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This is real simple; make up the next verse(s) of the song...


The morn' that I was born my old man beat up the doctor,

He clocked the doc because the doc said I looked like chewbacca,

He said "Sir, you're mislead sir, which in at first you mis took me,

I did not mean your lovely wife was shakin' up with a wookie".

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I went home, all alone, sat on the floor

I watched some telly, filled ma belly, a bit more

I came back and then i saw, my momma

Dancing about on the wooden flo or

I told ma daddy, who didn't even care

About ma mamma dancing like a bear

He said, go away and shut up sonny,

I'm trying quite hard to watch bugs bunny.

Go away, come back in another day,

Or i will a' call the fire brigade.




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There must be some kind of way out of here

Said the joker to the theif

There's too much confusion

I can't get no relief

Business men they drink my wine

Plowmen dig my earth

None will level on the wine

Nobody of it is worth



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If you have a very sore mouth, your doctor may give you a mouthwash called Difflam. This contains local anaesthetic. You use it 4 times a day. Ask your doctor about it if you think it might help you. You can also have painkillers. Some people have morphine infusions because their mouths are so sore, so don?t think you should try and cope without the help you need. biggrin.gif

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Dr.Pirilao said, i was agreed.

Just left his clinic, heading home

Went to buy some stuff that i?d need

So i can work more, as a mindless drone

Being stomped to make a living

Being offended so i could live.

I couldn?t bother myself dreaming

Else the big man?d ask for me to leave.

Home, family, routine

To live on the streets, all boozed

Till the day i imagined

If i did so, i couldn?t say "i lose"

Told big man to shove it deep

And now i?m living on this street.

As a bum, some may say.

Worse than slavery? Nay.

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