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Age of Empires 2

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Anyone interested in playing it online against (or with) each other? It would be great if we could create two teams and rumble.


We've talked about this before and exams have given me the urge to play all kinds of games again. There should be enough people with AoE2 (possibly expansion too) here. We should be able find a suitable hour too.


But first things first, who's up?


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Sounds like great fun. I've got AOEII and the expansion, just lacking experience of internet multiplayers.


I must admit I've never played games across the interned apart from when I went to Germany 2 years ago.


Is it simple to set up?

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Well... I've been trying to set up a game with someone for the last couple of hours, so... tongue.gif


But with this gamespy thing, I think it get's easier. When you have started AoE, go to the Zone and follow instructions. If everything works out, you'll have a GameSpy Arcade account and we can find each other on it.


edit: my nickname there is HakenRider.

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Aaah.. i would love to play online... again like my friend suv wink.gif, im not very good, but it would be a laugh i suppose...


One question, im a little confused as to how to sign up, i been to the zone, and created a name, but it doesn't really work still... laugh.gif

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I'm chatting with haken right now, I think we will make another go tomorrow..


I'll let him respond first...

Don't know, maybe I just keep sitting here in my corner, crying softly.


Yeah, it didn't work out well. Blah technical problems, blah GameSpy, blah connection failure.

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Well... If someone would know a way to play this in multiplayer...


The zone, with which I could work, has been cancelled a few weeks ago and replaced by crappy GameSpy ("unable to connect"). I also tested playing with IP adresses, with no succes. dry.gif

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