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OOC: *sigh*


Be fair, Aki.


As Suverina's message wasn't said to be public, as it was directly addressed to the government of Cegerth, I assumed that Tagmatium wasn't aware of it, therefore the Imperial Government can hardly distance its to something it wasn't aware of. Or, if the Imperial Government did intercept Suverina's message, it would hardly admit to monitoring a potential ally's private correspondance with another nation, thereby violating the sovereignty of an ally.


Plus, Suverina has made no mention of working with the GHET on this matter.

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OOC: I am assuming that such comments would be public knowledge within the diplomatic and religious communities. Indeed, they were not listed as encoded/secret. Finally, the fact that Akiiryu notes an implied threat may simply be a matter of the Baronic Council playing politics.

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