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Good [time of the day here] to all Europaeans! I am Cegerth, representing Cegerth. We have been around for a little, but haven't gotten active in the regional and international business yet. I'm looking forward towards that.



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For Tag, everything is a WC thread.

Er... World Conquest, has he ever mentioned it?!?!?!


tongue.gif , OK, for me WC is for world conquest. smile.gif


Welcome my dear friend! You seem to be trying the learn the tricky art of 'how to spam' if you have any questions please ask Koku, he's the spamking around here.

I'm the unofficial minister of food and I have banned pies, just that you know! Once again WELCOME!

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I can spam rather well. Almost too well. See Cegerth spam. Spam, Cegerth, Spam. Spam and ham. Ham and jam. Jam and ram. Ram and rat. Rat and cat. Cat and mouse. Mouse and house. House and party. Party and...uh, someone pass me a word ending with 'ty'.


No, I don't write Portuguese. I'm Dutch, which you may or may not have noticed.


P.S: You Portuguese bastards suck. tongue.gif

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