over a new leaf and start on a new mission? I say the time is now.

We seek no separation. We only seek to draw closer the bonds of true loyalty, and to continue to share in the rights and privileges that belong to every Niederoestereichian. We seek a proud place, undoubtedly, but it is the proud place of being equals of the best of the EOS nation and at the same time preserve our Niederoestereichian identity.

We seek in the best way that is possible, by federated power, to master our own destinies and to win our own position in the world, and in entertaining this lofty and enlightened ambition we are not prepared to take any second place amidst the civilised peoples of the world.

We shall seek to remain side by side with all our allies that we all love so well. I mean, in using that expression, the nation states, and I use that expression because it is briefer and more suited to my purpose. We claim to take our place side by side with them; to share all their difficulties, and honours and glories, and to be equal in everything beneath the sway of the EOS Crown.

And in claiming that, we seek to give our interest a Niederoestereichian colouring and character so that the name of ‘Niederoestereichian’ shall not be eclipsed by the name of ‘Tamurin’, or ‘Orinese’ or ‘Italgrain’ in any part of the world.

The Eastern nation's soldiers shall have no superior; the Eastern nations' workman shall have no superior.

We seek then to build up here an Alliance for ourselves, but believing that no form of government could be better than that under which we live, we seek to rend no ties, we seek to shatter no edifice ? but only to create what we think is necessary for bringing out all the great faculties of our own individual interests.

I have often wondered why any person could quarrel with us in this cause. We are making war on no one. We are seeking to provide no principle to which exception could be taken. Our cause is well known. Our cause is peace. Our cause is the consolidation of Niederoestereichian interests. Each nation will be as she ever was, but only then the United will have a power they can only obtain by federation in an alliance, and that power alone will give them a proper place in the family of great alliances. I ask you then, with unreserved feeling, with true hearts, earnestly engaged in this great work to drink this toast:

One eastern people. One eastern destiny.

I thank you, and good night.

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Having listened to her colleagues all give fabulous speeches, Executor deVries now knew her time to speak had come. She stood up from her chair and smoothed the creases in her indigo dress out and straightened the tiny pin of a shadow lion. She walked to the podium with the confidence and honor of one representing, no, ruling the Free City and she paused upon arrival to drink in the entirety of what they had accomplished. Looking briefly to Minister Vander for any last minute support, she found the smiling face of a friend and smiled before beginning.

"Ladies and gentleman, we Miirosi have been a proud people for thousands of years. In our pride, and perhaps fear, we sealed shut our borders, became deaf to the outside world, and used our invincible armada to keep any potential foe away -- and potential friends as well. Our isolation was ended by a brave Executor, Aron Vander. He had a dream where Miirosi tore down these century-old walls and once again stood by her neighbors in peace, prosperity and friendship. He was recently assassinated by those who scoffed at his dream, but I am here today to let you all know his dream is now realized.

EOS, my friends, is what realizes this dream. EOS unites all of the Orient in brotherhood and peace. We are like a family now and this family shall stand together against any foe or force that will dare to resist our peace and will to prosper. Like a true family, we will all be there for each other whenever problems arise. When there are no problems, we shall still be united as brothers and sisters. We shall share our cultures, each people becoming stronger for knowing the others. We shall share our prosperity, allowing a grander prosperity amongst us all. Finally, we shall share our knowledge, paving the way for greater and miraculous technologies. Yes, my dear friends we are on a marvelous path and united our combined futures are unlimited! EOS shall awaken a new golden age in the Orient! Like the goddess of Old, we shall bring a new dawn, a new day where our people and the Orient shall flourish like never before!

With all the honor and pride of Miiros, I, Executor Andrea deVries, sign this Charter. I sign for a new and more glorious tomorrow! I sign for us all to enjoy in unity, what we would never know in solitude. Glory to EOS, glory to us all!"

Andrea left the stage as the audience gave yet another ovation of support and returned to her spot next to Melissa Vander, who turned and whispered something to her. "My father will finally know peace with this, I thank you for helping to realize his hopes and dreams." Andrea smiled and replied, "Your father was a wise man, Melissa. Continuing his work has been an honor. May we all enjoy the peace and prosperity he dreamed of."

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