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Miirosi Annexation

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To: The People of Miiros, Septim, Azura, and Europa

From: The Executor of the Free City


With great honor, I announce on this day the formal annexation of the island nations of Septim and Azura as special semi-autonomous territories. Negotiations with the governments of each island nation formally closed earlier this week with the peaceful signing of two treaties that would extend full-Miirosi citizenship to their people, entitling them to the protection and rights enjoyed by all people of Miiros. In exchange for these wonderful benefits, Septim and Azura now are part of Miiros, although they do enjoy partial sovereignty. As a trade off, these territories will only have observer status in the Senate of the Free City and be unable to participate in electing of the Executor, however, they will be exempt from Federal Income Taxes.


Miiros also announces the extension of the Miirosi Armada with the addition of two new naval bases and naval fleets! The 4th Fleet of Miiros shall be based out of the Septim Naval Base and the 5th Fleet of Miiros shall operate from the Azura Naval Base. Construction of said bases and fleets shall begin immediately. This extension of Miirosi sea power shall only greater ensure the safety and stability of Eastern Europa.


Thank you for your time,

Andrea deVries

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To: The People of Miiros, The Executor of the Free City,


From: The Dictatorship of Nan GorGwaith,


We welcome the new additions of Septi and Azura to your land and applaud the peaceful way in which they were brought in. It is with great hope that they will further the development of your nation and the region of Europa.


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