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The Great Adapton War

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Hartford Palace, 1848.


Emperor Judius lies on his death bed. After taking ill as a result of a mysterious cause, he lies heirless to his throne. He had spawned no siblings in his life, and now at the age of 34 lies on his premature death bed. Around his bed, Judius is surrounded by family and close friends.


One of his friends is a young Ishan man named Bastil Octave, a rising governor and military general in the Ishan Guard Brigade. Octave steps forward as Judius motions with his last movements fro him to approach.


"Bastil". Judius begins to whine out. "You are the closest I have to a son. You are loyal, and trustworthy. I know I could ask you to a whole army out to battle, and if you had to stand alone at the end, to fight off the enemy. I know your worth my friend."


"My Emperor, I thank you for your comments, but..."


"Bastil, listen to me, you are my closest friend, and my most precious of men. This is why, I want to name you as my suc......."


Judius' body collapsed in the bed. his eyes peacefully shut, and his arm out toward Bastil. Bastil, standing stunned, lifted Judius' flung out hand and crossed it over, his chest. He then thought to himself. "Have I just been named as successor?" But, unfortunately for him, only his aid was in the room with him. Nurses, and other friends, and family of Judius ran into the room.


"Oh my God, he named no successor." Screamed a nurse.


"I'm his closets relative." Announced a distant cousin of Judius.


Bastil then quietly said with a face still in shock. "He named me as his successor."


"No he did not, you lie. He has nothing in writing, and no one was witness to him saying it."


"My aid he was witness."


"You lie, you told him to say that."


An argument then erupted, and finally a tall old man, who must have been a solicitor to the emperor's will finished the argument. "Right you two, he named no one, and without positive evidence, we can not prove you were named a successor Bastil."


"But I was."


"Well that?s tough, we'll just have to leave, it."


"Well I will become emperor anyway, just you watch. I know it was Judius's will to have it that way, so i will fight for it."


"Well you do that Bastil."


The argumenting continued, into the dead of night. The next morning the news had got out, and the Times that morning read. Judius Dead, and no Heir named.



The next day, at an Adapton military barracks, in Imperian.


"Right, look at this lads."


"The Emperor is dead, and has no heirs. I bet some damn Ishan gets the throne."


"Yeah, bloody Ishans run the royal line, it should be an Imperian, it was our empire which founded Adaptus."


A concession of acknowledgments came from around the table. "Yeah!"


"Well, that?s make it an Imperian throne once again." Came a voice from the background.


"Ah the Duke of Newcastle. Men, shun!"


"It's alright sergeant. Listen, we have a major presence in the military us Imperians. We own the most clout around Adaptus, with most businessmen, and high ranking officials, being of Imperian descent. So, if you lads follow me, we can retake the throne of Adaptus, and bring it under Imperian control once again."


The men at the table cheered.


"M'lord we will do anything to follow you if it means an Imperian on the throne again."


"Good, spread the word them. Imperia will rise again...."

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The next day. In an underground meeting hall, in New Biggen, east Ashton...


"As, you can see the emperor is now dead. I have head words of am Imperian uprising to take back the throne. I have also heard a rumour Admiral Octave was also unofficially declared as heir to the throne, now knowing his game. If the Imperians denounce this, and say he's lying, he will fight for the loyalty of the emperor."


"So what your saying is, it looks like there will be war between Imperian and Isha? Well if that?s the case Ashton may have a chance at the throne, which we have not had since the Ashton Kingdom all those years ago. Before we were invaded by the Imperians."




"Yes, but there is one thing you two are forgetting. Isha own the navy, and Imperian basically own the army. What are we supposed to do?"


"We can ask for foreign help. Say we will give them a piece of land for some help defeating the evil ones."


"And how do you propose we do that?"


"Well we don?t do that yet, first we need money and an army. What we do have is the largest population of all the four regions, and we're probably the roughest, and we all hate the Imperians. So people will flock to us, and will fight with anything they have. We'll done the kilts, and wield the broad swords again. Bring back the glory days of the Ashton Highlanders."


"Yeah, we'll spread the word. Get as many people to the ranks as possible."


"Let?s do it!"




Hartford Military Academy. Used as Imperian HQ....


"Ok, the Ishan has gone back to their lands."


"Good. Now Octave's attempt at saying he is the heir is a lie, I know what he's like."


"They know we will reject any unofficial claim."


"Yes, but to make sure, send a message from the new independent Imperian Assembly, that all Ishan attempts at the throne will be rejected, and we will not allow any forceful attempts at the throne."


"Yes sir."


"Are the Imperian Guard Regiments mobilized, and returned to Imperia?"


"Yes sir, most are returning. The Ishan Naval Academy will not allow any Imperian Regiment move through their land, so their councils will block any attempts to link our forces. But hopefully Sanctum, and Ashton will not co-operate. Sanctum has many Estates which will deny any co-operation with Isha, as will the Ashton clans."


"Yes, but hopefully they will not revolt."


"Yes, hopefully, however, I believe the Ashton's will have a go. Once they see us mobilizing, they will be opposed."


"I agree."


The discussing continued. Each region was building up its forces. Tensions were growing rapidly, and each region was establishing its own area's of control, and governments. The Imperians were relaying on military commanders to take control, as were the Shan?s. Sanctines were forming a council of estates, which were going to over-see proceedings, and economy. The Ashton's were falling back on their clan system, and a council of Clan's was being formed.


The situation was building up to become chaos, and a week has yet to have passed since the death of Judius.

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Hologate Naval Academy, Isha.


"The Imperians have denounced, and rejected your claim to the emperorship Sir."


"Yes, well I vowed to fight for it, so I shall. Reports have come in that Imperian regiments are moving through Adaptus, and are regrouping in Imperia."


"Yes, sir. Well we have the majority of the Navy based in Ishan ports, we should blockade their ports. Before they get a chance to send out what fleet they have."


"Good idea."


Another aid stood up and entered the conversation. "But sir, what about Sanctum and Ashton?"


"Well Sanctum will be content with keeping their lands, and not being disturbed, they really are not bothered, and Ashtons hate the Imperians, so they will mainly attack them if anything happens."


"Ok sir."


"Good, so are we agreed? We will send around the fleet to the Imperian coast, and blockade their ports, and any attempt with Imperian Regiments crossing into Isha, they will be attacked. And perhaps we could devise an ambush on one of the marching regiments? But we'll leave that until later. We'll keep it down to the navy, until we regain a sizeable army."


"Yes sir."

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The news of the troubles that were now shaking the Adapton lands had quickly spread to Tagmatium, and had even shaken the Imperial Government somewhat. The reason for this was that Eudokia, the first reigning Holy Empress in the history of the Greater Holy Empire, was married to an Admiral of the Adapton navy, one Protius Helaclies. Many had thought it unbecoming of one of the Imperial family to marry someone who was below their rank, or one not even of royal blood. But, it had been a holiday romance of sorts, and one which hadn?t affected her election to the Imperial Throne. Thus, the disintegration of the Adapton state was one of keen interest to the Imperial Government of Tagmatium, one in which Tagmatium was sure to get involved.


To this end, a council had been called, to which the powerful heads of government and the armed forces were to attend. The meeting would decide what course of action Tagmatium was to take.


Invited to the meeting was Domestic Artabasdus Calcott, currently the highest ranking field officer in the Tagmatine army. He was to give his expertise and opinion on any possible expeditions to Adaptus, with the aim of reunification in mind. Adaptus was a good ally, but in its present state it was in danger of either collapsing or being gobbled up by expansionist states surrounding it. Domestic Calcott was considering all this as he walked along the corridor, the sound of his riding boots echoing loudly off the stone walls of the Imperial Palace Complex. Imperial Household Guards stood rigidly at intervals along the walls, and it was off the chest armour of one of these that Calcott struck a match to light his pipe. The guardsman shook slightly, presumably in rage, but the Domestic had the usual ordinary soldier?s disdain for the fancy guardsmen, one born more out of jealousy than anything else.


The Domestic stood in front of the door to the meeting room for a moment, straightening out his ceremonial uniform and cuirass of lamellar armour and finishing his pipe, before it was thrust open by an aid. He took his allotted seat next to an admiral of the navy and the meeting began.

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The IIS Clipper was leading a fleet of 12 strong. It was the most modern ship in the old Adapton navy. Now usurped by the Ishan Imperial Navy, it was the Ishan captial ship. It was the first steam powered vessel in the navy. It may not have had the firepower, but it was certinly fast.

user posted image


Alongside it was the IIS Warrior. The First all steal battleship in the Adapton Navy, commisioned just a month before hand, and was sister ship to the Clipper. This was the firepower of the two ships.

user posted image


The small fleet was closing in on West Stanston. A large Impieran supply port, which had been lightly guarded at the time. On the horizon the sun was rising to the east, over the tops of the port, the ships unfortunitly were facing the glare off the early morning sun. Admiral Alexander was incharge of the fleet. His eye's squinted with the glare, he desided to get a closer look at the harbour. So he sent his ship forward, and out of formation.


Alexanders' ship was the Clipper. He had ordered the right arrangement of flags to be hoisted, to let the other ships know to form a cresent around the harbour mouth, and to hold their position after that. He then bravly ordered the Clipper forward. It began to pick up speed as it headed into the Imperian commersial harbour. It then sharply turned, narrowly missing the harbour walls, as it tried to block off the harbour access. It then stopped as much as it could in the low water, without driffting to much.


By now the Impieran's in the harbour were worried, and began to flee. The Clippers' cannons were pertrouding from his hull. The new shinny weapons shone with the sun. Poised and ready, the Clipper oppend up on the harbour quey. Shells fell into buildings and docked vessels, destroying the whole ports economy, and putting a large dent into that of the Impieran ecomomy. After one short volly, the Clipper began to slowly creap back into it's formation, to point it's guns out from the harbour, and await any Impieran counter.


This was the first engagement of the war. It was Sunday, the 9th of July, a date which would be rembered as bloody sunday in the Adapton callender. One for it was the start of the war, and two, for over three-hundred Adapton citizens died, and finaly. It was the day that Adaptons fired on Adaptons, never had such a think happedn since the dark age of Ads.

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"Those bastards!" Yelled the Duke. "I knew this would have happend."


"Well sir, we do have some contingant of the navy."


"Yes but nothing that can compete with those bloody Ishan things. We still have gallions in out naval ranks."


"Sir." Came another officers voice. "We have a large amount of the army linked up now. Maybe if we attack Isha. Attack their presious naval academy! We can reach it from across land easily. If we cross the the Ashton corridor, we can his it right where it hurts."


"Good idea Fredrick. Send in the best Imperian Regiments. Bring back the Imperian Coldstream Guards, and Black Watch of the highlands. Now get them marching lad!"


"yes sir."


As the messanger was sent to the Imperian barracks in the Imperian capital of Adeptius (Modern Losdow). two-hundred miles away, in Ashton, a large rebel army was amassing to the east of Imperian. It was given the name of the Ashtobites. They marched for Adeptius, and were ready to charge the city. They would get their revenge on the Imperians for destroying their empire.

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  • 2 weeks later...

It was dawn, and a large army had amassed under the cover of darkness long a long ridge which overlooked the harbour. This just was not any harbour, this was Hologate (Modern Swanhunters). Hologate was the home of the Ishan Naval Acadamey. As a scout rode up to the top of the drest of the ridge, he looked down on the harbour and saw many large hucking ships looming around in the harbour.


The scout happend to be the Marquis of Adeptiani. He was leading the assault on the Naval Acadamey. He looked behind the ridge and signaled to several men, who then ran down the other side of the hill, returning five moments later with ten cannon drawn by horse. They perched themselves atop the Ridge and aimed down at the walls of the harbour.


Suddenly, a large gate to the east of the harbour walls burst opend, and a regiment of Ishan Uhlan Cavalry came chargeing out, and strait for the artiliery on the ridge. The Marquis, still on the ridge, began to yell at the line troops to hurry up to the crest of the ridge. The Line Infantry had just been issued with Snider Rifles, the latest rifles. These were the first rifles in Adapton Service to have rifled barrles, and were leages ahead of every other rifle out there.


As the Lancers charged up the hill, the artilierymen began to load their cannon with grape-shot, and the first line infantry approched the crest. A thin line of troops, about half a mile acorss appered at the top of the ridge, and the cavalry almost stopped dead in it's tracks. As the infantry to the top of the hill were forming up, a large thundering nose came from the harbour. The ships in the harbour had began to fire on the ridge. Cannon balled hattled the top of the hill. Fortunitly, the gallies cannons could not elevate that high, and most of the solid balls landed a few meters away for the infantry line. Some even began rolling down the hill toward the cavalry. Some cavalry had turned and were begining to retreat, however, they were being chased back up the hill by a regiment of Cuirassiers who had followed the Lancers out of the gates.


By now the Imperian Artilierymen had loaded their cannon and were ready to fire. They took aim and prime their fuses. At the same time a second line of Infantry came up onto the crest. The Cannons fired and took a large line of Uhlan with them. Second came a burst from the ships in the harbour again, still not highly elevated enough they pounded into the Uhlan ranks and sent them to the sky also. Last came the rifle fire from the Infantry which in took the last line of cavalry to the floor.


In one go a whole Ishan Regiment of Horse was desimated. It lay in reminants on the ground, scattered and shattered. Lances smashed, chest plates, which once shone proudly, now lay in the mud, coated blood. Behind them, the fearless Cuirassiers came charging. For the first time, they felt a lump in their throuts, after seeing their brothers desimated so easily. But these were the elite Ishan Cavalry, they could defeat anyone, so they plowed on. As they aprroched the carcases of the Uhlan regiment, a barrage of fire came from the harbour again, it was a third gally, joining in the fun. It smashed the rear guard of the Cuirassiers, but they carried on, as a mass of musket balled sprayed the front ranks of the heavy cavalry from the cannons on the hill. The second line of intanfty took aim, and fired. .303 rifle rounds pireceing the cest plates like a hot knife through butter, it took down many of the horses. But yet still the reminants came toward the top of the crest of the ridge. The infantry hurrying franticly to reload, as did the artilierymen. As the Marquis rode back to the top of the hill, he pointed his saber at the charging Cuirassiers, as a Imperian Lancer Regiment charged over the top of the hill and down into the Cuirassiers, right into their left flank, finishing them off. Crippiling the harbours cavalry force, and ending the first day of the Sige of Hologate.


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  • 3 weeks later...

The sige of Hologate had went on for a few days now. No more Ishan Regiments had set foot out of the harbour, and neither did the ships fire again. The Imperians to the top of the ridge did not do much. They had cut off al the supply routs to the city, apart from the port it'self, but yet could not cut off the port due to the Imperian navy being blockaged. The Marquis has been spending most of the days planning. He did not want to go much further down the hill, an end up in the range of the naval guns. He also knew that it would not be so easy to draw the Ishan armies out, after the massicure of cavalry several days earlier. This was a tough situation.


He made his was over to the artiliry crews, who were on watch at the time with there guns, and he explained a plan to them. He then walked off, and gathered a group of soldiers from the Black Watch Regiment. He told them what he had planned, and sent them off to thier tents.


A few minutes later, the artilirymen aproched the crest of the hill once again. They lined their guns up at the large stone walls. They fired, and most struch the wall. This was the first bombardment of the sige, so the occupents of the harbour were unready for this. The bombardment continued for half an hour. During that time, the group of 8 Black Watch soldiers who the marquis had been speacking to had taken off their Imperian red field jackets, and had doned cavalry jackets, which were a dark green colour. They entered a forest on the west side of the harbour, and headed down the ridge through that. As they came to a good level, within the forest, they climbed several trees, and could see into the harbour, quite clearly. They could see a few hundred Ishan soldiers, wearing their tradishional white jackets. They were marching toward the east gate. As too was at least three regiments of hourse. The men knew that more infantry would come eventualy, so they ran back up through the forest, and back to their lines. It seems, the Ishans had been secretly resupplied of troops via sea, under the cover of night.

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