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Rekamgil Expansion

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Hello everyone,


As per the rules of plot claiming, I am entitled to claim another plot. In order to make it a bit interesting I shall RP it in the Military HQ. However, I'm not really interested in a hugely problematic war or anything. Others are certainly welcome to join in, but at the end of it all I don't want a drastically new international reputation, and I want to be in possession if plot #45.


I shall probably make it some kind of humanitarian crisis, maybe a good opportunity for the new CIS to get some practice working together. Any other nations wishing to join in are certainly welcome. If you are itching for a fight, you can even use this as an excuse, but please don't fight in this territory,... take it elsewhere and don't be a sh*t disturber! I would normally be open to a less directed RP, but my time is somewhat stretched right now. All my NS time has been spent on Senatorial duties, not on RPing. So I'm looking for a nice low-key one for the time being.


Thanks to all


Here is the zone I'm talking about:


user posted image

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Since this is very close to the northern tamurinian border, Tamurin will be affected somehow and will respond. But how this response is gonna look like really depends on what's happening.


But Tamurin and Rekamgil share fairly good relations to each other, so I doubt that there will be a clash between our nations.

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Thanks for your interest. It will likely be a humanitarian crisis in plot #45 (which I am renaming "Treest Province"). The inhabitants of Treest are ethnically related to Rekamgillians and were once ruled by a Teutonic king that reigned over much of modern Rekamgil and all of Treest. I'm toying with the idea of having a viscious ruler having taken power there and is "ethhically cleansing" a few Kokuans that live on Treest's west coast, Rekamgillians, and a few Tamuranians living on the Treest Peninsula (to the east). This new governor will also probably be making annoying military forays into east Rekamgil territory. My government will go in and attempt to stop this "ethnic cleansing" (and these border incursions) and will end up incorporating Treest into Rekamgil.


I have a Friendship Treaty with Koku and a draft Friendship treaty with Tamurin, so I hope things will be cordial with my neighbours, but I welcome their closer interest since this is close to home for them...

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Ethnic cleansing of Tamurinians? Well, that will definitely affect Tamurin. This is something we won't tolerate. I guess that both our militaries will intervene in that case.


Of course, the plot will be yours. There'll be just enough tamurinian soldiers there to protect the Tamurinians and, if it seems necessary, to evacuate them to the south. After some time, my guys will retreat and the plot will be yours.


Sounds good?

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This is still in the offing. I shall wait until Tinian is settled. In the meantime, please note that OOC I am claiming plot 45 (as is my right!)


@ Tam: Sounds very good


@ Voc etc.: Agreed it has the same beginning as the Xheng thing. This is why I am trying to establish OOC that I do not want an international incident and intend to end up with the plot afterwards. I just want to RP the plot takeover to make it fun and realistic.


@ BlackJack: I think the Tamuranians and Kokuans will be being "cleansed". This should reduce the chance of a major blow up anywhere becuase it is ethnic Rekamgilians that are doing the oppressing. (and the govt of rekamgil will side AGAINST them for humanitarian reasons) But my government will not tolerate such behaviour at home, or in plot 45 (which will soon be home too)! This should also foster some good cooperation between Rekamgil and Koku and Tamurin if we are working together to help Kokuans and Tamurins... both of whom may wish to be evacuated to their original ethnic homelands... or may wish to remain in polt 45 (Treest). This could become one of the bones of contention to make it interesting...

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At no stage would I imagine that Rek would be anything like Xheng. This sort of scenario has been used by many other people in the past to provide an excuse/pretext/reason for an expansion, and if OOC communication is good enough, there is no real chance of it ever becoming an incident such as the one more or less manufactured by that person. Also, as it's stated that Rek doesn't want an international incident, then it really won't become anything like that.


Although Tagmatium (the nation) does like meddling... tongue.gif

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Since 45 is just a short distance from Miiros, I'd like to ask if there's any way I could be involved? I could apply substantial pressure to plot 45's coastline if Rekamgil gave Miiros a reason to help them out.

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