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Damak Var Missle Defense Program

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Recently I just learned you cannot have nuclear weapons without RPing their developement first. Oops. Well I am not going to RP developement of Nuclear Weapons, but instead a ballistic missile defense program. Another Cold War maneuver between LT and Alliance.


War Council Conference


It was another War Council meeting between the thirteen top generals of Damak Var. The generals sat around a rectangular table in a dimly lit boardroom wearing their Class A uniforms. Grand General Alfred Dagmar was at the end, being the Chairman of the War Council. Dagmar waited for everybody to get ready before starting the conference.


"As you all know, Ide Jima has over a thousand nuclear warheads in hidden locations in their country. The Emperor demands an answer to this."


"Then we build our own nuclear bombs! Easy." Cried High General Adelmar.


"Our standing in Europa is already very low. There is no need to aggravate the situation by starting a nuclear program."


"Why not, many nations of Europa already have nuclear weapons. Why should we be denied of it?!"


"There are other ways. We should equip ourselves to defend against attacks instead of deter them. Mobile surface-to-air missile launchers that are capable of intercepting ballistic missiles. We already have mobile AA units stationed around the country, why not have do the same only against ballistic missiles?" replied High General Dieter, one of the smarter men of this conference.


"I like it." said Dagmar.


"NO! We need nuclear weapons as well. We have to show our power to the world, show them that Damak Var is not weak!" Cried Adelmar again.


He ranted on for another two minutes while Dieter sat in silence. Finally when it was over Dieter spoke up.


"If there is a nuclear war with Ide Jima and the Alliance, there will be no victor Adelmar. Unless having the worlds largest supply of ash is what you consider victory. If the ballistic missile defense program is successful, we can brush of a mass nuclear strike and have a conventional war like it should be."


The thirteen generals began arguing for another half hour when Dagmar finally put the decision up to a vote. Five were for nuclear weapons, and eight supported the missile defense.


"Ok it is settled. But this is a very serious developement. This program has to be developed on our own. We won't be calling Vickers. Now, I hereby declare the commencing of the Ballistic Missile Defense Program of Damak Var. It will be called the Castle Project. High General Dieter, as a former Air Force commander before being appointed on this council, having a masters in aviation engineering, and this being your idea, I appoint you to be chief director of the Castle Project. Get to work and be sure to fill us in with updates. This conference is over, you are all dismissed."


OOC Castle Project is Top Secret


EDIT: Is this allowed? Making yourself invunerable to ballistic missiles. Nuclear attacks are not really used here anyways and consent of person you are nuking is required, so I do not think it should matter.

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ooc: Invulnerable, no - but a good missile defence programme would significantly reduce the chance of a missile strike against your nation being effective, there's always some chance that missiles may hit - however small.

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Dieter found himself in another boardroom. Meeting with the members of Damak Var's Military Research and Developement Department.


"Now the Castle Project is top secret, so only speak of this to people who must know. Now first we need to develop an alarm and tracking system. If missiles launch, we need to know immediately and their trajectory. Next we need rapid response mobile launchers that will effectively intercept the missiles and coordinates with the tracking system. Each unit has to be independent, there will be no centralized headquarters for this. I do not want the whole defense system to be dead in the water just because some saboteurs find the HQ and blow it to hell." Dieter said briefly.


"We can create a system of radar stations around the country that will detect incoming missiles and transmit their intelligence live to all Mobile Ballistic Missile Interceptors (MBMI) units and Air\Sea\Space Monitoring HQ. Then we will have to launch a satellite that will be able to detect a launch as soon as it happens to be even more aware. Also work will be done on a launcher, a Mobile Ballistic Missile Interceptor like you said. We shall make one that will intercept missiles out over the ocean before it even gets close to us. So if it does explode, better it explodes over the sea. With coordination with the tracking system it will be a success."


"That is exactly what I wanted to hear. Radar stations, satellite, MBMI units roaming the country, I like it. This should take sometime, but we will not fail the Emperor. Begin your work gentlemen and we shall meet again. I will oversee the work done." Dieter replied. With that the researching began.

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45 days later


Damak Var Military Research and Developement Facilities


"We have finished the designs for the radar equipment and satellite High General, please come take a look." The several men in their business suits brought Dieter into a conference room with a large television screen at the front. The general took his seat and the lights dimmed down.


"This is the radar dish that will be put in service. Each one will be able to accurately detect incomming missles from hundreds of miles away." Diagrams of the radar dish were being displayed.


"Impressive." High General Dieter replied.


"Now here are some diagrams of the satellite. With the radar stations and satellite, detecting a launch will be even easier. With the satellite though, we will know they launched the instant it happens. Also we can track their trajectory all over the world. Now we have already integrated these into the computer systems of the Mobile Ballistic Missle Interceptors."


"I see, well begin integrating this technology in our already set up radar stations. Then launch the satellite into space and get it operational. I also want all these tracking systems able to be accessed by High Command and all the other command posts in the country."


"Yes of course. We will soon also being work on the MBMI's."


"Good. Make sure that the MBMI's will be able to operate independtly using the tracking system. I do not want them to rely on an HQ to coordinate defense against missle strikes. Their movements coordinated by High Command, however we shall make it so they respond automatically and accordingly to missle strikes without the necessity of orders. When you have a good finished design, tell me so we can test it."


"We will begin right away."


"Excellent, then this concludes are meeting. You are doing a great service and I will make sure the Emperor is informed of this." High General Dieter held out his hand, and shook the hands of everyone of the men in the room.



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45 Days Later


High General Dieter was at the DVMRDD Facilities again. This time in an airplane hangar.


"High General, may I present you with Damak Var's first ground MBMI. Each equipped with four intercepting missiles. Capable of intercepting incomming missiles while they are 350 kilometers from our coastline. Longer before they even get us within their sights! They do not even have to be ballistic missiles by the way, so we will just call it the MMI." One of the men in the business suit declared proudly. He was the leading designer obviously.


"You shall make the Emperor proud." Dieter replied.


"Every unit of these will have to be followed around by a command Stryker. Come on board." Dieter followed him into the stryker and took a look around. The whole thing had being refitted with a whole assortment of electronic and computer equipment.


"A stryker will follow around each unit of those Missile Interceptors. The Missle Interceptors will be controlled from within these stykers. Over here is the nation wide tracking system which is already in use."


"Very good, how does it work?"


"Once a launch has been detected it is up to the nearest MMI unit must declare to the other units that it will take out the missiles. You do not want a dozen units firing at one missile, that is just a waste. Over here we raise the MMI to launch position, targets are selected, then we fire by pressing that button over there when it glows red." The man pointed to a red button on the wall behind a glass. Dieter nodded his head in approval.

"Of course there are other complications in controlling these things, but there is no need to go into such detail. A truck carrying extra ammuntion should always be following each unit around to reload. It takes quite a lot of time to reload though."


"Are you sure these are reliable and effective designs?"


"Yes, and not too expensive either."


"Very well, begin mass production. Ide Jima has an estimated 25,000 nuclear warheads in hidden locations. That means I want 12,500 of these MMI's. The plan is to have them around the country in groups of five which means you will need to produce and outfit 2520 strykers with the necessary equipment to go along with it. Then start building many interceptors, I mean many. During a mass strike it will take much time to reload these things. So I want more than enough to survive a mass strike. It will cost much, but the Emperor is willing to pay the coast. If a war between the LT and Alliance breakout, it is imperative we survive the nuclear attack. If we have double the intercepting missiles that Ide Jima has Nuclear missiles, we will be in good hands. Especially if they try and use their entire arsenal. Then we can fight the conventional war, like a war should be. Remember, this is top secret." Dieter shook the mans hand and was out. It take a year build all the necessary materials.


user posted image


user posted image


Once the first units of Missile Interceptors went out, the War Council formed another military branch. The Missile Defense Corps. As soon as 100 MMI's and 20 controlling strykers to go with them were made, training began for the men of the MDC. Detachments then commenced active duty, stationed at secret uninhabited locations around the country on 24 hour alert. However there still was not enough to survive as mass nuclear strike.


OOC: This is in the past, going into the present. I forgot to mention that, thats why I am moving so fast.


TagEdit: That picture was too big, so I resized it. Try not to go for pictures that are so massive.

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After three years of training and producing members, the Castle Projects was finished. The Damak Var Missile Defense Corps had 37,600 members in their ranks. In groups of five Mobile Missile Interceptors and one command stryker, they were hidden in secret locations all over the country on constant alert. Each one waiting for a nuclear war to begin. High General Dieter and all those who helped design the project were secretly commended by the Emperor himself.


Damak Var Underground High Command Platform, Vonrichkover


The thirteen generals of the War Council and the Emperor gathered around the display table showing a digital map of Damak Var. It was in the middle of a large concrete room sorrounded by computer monitors. Many of these could be found in Damak Var, but this was the mother of all control rooms, this was High Command. This underground control coordinates all Damak Var military forces and would be the hideout for the Emperor, War Council, and Executive Council during a major conflict. The head of the snake. The display table produced a holographic image of the country.


"Here is our nation, over here is the DVS Praetorian which is in the Konstantinopoli Sea. The Praetorian will fire three ballistic missiles targeted for an uninhabited area in Damak Var. They are not armed with explosive warheads or anything. We shall see how the MDC reacts. Order the Praetorian to fire!" Dieter said reluctantly. He had a light sweat on, praying that the Castle Project would be a success. It would be the firing squad if it wasn't. Pretty soon the alarm went off and you could see the three missiles moving across the ocean. The men in the control room knew it was a drill and reacted accordingly, but without actually processing the orders.


"Incomming missile strike! Put all military units on Alert RED!....." The normal process went on.


Soon enough three intercepting missiles were fired from Damak Var's northern coast. The MDC had no notification of the drill, and are reacting accordingly. The screen view traced the path of the ballistic missiles from the Praetorian and the Intercepting missiles. Both collided 321 kilometers out at sea. Dieter was holding his breath, when he saw the test missiles successfuly intercepted, he let began to breath again.


"Sir, enemy missiles have been destroyed." Declared a lieutenant from his computer console.


The other twelve generals began an applause for Dieter, along with the Emperor. They shook hands and with that the exercise was over and the Castle Project completed. Nuclear War for this country was finally winnable.

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