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Accra Imperiale Terrorism

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While the unification of the empire was a success, not everyone brought under it's flag was willing to submit. Several extreme anti-unificationist groups have srpung up over the last few years, becoming more and more violent with time.


Recently, severla of the groups had joined together in their mission to destroy the union. Having received real military training from some outside source, the effectiveness of their attacks on military positions has increased greatly. As the reign of violence grows more and more every week, standard militia have been called up to safe gaurd the bases and prevent the terrorists from gainging control of crucial weapon caches.

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"As CEO of the Privatized Accran Militia, I have been informed of your request to assist Accra Imperiale Dichia in repelling the terrorist assaults. As things are, the AIDDS company has been strained to keep up with the demand for ammunition and ration supplies. Assistance in providing these materials to active duty soldiers would be appreiciated.


I have forwarded your offer to the heads of state, and I doubt they will forget your generous sacrifices for our nation."


Head of Accran Military Companies, Johnathan Teiles

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FROM: Deltannia

TO: Accra Imperiale Dichia (OOC: Sorry, I hope this is what you are called...)


Deltannia is willing to send its antiterrorism experts to your nation. They have been in several domestic and international affairs, including in Italgria and Ide Jima, as well as our own conflict with The Shadow.


They are ready for action and can be sent whenever they are requested.


Deltannian Foreign Ministry

Deltannian Internal Affairs Ministry

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*Tribal Tribunal Intracommunications*


(Mikael Ulaanbataar, Chieftain of the Clan of Intelligence, Tribal Tribunal)

Reports are indicating that a conflict is rapidly developing in Accra Imperiale Dichia proper. The privately owned and operated Accran Militia is facing a significant threat from elements within their claimed territory who continue to resist unification efforts by the government backing this militia. We recommend the standard gathering procedures for determining a course of action to deal with this regime, as their membership in the CIS, and whatever the intentions of the government and those of the revolutionaries may be, could put our own security at a significant risk.


(Marko Ignacio, Prime Chieftain of the Tribal Tribunal)

The usual vote will be held to ratify this initiative. As is your authority, however, you are authorized to use the normal, more passive means of monitoring via those assets under your jurisdiction camoflauged within the merchant fleet of the MMRTA. Further directives will be received from the Adjutant, and you will be given authority to assign a theater-level reconnaisance cell for your proposed mission if a ratification can be received.


(Sunry Ytturb, Chieftan of the Clan of International Affairs, Director of the Mongol-Swede National Broadcasting Collective, aka MSNBC)

We will prepare a public statement assuring our CIS allies that we are willing to commit to a Red Cross style-role in this conflict, to make contact with the government of Accra Imperiale Dichia to coordinate setting up field hospitals to treat those wounded by this conflict, and to provide support for noncombatants displaced by the conflict. Of course, we will assert that a security detail be authorized by the Accran government to ensure that any combatants attempting to abuse our generosity are not allowed to take advantage of our generous humanitarian capacities.


(Marko Ignacio) No ratification is required for your initiative, Chieftain Ytturb. Simply coordinate with the National Resources Clan, as well as the appropriate representatives from the Mongol-Swede National Shipping Group, to prepare for movement of humanitarian resources. You are also authorized to initiate talks with the Accran government to facilitate a smooth cooperative initiative.


With no further business to attend to for the day, the Tribal Tribunal convened.


MSNBC News Alert!!!


The Tribal Tribunal agreed today to offer aid the Accran government with humanitarian and peacekeeping support during their internal conflicts with insurgent forces attempting to overthrow the recently unified regime in their nation, a spokesperson for the Clan of International Affairs confirmed today. With approval from the currently ruling Accran government, the spokesperson said, the tribes of the Mongol-Swedes "would immediately field the resources necessary to reduce suffering during these troubling times and the light number of our military forces to secure the hardworking people of the International Affairs Clan, who have shown great empathy for our allies in Accra Imperiale Dichia." He also went on to cite the reason for these efforts as "a show of the Union's honor and commitment to the Charter of the CIS".


More on this as the situation develops.

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TO: Deltannia

FROM: Accran Privitized Military Corps (You got it right)




"Intelligence is a vital commoidty in a war like this, we are hard pressed for it. We have captured several laptops from various raids on their bases, giving us a wealth of raw intel. However, we can't seem to make sence of what we have found. We know there's something bigger at work here, but we just can't see the bigger picture.


Help in piecing together this information could make the difference in stoping what they're planning."


Head of Accran Military Companies, Johnathan Teiles

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*Accra Imperiale News, at 6:13*


Violence has escalated in the Eastern fringe of the Imperium today, as the insurgency is stepping it's attacks. Violence has reportedly spread from the rural theatre into an urban conflict.


An estimated 300 innocents have been killed as the ealry days of the conflict go on. Another estimation form the National Bureau of Intelligence suggest that the fighting will escalate into a full scale civil war within the next few months.


All military personelle have been put on DEFCON 3 for the time being and are ordered to report to their corresponding barracks and await further orders.


The nation lies in question as this story builds. We will continue reporting as the story develops...

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***Encoded contact***


To: Accra Imperiale Dichia

From: Suverina


We are ready to contribute with arms, artillery and supplies at any moment. (For no charge ofcourse)

One word from you and transport ships will be going full speed up to your nation.

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Special Encryption Level 6


FROM: Deltannia

TO: Accra Imperiale Dichia


If we could either obtain a code copy of the laptops, the entire data stream of the memory, or could send specialists to help you analyze, we are sure that SysTech engineers could help you with cracking the laptops.



Deltannian Foreign Ministry

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"Covering Fire!" Their captain yelled from behind the hard cover they were sharing.


They rasied their bodies a little and fired at the gun port of the bunker. This didn't stop the machine gun fire completely, but it did make the gunners crouch down enough to make thier shots little more than extran dengerous fireworks. He jumped up and charged toward the other pile of rocks, where Bravo team was pinned.


"What's the word?"


"Armoured Cav won't be here for another two hours."


"Air support?"


"Don't get your hopes up, they have AA about two clicks west of here."




"Another minute or so and they will be ready to fire again."


"Good. Here's what I want; when that artillery strikes, have your rocket man fire into the gun port, preferrably at the MG, then charge the enrty. Got it?"






Bravo sqaud popped up and fired their M-182's at the gun port andthe captain bolted back to Delta postion and told them what to expect.


The stench of sulfur and the coppery scent of blood was in the air on this grassy knoll. The hill had a thin spot of trees on the top and the side facing the bunker had piles of rocks. These rocks were giving cover to the Accran Loyalists, but was also creating a killzone, they were pinned and rushing from boulder to boulder was dangerous because of those machine guns.


Delta sniper aligned his sites on one of the gunners and pulled the trigger, the rifle boomed and pulled back just a little and the gunner dropped as his head was vacated. Two seconds and another rebel took up the gun and started firing a the rocks he was hiding behind.


"Nice shot Duke!"


"Was a pleasure, Sir!"


The captain checked his watch, it was time. "Cover!" he yelled and the soldiers crouched down behind their protective rocks, and covered their heads. A second later four He shells hit the gorunds in front of the bunker, discharging and suspending columns of dust and rocks into the air. The rocks fell to the ground as gravity demanded, but the dust felt liberated and began drifting upward, away from the Earth, and creating a screen of thick smoke and dust.


The two rocketeers sat up, trained their tubes and let loose their munitions. The ammo flew towards the bunkers and went straight through the gun port and blew up on impact with the wall inside the bunker complex.


"Let's go, go, go!!!"


They jumped up and began running toward the entry-way as the one remaining maching gun resumed firing, although it wouldn't hit anyone because of the smokescreen. They were stopped by it's blast doors but were afe from the MG.


"Hanson! Open It!"




The techie moved toward the key pad, he pulled off the cover and inserted some wires into the green of the silicone, and began typing into his tactical PDA. Meanwhile the captain loaded a grenade into his assault rifle's tube, cocked the action and aimed straight up. He crouched and began backing up. Once he got to a point where he could see into the gunport, he stood for a second and fired his grenade. It bounced off the roof of the gun port and fell to the floor of the upper floor of the bunker, and exploded.


A burst of fire came out of gun port and so did two rebels, whose bodies were burning thanks to the well placed incindiary greande. "Let 'em burn." He said, as they rolled on the ground trying to entinguish the flames. Little did they know this was Thermite III compund, which burned at 4000F for 40 seconds. IT produces it;s own oxygen as it burns, which meant it could burn underwater, nothing except time would put their bodies out.


Only a few seconds of rolling around and they died due to the extreme heat and contact with the Thermite. Just then the lights on the key pad turned green and the blast doors started moving apart. The doors opened and the team krept forward. The corridor was dark and the only light was on the elevator arrows, which displayed it was moving.


The elevator made it's 'ding-ding' and the doors began opening, and the team opened fire. It's thin stainless steel doors couldn't stop the bullets, instead it fragmented and caused additional damage to the rebels inside. The doors opened and three horribly bloodied bodies fell out. They pulled the corpses out and grouped into the lift.


APCs began rolling over the hills and stopped just short of the rock piles. Their rear hacthways opened and reinforcing troops rushed donw the knoll and began swarming the bunker. The hardest part of this battle was over. Entry to the bunker was now safe and the remaining rebels in the complex couldn't flee, they could only die or surrender.


"We are the warriors of the Grey Knights, Armoured in Faith, Sheilded by Devotion, and armed with Purity. But even greater than these, we carry the divine light of our Emporer into the dark places to purge the evil essence of rebellion whever it may be found."

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To: The Accran Militia

From: Chieftan Sunry Ytturb, Clan of International Affairs, The Tribal Tribunal, The Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa

Subject: International Aid


Our proposal is to deliver the resources necessary for establishing and maintaining medical support enclaves in your nation for the duration of this conflict, as well as a security force to safeguard the brave individuals who have volunteered to operate these enclaves, via commercial Boeing 707's of the Mongol-Swedes National Shipping Corporation for personnel and C-5 Galaxy air transport aircraft for security personnel and medical and engineering supplies for the setup of medical facilities. I am requesting that your government opens any available airports to accept them. I will send representatives from my clan to coordinate these efforts and to act as liason between your government and myself, to cooperatively determine acceptable areas of operation for these enclaves. We are eager to cooperate and ease the suffering and logisitical strain that your people are currently enduring, and hope that our aid will help to end this conflict in peace.



Meanwhile, a consensus was reached throughout the Tribal Tribunal to approve a reconnaisance cell to deploy into Accra Imperiale proper. Insertion would again be an airdrop by an MMRTA commercial air transport, to be deployed across the eastern border of the Imperium. The mission was then sent down and would deploy within 24 hours.

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TO: Chieftan Sunry Ytturb, Clan of International Affairs, The Tribal Tribunal, The Union of Socialist Tribes of Europa

FROM: Accran Logistics Centre, ArnHeim


"Affirmative, we await your generous aid. I'd caution against goin into the Eastern half of the Imperium by air, however, the rebellion has attained AA capabilities and have centered their aid-blockade in the east. I urge you to land those planes in the west and travel by land, with Accran militia escorts."



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An air convoy 'flying' the colors of the Mongol-Swede National Shipping Collective was enroute to the Accran land, carrying the hoard of medical and humanitarian supplies, as well as a light security detail comprising a total of 2000 convoy operations security specialists (OOC : aka SOLDIERS!).


Approaching Accran airspace along air-avenues of approach recommended by the Accran militia, the Wing Commander began efforts to hail the Accran militia for updates on insurgent activities and for landing clearances.


Meanwhile, nested within the convoy was the aircraft carrying the recon cell. Disguised as medical workers, they were unarmed and were assigned to one of the humanitarian groups that were to be deployed as far east as possible. If in the event their position were overrun, they would disperse throughout the insurgency, whereupon they were to gather troop strength estimates, outline their objectives, and evaluate the overall combat effectiveness.

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The Mongol-Swede National Shipping Collective's air convoy began to filter into airfields across the western regions of this 'Imperium'. As each aircraft landed, they proceeded to offload a 'hodgepodge' mixture of medical and security personnel, crates of medical supplies, equipment for setting up the medical enclaves, and a broad variety of deuce-and-a-halfs, 5-tons, even 18-wheeler and pickup trucks, all equipped with customized modular Up-Armor (OOC: For an explanation on Up-Armoring, see your local Iraq Campaign Veteran, or pay a little guarded attention to your e-tube once in a while). They would seperately move up near the 'front' with any escort the Accran Militia would provide.
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Accran Militiamen are caught on (silent) video with their Mongol-Swede escortees as they safegaurd and guide them to the field hospitals. Inside the tents are hundreds of wounded soldiers lined up in rows as military doctors scurry around trying to tend to them all. The Mongol-Swedes get to work immediately and begin attending to the needs of the soldiers. At first they just administer morphene and meet with Accran doctors to obtain information on each soldiers wounds and treatment plans.



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The large cargoships had finnally reached the harbour, the seamen had no idea of what they were transporting, although they knew it was important as there were soldiers protecting the cargo. The personell was ordered away for 3 hours. Not knowing where to go. The soldiers where now only awaiting for people from Accra Imperiale Dichia to load off the cargo. Only a handfull of people were to go with as instructors, otherwise they were leaving the cargo in the hands of Accran militia(right?)




user posted image



user posted image

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OOC: Oh, more info is needed ofcourse! - SORRY!


They are the basic assualtrifle of the suverinian army. called: SAC 1b (Suverinian Automatic Carbine)


Artillery: (the info is rather long, no need to read everything!!!!!!)


LADA Pioneer


Crew: 7

Weight: 46 ton

Overall length: 13m

Overall width: 10m

Maingun: 203mm artillery gun

Firerate: 2 rounds/min

Ammunition carriage: 40 rounds

Engine: 800 hp

Maiximum speep on roads: 63 km.


The LADA Pioneer Self-Propelled Gun features turretless design with rear opened placed main gun. Driving compartment is in the front section and engine-transmission compartment is right behind it and crew compartment and combat compartments go further. Artillery unit's crew is 14 men. On march 7 of them are carried by self-propelled artillery gun while others in convoying truck or armored personnel carrier.


Commander and driver have their seats in the driving compartment. Cabin is protrudes forward creating counterweight for the main gun. Cabin features two roof hatches. Forward observation is provided threw the windscreens or periscope observation devices. However windscreens can be covered with an armored shutter. There is also a forward-facing periscope in the forward part of the roof between commander and driver. In the combat position gunner seats at the rear of the hull on the left side. Gunner operates elevation and traverse controls.


At the rear part of the hull there is very powerful 2A44 the 203-mm artillery gun. Gun has no muzzle brake. This design decision was caused of a low pressure dangerous for crew while mounting muzzle brake some additional protection measures had to be taken. Gun's lock is automatically opened and closed by a special mechanical device. However this operation can be done manually in emergency situation. Projectile and load are loaded by load-assisting mechanism. This loading mechanism works in any gun's elevation and traverse inclination levels. Loading operations are made from locker's deck.


Over and under the gun there are mounted hydro-pneumatic recoil absorbers. Recoil step is approximately 1 400 mm.

The LADA Pioneer is completed with rear mounted bulldozer type hydraulic operated spade. It digs in the ground approximately 700 mm and provides good fire stability. Fire stability is also ensured by landing directing sprockets and blocked wheels hydro absorbers. All these features allow to fire in a wide range of elevation and traverse ranges. Elevation range is between 0? and 60? and traverse range is 30? (15? to the each side). In a low elevation levels or using low power loads fire is executed without lowering spade and other recoil absorbing measures.


Ammunition is separately loading type. The main is OF43 High-Explosive Fragmentation Projectile and rocket assisted projectile. High-explosive fragmentation projectile weights 110 kilograms and consists 17.8 kilograms of explosives. Such projectiles maximum range of fire with a normal load is 37.5 kilometers and initial speed - 960 m/s. Rocket assisted projectile weights 103 kilograms and contains 13.8 kilograms of explosives. It's range of fire is a record for a modern field artillery and is 47.5 kilometers.


Without already mentioned ammunition the LADA Pioneer Self-Propelled Artillery Gun fires concrete piercing, chemical and also tactical-nuclear projectiles. Combat load consists from 40 rounds however only 4 of them are carried by self-propelled artillery gun for immediate use and remaining - by convoying vehicle. In fire position ammunition is lowered to the ground and carried to artillery unit using one-axis barrow.


It was rather long but hey, It's all the info on it so, besides commercial for the Suverinian arms inudtry! tongue.gif




TO: Accra Militia


We have had reports that the equipment have arrived, we hope it was to your satisfaction. We would like to offer a number of 50 tanks to be sent to you.

Would you have need and knowledge of such veichles?

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OOC- Wow. Nice... Gotta say I'm rather impressed with the artillery. Did you make that up or find it somewhere? Nice... 2-thumbup.gif




"The artillery, is simply a masterpiece. Those guns haven't quite made it to the front, yet. When they get there I expect that a major difference will be seen in our efforts to secure the city of Livium, which recently fell to rebel assaults.


As for those tanks; I'm fairly sure that some division out there could use armoure support. But I would need more information on these vehicles before I could affirmatively suggest whether or not they would see active service."

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OOC: It is the 'real' description on those artillery pieces. A quite heavy piece, very usefull. smile.gif


The L-24, equipped with 120mm gun, is a first-class tank that is equal to any tank made by leading nations of the world. The L-24 tank carries a smoothbore barrel rather than a rifled barrel, and ammunition includes armor-piercing projectiles, antitank howitzer shells, and adhesive [high explosive plastic (HEP)] howitzer shells. The L-24 weighs 50 gross tons, is powered by a 1,500-horsepower engine, and has a 30-horsepower-per-ton power-to-weight ratio. The L-24 tank is one of the first tanks to achieve manpower savings by reducing the crew to three through the development of an ammunition autoloader. Innovative technology includes a laser and thermal-guided gun and turret controls. The automatic target tracking system using a thermal image display is controlled through a tank commander's targeting periscope attached to the top of the turret in an independently rotatable mode. Night-vision range finders are integrated into fire control systems (FCS) and night vision thermal imaging systems of a passive type use the infrared rays emitted from the opposing target to provide a substantial improvement in visible range. These features enable the tank to achieve high-precision, mobile firing, and enhanced the tanks capabilities to respond rapidly to multiple targets. Proprietary technology was used on the composite armor, including steel and ceramics with superior projectile-resistant qualities.


CREW : 3

MAX WEIGHT : About 50t

LENGTH OVERALL : About 9.80m

WIDTH OVERALL : About 3.40m

HEIGHT OVERALL : About 2.30m

MAX SPEED : About 70km/h

ENIGINE : Liquid-cooled two-stroke 10-cylindered diesel engine - 1500 hp

Max power 1,500PS/2,400rpm


: 1 - 120mm smooth bore gun

: 1 - 12.7mm (Cal. 50) heavy machine gun

: 1 - Type 74 7.62mm mounted machine gun


user posted image




We have sent you a file about our tank, it will hopefully soon be the main tank of the Suverinian army. We are very glad that you liked our artillery, it isn't especially old nor is the L-24 tank.

We hope that this strong born of friendship between our nation is to last.

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"The Accran people will not forget your aid in our conflict, we can only thank the gods that we have found such a nonorable friend. We will find a way to repay Suverina, in time. Until then the war will be our top concern for obvious reasons.


Our deepest thanks go to Survenia..."




OOC: I can't come up with a very good IC reply to using accepting the tanks, so I'll just leave it at "yes..."

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More equipment shall be sent to aid our great friends in their hard struggle. Suverina will hopefully help to end the war sooner to spare the country devastated by a civil war. Our prairs will be for the people struggling in Accra Imperiale Dichia, may their struggle end soon and in victory!

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