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Lets come to business now shall we. It is true that I approached Belgium some time ago with my puppet 'Orioni from Europa'. This approach did not bring any respons but was a first prone to see if the Belgians were willing. Several days ago I received word from Belgium's delegate 'Ostendt'. Belgium seems to be interested in engaging in closer relations with Europa. I support this, since we share a common ideology: that of peaceful co?peration.

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Now since I have a nation in Europa for quite a while, I shall post some RP. For starters, some showing of of the Haken Rider symbol, brilliant in his simplicity, soon to be feared across Europa:


user posted image


More information shall, follow, I need to "tune" my nation some more. cool.gif


Clearly socialism wasn't working. drillsergeant.gif

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The Dominion of Haken Rider


user posted image




First real government was a Grand Duchy. When the nation became a colony of a land abroad, the Royal Family was replaced by Haken, leader (official title: De Leider) of the foreign power. Under his reign, the nation followed a social path, including democratic elections. But the nations did not prosper and was stuck with a negative trade surplus. Decades and bad leaders later Haken Junior, took over the government. Drastic reforms were made under his reign. The economy bumped family of the first place.



White: 87%

Blacks: 8%

Others: 5%


Multicultural as it is, Haken Rider never had great amounts of racial issues. Altough during the last centuries the nation had an isolated position towards the rest of Europa, his people never indulged themselves in ignorance. Under Haken Senior, the family benefited greatly and the wealth standards were raised. Under Haken Junior, standards were lowered. For the first time it seemed social progess declined. Hakenians are more frustrated with the government and each other then they were before.



Altough modern, the economy couldn't compete succesful enough against abroad competition. Natural resources were rare (e.a. because of the limited deforestation), so Haken Senior concentrated in improving the information technology sector. Unfortunately during this day and age, the sector was already fluded. Economic changes were made under Haken Junior. He concentrated on the beef section. Knowing that most rich countries mainly profit on finished products, he bought enormous amounts of offal from neighbouring nations ans processed it in HakBurgers.


user posted image

HcDonalds, billions of happy customers.


HakBurgers! HakBurgers!

They're good for your heart

The more you eat

The more you fart!





In the course of history, Haken Rider (original name: Raider Territory) and his mounted forces had a fierce reputation. When a dramatic evolution in warfare occured, this ended. Under Haken Senior a decent army was established. The medium-sized ground troops trained under harsh conditions and great amounts of money were invested in airplanes. Haken Junior is reforming the army slightly. The army was made smaller, but more mobile and he decimated the air fleet. In compensation, the navy was enlarged.

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