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Computer Problems

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When I try to run Rome Total War, it goes through the first screen then my computer restarts. It does this everytime and it never use to do this. I am getting pretty fed up and am about to reformat my computer. I've done all kinds of things whether they have a chance solving thing or not like system restore, defragmentation, reinstalling the game. The thing is my computer is doing this shut down thing to me in all programs as well. Never use to do this. Anything else I should try before I wipping the harddrive?

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Try updateing all your dirves. Or go over what you have downloaded onto yuor computer resently that could have made the change. Sometime you may have downloaded a windows update that needs to have a setting chnaged from default. Anoyer thing is to pres the normal alt, ctrl and delete keys, go to prosess, and see which ones look foreign, and end them. For exapmle, wmplayer.exe , you dont need it while playing a game, so end it.

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Now I have an even bigger problem. I took my computer and cleaned out the inside, a lot of dust in there. When I go to windows desktop, the computer will shut down and a loud beeping noise will come from inside the computer. Sometimes I do not even reach the desktop. The only way to stop the beeping after that is pulling the power plug. I think I fried my processor or motherboard somehow. So I won't be on here as much until this problem is fixed. My dad says a new heat sink might solve the problem then I don't know.

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