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Sarvoski's farewell

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Here is a little update for you all...

Right now I have pretty much been in control of Central Ohio for about a week. Right now we have 10 members. I am currently the un delegate. When I became the un delegate, the founder had left the region. However he came back a couple of days ago. I have created a website forum for the region (just like the one here). However, only 3 nations, including myself, have registered on the forum, and it does not have much activity on it. If any of you all want to you can register on my forum and help me out a bit. (I'm not asking you to leave Europa for Central Ohio, I'm just asking you to register on my forum). I hope to report back again soon to tell you all about our progress.


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Building your own region sounds like a real challenge. I hope you do well. I hope this doesn't mean we will be losing you on this forum, as we can still talk about NationStates and role-play.

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Here's a little update for you all...

Central Ohio failed miserably. I found a small region called Allied Nations of the World. I became the secretary of state very quickly. After a month or so I became the vice-president. The president wanted to move to a bigger region, so he left for red sox nation (I tried to get him to come here biggrin.gif ). I became the president of a region with 55 nations. To make a VERY long story short, we were invaded, liberated, and now I am contemplating on leaving the region. I have found the person that I am going to leave in charge. I hope everything has been going great here. Who knows, I might come back here. I'm thinking of joining a defender region, becuase i realized how great they really are.


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Due to miscommunication with my defender region, I thought to be an invader, and was banned from the region. After that bad experience, I decided to quit being a defender. I have come here because it was my home for so long. I don't know wheather i'll be here for a day or a lifetime, but it will all be a fun time!

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