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Political Change In Damak Var

Damak Var

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OOC: There is going to be some political change in Damak Var. You can get involved after the coup. Otherwise just comment it OOC.


Summary for those who do not like to read: Three most influential and powerful people in Damak Var get together and form a Triumvirate. They create a plan to dispose of the Emperor and instate a new order in Damak Var.



Grand General Alfred Dagmar stepped out of his limousine to feel a gust of the cold Damak Var night. He put on his military cap and walked up to the abandoned warehouse on the Vonrichkover docks. Accompanying him was five Waffen SG men dressed in all black combat fatigues armed with submachine guns.


?Wait out here.? The men looked at each other and nodded to Dagmar. He opened the door and stepped inside. The warehouse was dimly lit and it was hard to see. Though in the middle hung a single bright light that illumated a roud table in the middle of the warehouse. At the table was three chairs, spaced evenly apart. Already sitting down was Donovin Charrington and Louis Marcellus. Charrington is the Grandmaster of the SSZ, Chief Executor of the Emperor, and one of the Emperors chief advisors. Louis Marcellus is the Chairman of the Executive Council. On the other hand Alfred was Grand General, Chairman of the War Council, and Commandant of the SG. After the Emperor, these were the three most powerful men in the nation with a common opinion: The Emperor is a lunatic


?Do you know why I called the both of you here?? asked Charrington. Dagmar and Marcellus shook their heads. ?I called you here because I know that you want to dispose of the Emperor. I do to.?


?This must be another loyalty sting operation. You want a confession so I can get the firing squad and you look good in front of the Emperor. Why should I trust any of you!? You are SSZ, your job is to protect the Emperor. Dagmar, the SG-Inquisition is meant to root out conspirators.? Marcellus broke out all of a sudden.


?I have had solid evidence for five years to hang you for treason. Don?t think I do not know about you revising government income calculations so you can take a portion of that money elsewhere.? Charrington declared. Marcellus gasped, looked down at his feet and thought for a moment.


?Without that money there would be more people living out on the streets. Instead of building bombs I used that money to improve the economy and infrastructure. We would be in depression right now if it wasn?t for what I did!?


?I know Marcellus, that?s why I didn?t turn you in.? Marcellus sat back and nodded his head and agreed with Charrington. ?Now Dagmar, if you do not trust me I have had for a while now, evidence to give you the firing squad as well. But then we might get an over-zealous fool such as Adelmar as Grand General. I also know that you have had solid evidence from the SG Inquisition to put me away. Perhaps you did not bring it to light because you share the same opinion as Marcellus and myself.? Charrington paused and took a breath. ?As we all think but do not say, Emperor Justinus Fritz Imbel is a madman and not fit to rule. Is it not one of your personal fantasies to wake up one day to find him dead so the nation can move towards rationality??


?Get to the point Charrington.? Dagmar said bluntly.


?Clearly we are the most powerful people in the nation after the Emperor. I have confidence that both of you are noble men. Deep down inside, I know that the both of you feel the same about me. Well atleast Dagmar somewhat thinks so for not turning me in. Together we can bring down the Emperor and establish a new order in Damak Var.? Charrington replied.


?And how are we to do this?? Marcellus butt in quickly.


?Like I said, we are the most powerful people in Damak Var after the Emperor. We actually do most of the work.? Charrington spent thirty minutes explaining the plan. Dagmar and Marcellus agreed that it should be a success. ?The new government will be ruled by a Triumvirate. We will be the first. The Triumvirate will vote on all decisions, since there is three there will never be a tie. One man cannot be trusted with so much power.? He gave Marcellus and Dagmar time to soak it all in.


?Do we all agree.? Marcellus and Dagmar nodded.

?Good, this meeting is done and never happened. Remember there as still loyalist in the SG , SSZ, and both the Councils.They will not be obedient until Imbel is taken care of.? With that, the Triumvirate went in separate directions. In one week the Emperor would be dead.

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Summary for those who do not want to read the whole thing at the bottom



Charrington specifically assinged the guard that day to be of the men he knew and he could trust. Emperor Imbel and himself were chatting in the throne room. The Emperor sat at his throne with Charrington beside him. The throne room was empty except for the Emperor, Charrington, and a dozen SSZ men who also were part of the plot. Armed with submachine guns, all black combat fatigues, and had their faces covered one way or another.


"Oh yes, you do know that Dagmar and Marcellus are on their way to discuss the situation in Accra Imperiale Dichia?" Charrington carefully said.


"Yes of course, you told me a couple days ago." The Emperor replied. Charrington and the Emperor chatted for another three minutes as if it were like any other day. The doors to the throne room opened up and there was Dagmar in his uniform parading ribbons and stars, while Marcellus wore a business suit. They walked up and gave the Emperor the standard salute. He raised his hand and brought it down to signify them to be at ease. Charrington snapped his finger, looked at the SSZ men and nodded towards the door. They left the throne room and closed the door behind them. Imbel was a bit curious as to why Charrington gave such a command, since SSZ men were usually present with the Emperor at all times.


"Might I ask why there is a need for us to be all alone?" Marcellus and Dagmar looked at him and said nothing. Charrington walked down the length of the hall to the throne room door, which was the only door in and out, punched some codes into the panel next to it sealing it shut, and walked back. It was reinforced steel, very thick, and would take a while to penetrate. "I demand to know what is going on!" Imbel said.


"You demand a lot things Emperor, it is what you are good at." Marcellus said.


"I will have you shot for such insolence! How dare you? Dagmar, Charrington, kill him." Dagmar and Charrington replied with a silent glare.


"I love Damak Var Emperor, and take it as my personal duty to protect the welfare of this land and its people. With what you have done, you are a great enemy of Damak Var." Dagmar said.


"I have done everything for this nation. I ensure order! I ensure peace! I ensure prosperity! I-"


"It is not worth it if you ensure our demise as well." Charrington interrupted.


"You too Charrington? I cannot believe this is happening, this must be a dream. You are the Grandmaster of the Schwarz Schutzengel, how can you allow this to pass?"


"The duty to protect the Emperor is insignificant compared to the duty to protect Damak Var." Marcellus stated.


"What exactly do you plan to do? Kill me?! Which one of you have agreed of becomming the new illegitimate Emperor?"


"All of us. When you are dead we will establish a government that is for the people."


The Emperor stood up and began to breathe heavily with his fists clenched. "I am for the people! This is the highest and most dishonorable treason ever possible! Each one of you deserves to die! Turn yourselves in right now, I am the Emperor and you will obey! You are no different than terrorists, rebels, and criminals!" Imbel screamed out. He was now out of breath.


"How can you be for the people when you treat them like dirt?...Its time." Charrington declared. Charrington, Marcellus, and Dagmar each pulled out a black USP pistol and cocked it.


"Long live Damak Var." Dagmar said. Each of them raised their pistols and pointed at the Emperor Imbel's chest. They let out a barrage of gunfire, three shots each. The Emperor staggered back with each shot and fell back onto is throne. The Triumvirate walked up close to get a good look at him. Not really absorbing what they just did. His eyes were still open and he was gasping for air.


"I am the Emperor of Damak Var and you will obey me." He managed to choke out those last words and died. Emperor Justinus Fritz Imbel sat dead on his throne of power, littered with nine gunshot wounds. Before the Triumvirate could do anything else, gunfire errupted from outside the throne room.


Summary: Charrington, Dagmar, and Marcellus corner Emperor Imbel in his throne room with the support of his personal bodyguards, the Schwarz Schutzengel (SSZ). There is some trash talking, and the Emperor ends up getting gunned down. Thought it was to be a regular discussion time. Before the Triumvirate can do anything else, gunfire erupts from outside the throne room. The fanatical loyalist SSZ learn of the plot and are now fighting the pro-Triumvirate SSZ in the palace grounds.





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"The other SSZ have figured out about the coup. My boys can hold them and they won't get through that door any time soon." Charrington said.


Dagmar was already on his cellphone. "Get a battalion of the Waffen SG at the palace immediately. The Schwarz Schutzengel have learned of the coup."


APC of Waffen SG troopers burst through the palace front gates and began to clean out the area. The battle was hectic and confusing. The anti-triumvirate SSZ were going to fight to the death. Within an hour the battle was over. Two hundred loyalist SSZ men lay dead, and 600 Waffen SG. The Charrington's SSZ men managed to only lose 100 out of the 300.


Charrington, Dagmar, and Marcellus opened up the throne room doors to welcome in the rescue party. Outside the throne room doors, bodies, guns, and debris were being cleaned up. The Triumvirate walked over to the throne, where the dead Emperor sat to get a final look at him. He was slumped down on the throne, and his blood formed a pool around it.


"After a decade and a half, his rule is over. We could have done this many years ago, why not?" Marcellus asked.


"Because back then we thought each of us was out to catch the others plotting treason." Dagmar replied.


"You really think this will last? We will make it last as long as we can." Charrington said.


"Major, bring me five gallons of gasoline." Dagmar ordered to the Major standing behind them. The major barked some orders and gasoline was brought up to the throne room by a couple Waffen SG men. Without having to say anything, Dagmar just gave them a nod.


The Waffen SG men began to pour the gasoline all over until the Emperor was soaked in blood and gas. They were more than happy to do so. Dagmar lit a match and held it up for everyone to see. "Long live Damak Var!" He declared and tossed the burning match on the Emperor's lap. He was then ablaze on his throne.


"Long live Damak Var!" They said in union and saluted the flag that stood on the wall. After that the Triumvirate and everybody else turned and left the throne room. Not looking back as the Emperor's body burned.


"We have to make an announcement to the people." Charrington said.


"We shall make an announcement to the world." Dagmar replied.



The Nachrichten


Marcellus stood at the podium since he was the best public speaker. Dagmar and Charrington stood behind him.


TO: The People of Damak Var and all other Nations

FROM: The Triumvirate Kingdom of Damak Var


Yesterday, the fifteen year long oppressive rule of the Emperor has come to a halt. There will now be a new government. One that is not centered around so much on a single man. Absolute power, corrupts absolutely. This new order will be for the people. Here are the first steps for our new order.


-We ask that the people of Damak Var and all nations acknowledge the Triumvirate as the new government of Damak Var. One that will work in the interests of the people.


-The Triumvirate requests that the League of the Treaty acknowledges the Triumvirate as the new leadership of Damak Var. That they view our membership to be legitimate and official.


-All citizens branded by the Emperor and Inquisition as political enemies, conspirators, and traitors that are currently in prison will be released. The Triumvirate declares these men innocent.


-All citizens who have been unjustly executed by the hands of the Inquisition the Triumvirate declares innoccent.


-The Inquisition, DVCIA, and other law enforcement agencies will now be prohibited from harming or detaining citizens without proper cause.


-The Triumvirate declares the creation of a Judicial Department. Every man will have the right to a trial in front of a judge before being convicted of a crime.


-The Triumvirate declares the people's right to free speach. Also the media's right to constructively criticize the government.


-The Triumvirate declares a Damak Var to be a capitalist, free market, free enterprise society. As long as business entities work within the boundaries of the law.


-The Triumvirate declares the abolishment of the national curfew.


-All unneccessary military occupations of civillian areas will be removed.


-The Triumvirate codemns all unnessary brutality among the citizens of Damak Var


-The Triumvirate guarantees the citizens privacy within their own homes, as long as it is within the boundaries of the law. The privacy may be breached if the law enforcement agency see good cause to do so.


-Religious icons worn in public will be legal.


-The Triumvirate gives the people the right for non-violent protest


-Government budget focus will increase on matters such as commerce, education, science, social welfare, and health care.



-Damak Var will request membership to the ECA to allow our economy to prosper even further.


May the new order last for a thousand years.




After the announcement, festivities and rallies were springing up all over the nation. Everybody was more than happy the Emperor and his policies were gone. A wave of nationalism swept through Damak Var, but this time the people meant it.

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TO: The Triumvirate Kingdom of Damak Var

FROM: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tamurin


Tamurin acknowledges the Triumvirate as the new legitimate government of Damak Var.


Our nation is very pleased to see that your the government leads your nation down a path towards personal liberty, economic freedom, justice and decency.


We would like to establish full diplomatic relations with Damak Var, beginning with a meeting with your Triumvirate. We would like to discuss certain topics that are very important to us before we can extend our relations towards trade, culture, security and science, thus being democracy, human rights and freedom of speech and thought.


We're looking forward to hearing from you.



Claudia Hartman

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TO: Tamurin and other nations interested

FROM: The Triumvirate


Yes of course a meeting could be held. Other nations are invited as well to discuss our new leadership. The conference will be at the dead Emperor's Palace, Vonrichkover. If you like, we can tour the palace. It is now used as the new government headquarters.

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TO: The Triumvirate Kingdom of Damak Var

FROM: The Sultanate of Assurym


The Sultan regrets the violence with which the change of leadership took place, but also recognizes that sometimes such acts are necessary. Therefore, and since he believes this change is for the betterment of the people of Damak Var, Assurym officially recognizes the Triumvirate as the only legitimate government of Damak Var.


The Sultan will gladly dispatch a representative to the conference, both the show his support for the Triumvirate, and to establish official diplomatic relations with Damak Var.


We hope to receive a reply from you soon.




Awan Shaotzu

Minister of Foreign Affairs

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To: The Triumvirate Kingdom of Damak Var

From: The Great Queendom of Suverina


We hope that this powerchange will be for the better of the people, but not until reforms have taken place Suverina can accept the triumvirate as legal holder of the power. Damak Var still acts as an absolute dictatorship.

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To: The Triumvirate Kingdom of Damak Var

From: Miirosi Ministry of Foreign Affairs


We are overjoyed that the people of Damak Var will finally enjoy freedom, something every soul in Europa is entitled to enjoy. Miiros would be honored to recognize the Triumvirate as the new governing power of Damak Var and would like to establish formal relations with your ever-changing kingdom. Be warned, however, that we will no longer support your government if your claims for liberty and reform end up ringing false. We hope to hear from your new government soon regarding new relations and trade.


May your people prosper under a new banner of libery,

Melissa Vander

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TO: All Other Nations

FROM: The Triumvirate


This nations is still ruled by a centralized government and we plan to keep it that way. However future Triumvirates must be voted into office. Along with the provincial governors. This Triumvirate works in the interests of the people. However future Triumvirates do not have to follows our precedent unfortunetly. Steps are being taken to form a constitution or something that will maintain how the way things are now.


The conference will be in one week, the Emperor's Palace, Vonrichkover. We will have limousines and Waffen SG escorts waiting at the international airport for each envoy. Can't be too careful.

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To: the Triumvirate Kingdom of Damak Var

From: the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: Fall of the Empire


The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium is glad to have witnessed the fall of the Emperor Justinus Fritz Imbel and the instalment of a regime which can truly be said to act in the wishes of the people of Damak Var. It was high time that the reign of Imbel, a dangerously unbalanced man at the best of times, came to an end and even better that it is by those with the true interests of the citizens at heart, rather than a corrupt military junta. We are glad to see that democracy is held at the heart of the new regime.


The Imperial Government fully recognises the Triumvirate as the legitimate and sole government of Damak Var, and supports it in what endeavour it may undertake. Tagmatium will stand shoulder to shoulder with the new leadership of our honoured ally.


The Imperial Government would also like to invite the Triumvirate to the capital of Tagmatium, Tagmatica, in order to get to know them, as well as to discuss any issues which are currently affecting the region and the League of the Treaty, including the current flash point of Tinian Island and how the League is reacting to the situation

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TO: The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

From: The Triumvirate Administration (OOC: What the head of state of Damak Var is called)


We are glad you great the new government of Damak Var with open arms. As for the conference, it would be best to do it in Vonrichkover with all the others who wish to conference with us. Perhaps afterwards we may do a private conference with the rest of the LT.



TO: All nations

From: The Triumvirate Administration


To all those who were interested in a conference with the new Triumvirate, send over your envoys now to Vonrichkover. Escorts will be waiting at the international airport.



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To: The Triumvirate Administration

From: The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: Emissary


To show respect we have for the achievements of the new government in removing the oppression the people of Damak Var have been suffering for so long, and the value we have of them as allies, the Imperial Government will be sending our Foreign Minister, Eugenius Wilson.


Mr. Wilson will be dispatched to Damak Var as possible.

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Triumvirate addresses the people of Damak Var...

OOC: Others are welcome to comment OOC or not OOC


The new order shall promote capitalism, free enterprise, and free market. The government shall not intervene on the actions of business entities unless their actions are not within the boundaries of the law. Military funding will cut down in order to make room for developing commerce, science, and industry.


Leading Damak Var corporations given funding by the government


Dizdex Genetics Industries-Biotech research

Azerakish Corporation- Electronics

Batavodurum Corporation-Mechanical Engineering

Byzacium Corporation- Software


OOC: Trying to make Damak Var one of the leading economic powers in Europa through commerce, industry, science, capitalism, and free enterprise. Moving away from military strength and fascism.




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OOC: ok, ill just speed it up a bit.


The envoy's from Tagmatium and Tamurin touched down at Vonrichkover airport at 0800. They were directed to bulletproof limousines just outside the their planes bearing the flag of their nations. The two limousines together with a large police escort pulled out of the airpot and began to make their way through the city to the Emperor's Palace.

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Hans Meyer was fairly impressed and a little concerned with the military presence in Damak Var. The last time he had seen so many soldiers and security guards, bullet proof cars, police escort and so on was during the 2nd Tamurin Civil War. He had just seen his colleague from Tagmatium for a second without being able to greet him.


A little weird, he thought. But OK, these people just had a coup in their country. It's understandable that they're a little...concerned. Let's just hope that the talks are a little more comfortable...

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The new Triumvirate government of Damak Var was certainly taking the safety of the foreign envoys to their land very seriously, thought the Tagmatine Foreign Minister, Eugenius Wilson. The motorcade didn?t perturb him in the slightest, as he was used to this sort of thing, especially in foreign nations where a coup had just taken place. It did good to show that Tagmatium?s ally had taken enough precautions for the envoys? safety.


What was perturbing for the Greater Holy Empire was the way Damak Var was slipping towards Capitalism. It had been what could be termed a socialist nation under Justinus Fritz Imbel, although Stalinist would probably be a better term. A more Capitalist Damak Var is not something the Imperial Government of Tagmatium particularly wanted, although it did realise that there was no way ideas could really be forced onto another nation in this respect.


Hopefully, these talks would go someway to bringing the Triumvirate around to the Tagmatine way of thinking?

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"....and that over there Mr. Meyer is a Inquisition detention center. You can find them all over the country but they've been decommisioned so don't worry. That's where they take the so called 'conspirators and traitors' for questioning." The limousine driver said to Mr. Meyer.


In the other car Eugenius Wilson was getting a tour of his own.

"Look to the left Mr. Wilson. That is..." The limousine driver was interrupted by a loud crash. "...was, a grand statue of Emperor Imbel which rotates to face the sun. Nobody really liked it anyways."


The convoy approached the Emperor Imbel's Palace. It was sorrounded by a large decorated concrete wall. They approached the main steel gate where about 20 guards carrying submachine guns and wearing all black combat fatigues were standing in front. A man stepped out of the black SUV which was the head car and handed some papers over to one of the men. He nodded gave the signal for the guards at the top of the wall to open up the gate. As the convoy moved through all the guards stood at attention and saluted.


Emperor Imbel's Palace was large and majestic compound. It was covered with green grass, hidden machine gun emplacements, snipers, hidden cameras, and Damak Var flags. Emperor Imbel's statue in the middle of the compound had not been demolished for historical purposes. The convoy stopped in front of the main building. At the botton of the steps was the Triumvirate, men in military dress uniforms, and other men in suits. They awaited for the amabassadors to come forward.



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Detention centers, secret police barracks, statues...the list of Meyer kept on growing and growing...


The "old" Damak Var truely shared traits with a stalinist regime, many traits. The wounds of the regime change were not healed yet - and who knew how strong the legacy of the old regime was? How deep the hard rule of the former emperor had formed the minds of the people of Damak Var?


Well, Meyer was glad and worried about the massive security in this old palace. On the one hand, he was sure that a large force of attackers was necessary to endanger his life - on the other hand he had seen some snipers and machine gun positions. What were they expecting that they needed snipers?


Well, Meyer was glad to see a known face.


"Minister Wilson, it's always a pleasure to see you." he greeted the minister of foreign affairs from Tagmatium.

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?Mr. Meyer! How good to see you here,? Wilson shook the hand of the Tamurinian delegate warmly. ?One begins to wonder just how much the new Triumvirate differs from the old regime, although some lee-way should be give as they might be expecting counter-revolution.?


The trappings of the old regime couldn?t be expected to disappear over night. The paranoia, suspicion and insecurity which marked the lives of Damak Var citizens, ordinary and powerful alike, for one and a half decades would probably take as many years to finally vanish from their minds. It had become habit, and, as the saying goes, old habits die hard.


Minister Wilson turned back to his Tamurinian counterpart. ?Let us hope that no such thing will rear its head whilst we?re here, eh? It?ll also be good to finally meet this Triumvirate in the flesh??

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"I totally agree, Mister Wilson." Meyer answered. "I hope that this will be the beginning of a new era of partnership with Damak Var. Our peoples, countries and of course our economies could truly benefit from it.


And - allright, perhaps we should could them some slack. When our own two nations had their civil wars, it didn't look much different in the capitals, did it?"


While both were walking into the palace, escorted by security guards, Meyer added: "I just hope they don't have guns in the conference room. Guns make me nervous. That's why I didn't join the Army..."

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Minister Wilson smiled. ?Indeed not. I would be surprised if they did have arms in the conference hall, as it could be taken that they are going to force us to sign what they want us to sign, and I doubt our two governments would be pleased with that.


?It would be good if our nations? influence good help to alleviate some of this sort of thing. Give some of the paraphernalia of civilisation, make it less like a police state; but I imagine that?s why the Triumvirate have invited us here.?


Wilson thought for a bit. ?I wonder what sort of effect the Triumvirate?s encouragement of big corporations will have? I expect that will attract attention from some of the bigger Oriental firms, especially as the Triumvirate does look like it is giving ?free money? to those already in residence.


?The Imperial Government doesn't really encourage that, but Tagmatium can hardly stand in the way of a nation recovering from the excesses of a corrupt and repressive regime.?

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