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just sign up for it at the main site and download the game. ive been playing a bit, try it out and ill get you into the corporation im in. Its still small, but we are growing. Do tranquility server and tell me when you start playing. My name is "Charrington"


EDIT: I think tranquility is only server there is.

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The screenshots show it's a very interesting game. Unfortunately, I don't think my laptop will be able to run it. It's a fast enough machine, but my memory and videocard are probably insufficient.


Isn't there a text-based version around? tongue.gif

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My PC won't play Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge, even though it will happily play Red Alert 2. It plays Elder Scrolls III grudgingly and it looks as ugly as sin. I don't know how to upgrade my PC, so I'd have to get someone who did know to take a look at it. I'd ask my dad, but he'd think (quite rightly tongue.gif) I'd play more games on it than do work.

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