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The Wolf's Peak Observatory, the central ranges...


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It was an average evening for the scientists and staff at the observatory. Sitting high up in the unbearably humid northern foothills of the central ranges, miles from any settlement, waiting for something to happen. Occasionally a panicky ministry of defence would call to take a look at something - supposedly an LT missile, but it normally turned out to be a piece of spcae junk, or in one case, one of the moons of mars. Nothing had happened for months. The scientists and staff had spent nearly a whole week just watching the Ide Jiman national basketball championship.


At around 7 in the evening, Khe San - the head scientist conducted the routine observation of the solar system inside the Kuiper belt, seeing what had come out of deep space today. The gigantic turret turned, scanning the stars. San kept his eyes on the screen as it panned across the night sky, something caught his eye. He flicked a switch, then another - the screen panned back and fixed on the object.


He fumbled for a printout of the previous report on the floor, under a pile of beer cans. Having found it, he held it up to the screen, and the object was not on the paper.


"How'd this little bastard get in here then?" He muttered, tapping something in on the keyboard. The image was enlarged, and it was a meteor all right. "Bloody hell... Hey! Get in Here!" He yelled to one of the other scientists, forcing him to abandon the game on TV.


"What do you make of that?"


"It's a meteoroid, almost 50 metres across." He slammed a button and it looked like the colours on the screen had suddenly inverted. "Chemical signature? The ice covering this is very thin, it appears to mostly be made of Metals... very strange, a metallic meteoroid of this size. Very smooth too, no cratering at all." The second scientist tapped in those details to the search database. No match. "I think you've found yourself a namesake San... by the way, whereabouts did you find it?"


"It's in the inner solar system, heading for earth, Meteoroids aren't my speciality, but what kind of effect will this have?"


"Depends. If it lands at sea, you're looking at waves a few feet higher than normal for about five minutes. If it lands in countryside, you're looking at a pretty big crater, depending on how much it burns up in the atmosphere. It could be worth a lot, you should notify the authorities as to it's landing location, this could be worth a lot of money - provided we're first to get there..."

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The Londim Space Agency (LSA) were scanning the sky with feedback from satellites orbiting Earth. Fred Jers was just sitting by making sure the mchines were doing their jobs. The other scientists and astronomers were ust looking over past cases as there was nothing interesting was going on. Suddenly the alert signal went off. One of the satellites had picked something up heading towards Earth. The observation room was in chaos. Scientists were getting to their control panels tracking what the object was.


"Everyone give me readouts of what this thing is", shouted Fred Jers at everyone.


"Sir it looks like a metallic object between 50 and 55 metres in diameter. Its smooth and is nothing like we've sen before."


"Track the object to where it is heading. I want a team of scientists to head for that point as soon as it is confirmed."


"Yes Sir."


So finally something interesting was happening but what it was Fred didn't have a clue.

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Thorsten Hammelburg was recalibrating his telescope again. The 37-year amateur astronom was getting really tired of working on this thing.


"Damn piece of crap. Should never have spent 1600 credits on this damn thing. Doesn't even work..." he mumbled while reconfiguring the settings again. After the several minutes he finished his work and aimed at a randomly picked position in the sky.


The telescope made the picture and after several minutes, Hammelburg's computer showed an enhanced and improved picture.


user posted image


"What the hell is this?" Hammelburg mumbled.


After several seconds he sighed. "A smooth meteor?! No craters??! What kind of crappy resolution has this thing?!" He turned to the telescope. "I tell you - I'll return you tomorrow. And if that damn storekeeper won't take you back, I'll swear I'll throw you out of the window!!"


Hammelburg didn't realize that he was making the mistake of his career...

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Michael San'Elena quickly packed up his stuff. He was on the main campus of the Deltannian Science Institute in New Delta, and he was late for a dinner with his old classmates. He shoved his stuff in his old car, and drove downtown.


user posted image


"Well, if it isn't the astrophysicist himself! How are you, Michael!"


"Hey guys, sorry I'm late. I thought I was an astrochemist. I guess both, huh? Sorry, I was doing some projection of this new- Dr. Avenstrom! What a surprise!"


"Hello, Michael, good to see you again. Sit down, sit down."


"What are you doing here, I thought it was only going to be the four of-"


"It was, Dr. Avenstrom just showed up."




"Yes. Order what you want, and I'll tell you what's going on." He did, the others began to talk and reminisce amongst themselves.


"Well then?"


"I've been working at the Deltannian National Space Agency in conjunction with SysTech, as you know, since I left the Institute."


"Yes, I remember that day."


"Well, I've been working on many projects, as you could guess, with the revival of the program and all. A lot of progress so far. But recently, while doing some star sweeping, I got a shot of this." He took out a high resolution photograph.


"It's smooth!"


"Mmm-hmmm. Interesting, isn't it? I did the usual tests, spectrometry, parallax positioning, etc, we've got everything on this thing. But, I've come to ask if you like to help research it. No doubt scientists all over the world will be looking at this."


"Me? Why?"


"Well, you're an astrochemist, very few of those, and unlike the 'commonplace' astrophysicist, which by the way, I recall you earning a degree in as well, we need someone with your talent. When you were working with me on my research, you were incredibly bright. You're just the person to help me with this. Those technicians and engineers at SysTech and the DNSA can do what they want, I'm a scientist, and so are you. And this may be the greatest discovery in the history of mankind."


"Wow. Thank you, Dr. Avenstrom. The Institute may not let me from my resear-"


"Don't worry, I can get everything held for you. And I know your assistant can finish your sampling. This will be temporary, I just want you to check this out."


"Well then, if that's it...."


"Here's the packet with all the information so far, keep it safe. As you can see, on it's current trajectory-"


"It's headed for Earth! I'd say no problem, but with what this thing looks like... and is composed of..."


"Yes. But more specifically, we've narrowed it down to Europa."


"Really? Any idea where?"


"No fix yet until it gets closer. But, my group has prepped a mobile observatory to track this think, along with a comlink to the research center where I work. We'll be moving as close to it as we can get. I'd like if you could come along."


"This is amazing. Ill talk with the Institute as quickly as possible!"


"Good. Look, here comes the food."

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Underground Bunker, Damak Var Air/Sea/Space Monitoring HQ


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The large concrete room was lined with computer monitors and men operating them. It was the regular 24 hour high alert mode.


"Look for anything suspicious boys. There could be an Alliance missle strike at any moment. We don't want to be caught with our heads up our @ss." The commandant of the facility said as he paced around hovering over the shoulders of the men.


"Sir, satellite is picking up something out of the ordinary!" A young lieutenant ripped off his large headphones and sprang out of his chair. The commandant rushed to his side to take a look at the image.


"A new Alliance missle?"


"No of course not! Its too far out in space to be a missle. Its a meteor of some sort, but none like we have ever seen, composed of mostly metals. The thing is going to impact somewhere in Europa. I can't even get an exact trajectory on where it will hit!"


"Well you better figure it out lieutenant. We have already had a meteor strike hit us last month! I need to know if it will hit us." The lieutenant went to work for a moment, but still could not come up with an answer.


"I don't know, the only thing for sure is that it is going to land somewhere in Europa."


"Alright give me the size, what it is composed of, and potential damage capability of this thing. I will have to notify High Command."


War Council Meeting


user posted image


The many High Generals that made up the War Council sat around the rectangular table in their dress uniforms contemplating the situation.


"Are we sure about this meteor hitting somewhere in Europa?"


"Yes of course, we have checked and rechecked calculations about a hundred times. It will hit in Europa, no doubt."


"What if it is going to hit us, what do we do?"


"Well the AA weaponry and Air Force has nothing strong enough to blow it out of the sky."




"Impossible, our missles are designed to hit stationary targets like Serekan. No way is it going to hit a moving meteor out in space." There was a long silence as the generals went back into thinking.


"Here is what we are going to do. Find a way to get the smaller warheads onto the missles of our high altitude fighters. When the meteor comes closer, I am positive we can get a accurate trajectory. If the impact is going to affect our nation negatively, we let it burn up in the atmosphere first. Then I want the fighters to barrage the meteor with a couple warheads immediately. If that does not work then we will have to resort to the old 'grab yer balls, close your eyes, and pray' tactic, and you all know how that ends up. But I know this is possible. Is that understood comrades?" The generals nodded their heads.


"Ok, well then that this concludes our meeting. Start making preparations."


EDIT: I read the planning on this already. Is it ok if I join in this RP?

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Eagle Mountain Military Base


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Captain Zamara entered the observation room at a fast pace. "Well, what have we got?"


"Sir! Seems the astronomers at Eagle's Observatory were right. There's indeed some odd object headed towards earth." the young sergeant answered while closely watching the computer screens.


"Is it dangerous?" Zamara stood behind the sergeant to watch the screens.


"Possibly, sir. This is what the astronomer's send us." A smooth meteorite appeared on screen. "It has been confirmed by our own scannings."


"Possibly isn't good enough, we need to know for certain."


"According to the astronomer's calculations it's headed straight for Europa, sir, but as of yet it's impossible to tell where it will hit and how dangerous that will be." the sergeant answered while resuming his calculations.


"Alright, inform me when you know more. I don't want to have to wake up the general for nothing." Zamara made ready to leave.


The sergeant was silent for a moment as new data appeared on the screens, then said: "Sir! There's something else!"


Zamara turned and watched the sergeant. "What is it?"


"It seems the meteorite contains an unusually high amount of metal, sir. This is very odd if I may say so."


"What kinds of metal?"


"Unable to determine as of yet, but possible of great value."


Zamara thought for a moment. "Well, I suppose the general should know about this. He will want to have a military team ready when that thing lands. Good work, sergeant, and try to figure out the exact landing spot. Get those astronomers over here to help if necessary. I will be in my room."

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OOC: This took me all night to write, so I hope it works. Also, I'm a sucker for narrative.


Zathra, Northwest Vocenae


The university was deserted, save for the janitorial staff, and one professor that had forgottened that he had a dinner engagement with his wife at one of the more posh restaurants in the city. He was grading test papers, muttering about the many failed tests and papers that his current class kept turning in. It was unacceptable, he thought, that he should be forced to suffer through such ineptitude here in the capital of Vocian education. He was not the only professor suffering under the weight of abysmal test scores though, the majority of the university faculty had expressed concern about the decreasing enrollment rates and increasing drop-out rates.


He forced himself through another hour of grading before feeling the lateness of the hour upon him. He gathered his things and walked out of his office, locking the door behind him. He passed no one on his way out, walking down the silent hallways, down the darkened stairwells, and finally out into the parking lot towards his car. He glanced upwards as he opened the driver side door, as if he felt something was not quite right in the night sky. The lights of the city blotted out the stars, and took the shine off of the moon as it moved slowly across the blackness. He stood there for a moment, and then slid into the driver's seat and began his drive home.


His wife was already in bed, and the closed door ment that he was sleeping on the couch until further notice. The professor undressed and tried to get comfortable on the small couch, finally falling into a fitfull sleep.


The morning came too quick for him. He shambled into the shower, pulled on his clothes, picked at the meager breakfast and slowly drove back to the university. He returned the pitifull test grades and gave lectures all day to a uncaring mass of students, and aside from the rare student that actually expressed interest in the subject, there was a growing feeling of discontentment growing in him. Finally the classes ended, and he retreated to his office. He tossed various folders and tossed a glare at the stack of ungraded papers as he poured himself the first cup of the night's coffee. As he rounded his desk and settled into his armchair, he noticed a dark brown envelope lying under a couple of non-important papers. He pulled the papers off of it, and glanced at the small sticker near the clasp.


user posted image


TO: Dr. Verin Talov,

Department of Astronomy,

University of Northern Vocenae, Zathra


FROM: Vocenae Imperial Space Agency


He paused for a few moments. What did V.I.S.A want with him? He had long since left them for the life of an educator. He opened the clasp and pulled out a large bundle of papers. On the very top of the bundle was a letter, addressed to him and had the seal of the Agency situated in the top right corner.


Dear Verin,


It's been awhile, hasn't it? How has the university life coming along? I hope it's treating you well. I know that this may be sort of a shock to receive this, considering the fact it's been fifteen years and they scoff at your name whenever it's mentioned. Being involved with government business again is something you don't want to mess with, I know, but I'm not quite sure to whom else to turn.


We've found something Verin. Something that we've never seen before, and against the wishes of the the Assistant Director and most of the staff, I've decided to extend to you an invitation to return to the Agency. Whether you decide to accept this or not is up to you, I cannot, and would not, force you to come back to a place you hate.


Enclosed is all the data that we feel is safe for civilian release. It is neither the full amount of data that we have, but there are still too many unknowns, and a nasty little suprise waiting for you, should you choose to accept, which I hope you do.


Your friend,

Alexios Divicar

Director of V.I.S.A. Operations.


Again he paused, re-reading the letter over. Then he went on to look at the attached data sheet, photo imaging, and several pages of information that would have sent a lesser learned man home scratching his head in confusion. He re-read the letter again, and spent the rest of the night pouring over the information that had been provided to him, pulling out books, making notes, comparing data, and finally, deciding to accept the invitation, if only to see the rest of the data they had. The cup of coffee was still full, and had long since gone cold, and he did not even notice that the faintest sign of dawn was painting itself across the retreating darkness of night.

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ooc: @DV: Sure - the more the merrier!




The Ministry of Defense, Serekan...


"Look, we received this from the Wolf's Peak observatory..."


The Colonel was sitting at a computer screen, and he was joined by two other officers. A multimedia file had been attached to the message, which showed a 30 second clip of a smooth object rotating as it moved through the heavens. The main body of the message simply detailed what the object supposedly was.




One of the officers interrupted, as the Colonel read the message.


"errr..." the Colonel finished reading, before answering. "Most likely somewhere in the north of the region, definitely a land touchdown somewhere in the 51 region." (ooc: if that's what it was reserved for)


"Ok, we need to get someone onto that - what about timeframe?"


"In the next 48 hours"


"Very well, I'm opening up contact to the Acheron - a carrier patrolling south of Akiiryan waters, and as the area for touchdown is narrowed down, we will relay coordinates. I'll start to see about perhaps getting some heavier equipment flown into Nimarci, to examine this once it lands. We need to move quickly, there are almost certainly others watching this."


IJNS Acheron, 40 miles south of Akiiryu...


The contact had been received over a secure military system. On deck, four CH-53E helicopters and to CH-46D helicopters were prepared for possible departure in the very near future...


user posted image

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The door to the office of the Chief Administrator of Foreign Affairs burst open.


"Just what the hell is the meaning of this?!" Standing in front of him was General Menkan followed by Waffen SG henchmen. Unfortunately for him, he was put in charge of the situation being the most qualified Air Force general. Since Damak Var ahd no space agency.

"Get this message out to the other nations. Report to me and me only with the updates. Do not ask questions." Menkan turned on his heel and walked out the door without saying another word.


TO:Nations of Europa

From: General Menkan of the War Council


I am going to be vague about this. Now I am sure you all know what is comming already, and if you don't then don't bother to ask. But my superiors would like to know what you all plan to do. Plans are already underway to strike it with low yield nuclear weapons at four opposite sides as soon as it burns through the atmosphere.



Kadinsk Air Force Base


user posted image


General Menkan walked into the airplane hangar where engineers were busy at work attaching four small nuclear warheads unto the missles which could be launched from the F\A-35. The preparations were going smoothly, and the whole plan would be ready within the hour.



Kadinsk Air Force Base, Underground Bunker, Command Center


The elevator doors swung upon, and in came General Menkan. It was another underground concrete room filled with computers and their operators. Damak Var had plenty.


"Ok boys, I have been sent by High Command to take care of the situation. You have all been briefed. I have been given orders to carry out the operation unless orders to abort comes from High Command. Now back to your post, the time will come soon enough."



War Council Meeting Room, Vonrichkover


"Well is it going to hit us or not?" Grand General Dagmar inquired.


"We cannot tell, our instruments are just not meant for space observation. Not even our only satellite telescope. There is also no telling what kind of damage this meteor can do."


"Ok, well we cannot take any chances. The Emperor will be furious if it strikes one of our cities and we did nothing. Besides if we are blowing it out of the sky for somebody else, that should do something to approve our standing with the world."


"Agreed, ok we shall have Menkan carry out the operation."

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The Miitary and Space Agency were working together on this. They had received a letter saying that some general was going to fire nuclear warheads at the comet. They replied:


To:General Menkan of the War Council

From: The Londim Space Agency


We of the LSA do not agree with these actions. The object is not big enough to cause major damage so we suggest that the object be left alone and continue its course. After it has hit we propose to send a team of scientists and military personnal to examine th object.



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Menkan read the message over again. They must be right, but what if it hits us. Oh well, orders are orders and everybody must follow orders.


TO: Londim Space Agency and Others Involved

FROM: General Menkan


My superiors will not allow the mission to abort unless you can guarantee the rock will not hit us, or affect our nation negatively. Our space instruments are quite primative and we cannot calculate its trajectory. Please send information quickly.



EDIT: I dont really plan on nuking the meteor. Just showing the paranoia of my state. But if you guys like, I can do it and make it so it does not affect the meteor at all. To add to the awe of the situation. What do you guys think?

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To: Nations of Europa

From: General Menkan of the War Council


I am going to be vague about this. Now I am sure you all know what is coming already, and if you don't then don't bother to ask. But my superiors would like to know what you all plan to do. Plans are already underway to strike it with low yield nuclear weapons at four opposite sides as soon as it burns through the atmosphere

The message sat on the screen which took up a large part of the wall of the room, far in the bowels of the Imperial Palace. It was very early in the morning, the dawn light was yet to creep over the horizon or even tinge the sky grey with the morning light. However, the message from Damak Var, sent to every Europan nation, had cause a massive jolt of activity in the heart of the government of the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium.


?So? does anyone know what this is actually about?? questioned the Holy Emperor. He was slightly bleary with sleep, but plans to launch a nuclear warhead usually kick-started activity in most capitals of the world.


Much to Commodus? irritation, everyone in the room shook their heads.


?Ok. So no one has any ideas about what this man is blithering on about, apart from proposing to sprinkle Europa with a nice light coat of radioactive dust and particles??


?Well,? struck up the Minister of Science, ?it appears to be in reference to something burning up in the atmosphere. I think we can then assume that it must be some sort of meteor or comet that has become unstable in its orbit and is moving towards the region.?


The Minister?s comment caused a thoughtful pause around the meeting table.


The Minister took advantage of this pause to continue. ?Tagmatium hasn?t been able to pick up signs of this comment moving towards the region, as other nations have been able to, as we don?t possess any ability to do so. If your Imperial Majesty would care to look at the requests I have sent to your office for a space-telescope programme??


?Other nations are already aware of it,? interrupted the Minister of War. ?Probably all of those that already have space programmes, and maybe others as well. Maybe we could get in contact with Damak Var to see what the hell is going on.?


Most heads in the room nodded in agreement. If it was a comet about to smash into the region, it would be good to know where it was going to land and how to prepare for its impact.

To: the Empire of Damak Var

From: the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Re: Last Message


Dear allies,


In reference to the last message you sent, which we can see was sent to every nation in the region, we would like to know what exactly you are implying in that message, and what it is you plan to strike with nuclear weaponry.


We must remind you that such a detonation of nuclear weapons would cause a large amount of radioactive material to rain down on a large part of the region.

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user posted image


To: The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

From: Damak Var


Our satellite recently picked up a meteor that will hit Europa. Damak Var has recently had a past meteor strike devastate some areas of our country. Even though the chances are slim, High Command will not risk risk allowing the meteor to touch down unless the safety of our nation can be guaranteed. Our space obersation instruments are just too primitive to get an accurate trajectory.

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The LSA looked at the reply.


"Well", said Fred,"can we guarantee this 'rock' won't hit them or cause a high amount of damage?"


"Well sir. Its to small to cause extensive damage and by its current trajectory it seems it will hit an uninhabited area", replied Lisa Garret.


"Fine send them a message."


TO: General Menkan

FROM:The Londim Space Agency

We here at the LSA believe the comet is to valuable to be destroyed as it is mostly composed of metal. We also calculate that the comet is to small to cause extensive damage. With its current trajectory we believe it will hit an uninhabited area.

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"But nothing like this has ever come by, and this is a golden opportunity to investigate on it! Yes I understand I will be liquidated if I am wrong, but trust me General. Thank you comrade." Menkan set down the phone and looked to his subordinates.

"Abort mission!"


War Council Meeting


Gerhard:Intelligence says all the chatter is saying that the rock is going to hit the 51 region.


Dagmar: Have Menkan track the meteor on its descent. I want you to get a ship over there and deploy a company of Speerspitze boys in region 51. Then have them wait for further orders. Make sure they are mechanized, light armor vehicles. Throw in some Verstecktoper elite as well. I want to know what this thing is and who knows what is in region 51.

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OOC: I 'm not sure where this is falling, but I'm moving toward the center of the continent, so....


user posted image


*Mobile Observatory*


They were driving down through unallied territories, passing small towns along the way. Not wanting to arouse suspision, they pulled around Adaptus completely, now driving near the border of Akiiryu.


Dr. Avenstrom sat in the back next to one of the computers. It was going through the day's calculations, Michael looking over what they could. One continued to detect the same composition throughout, a highly irregular one at that. They then looked at its current trajectory.


"It's going to hit soon."


"Yes, but where? It looks like the lower half of Europa, somewhere centralized."


"Yes, I agree. We'll have to cross the river here, and then drive across. I hope by tomorrow will pinpoint its drop."


"I hope so too, Doctor."

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TO: Damak Var

FROM: Ministry of Defense, Tamurin


We advise you not to use nuclear weapons over Europa regardless what it is you want to hit. A nuclear fallout will cause more damage and suffering than anything else. We don't see the gain in such action.


Also, we would like to know what you want to hit.



Claudia Hartman,

Minister of Defense




Arrabar Space Center


"OG-2 "Thor" has launch orders."


"Very soon."

"How soon?"

"Yesterday, sooner if possible..."

"Oh, that soon...Allright, I'll recall the people from their weekend. Who needs rest and vacation anyway?!"


user posted image


The OG-2 "Thor" entering orbit, two hours after the communique from Damak Var reached Tamurin. Its orders: Find out what should "burn through the atmosphere" and keep an eye on all missiles and aircrafts launched from Damak Var.

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See my last post


TO: Tamurin and all others concerned

FROM: Damak Var


That operation has been aborted. We are going to use our satellite to track its progress. There will be no strike.



DVS Vonrichkover, Destroyer\Troop transport

Kant Sea


"Yes sir, right away!" The commandant of the Vonrichkover set down the telephone and looked to his second in command. "High Command wants us to move within amphibious deployment range of region 51 and ready our detachment of Speerspitze Legionnaires for deployment."


"Aye sir! Ok comrades, there is a change of course..." the junior officer replied.

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OOC: Just a slight mod comment here. That was fairly quick how your lads got to plot 51. Is everyone ok with how fast that went? Just most other nations havent started to sent teams yet, and your guys are already there.

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The Acheron, a gigantic bimaran hulled aircraft carrier was heading for 51. It was just out of deployment range, but four CH-53E helicopters were being readied on the deck nonetheless. A scientific team were headed to the carrier, taking a bumpy ride on a C-2A aircraft. The scientists had to take a look at this meteor, it was unlike anything that had ever been seen before.


The meteor itself had many eyes on it. As well as wolf's peak, another observatory had turned its gaze on the meteoroid, watching as the large metallic lump drew closer to earth, it's smooth surface becoming ever clearer.


Predictions as to the touchdown point were becoming more accurate. The centre of area 51 was the point the meteor would touch down. Slap bang in the centre of the region. The ministry of science just hoped that nobody else got there first.


As there were 4 hours left until the touchdown, the carrier was at the easternmost point of Eebay. It wasn't looking hopeful...

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OOC: Want to make it so that there is no explosion? It would freak people out.


user posted image


*Mobile Observatory*


Michael San'Elena got out of the mobile observatory and looked over the ridge. They'd made it to Area 51, where they expected it would touch down, and with only a few hours to go, calculated it's expected impact, and waited on the edge. The Observatory had some shielding against any impact dusts or winds, but they had to keep a distance.


"Are we at a safe enough distance?"


"Should be, based on your calculations and my calculations. Let's just hope we're nto too far away for anyone else to claim it."


"Doctor, no one else is around yet."


"Don't worry, they'll come. I expect that governments are sending people right away, they might be on the other side of those ridges. And I'm sure most observatories in the region will be trained on it by now."


"Oh well, we got here first."


"But will we get to the meteor first? That's another question. This could be the strangest find in human history, possibly the most important to date. And we're in no position to fight for that meteor. Sure, we can claim it the second it becomes a meteorite and smacks Europa. But will we have possession of it?"


"I see your point. Well, we've got a hardy crew that wants to learn about this thing. Wouldn't rather be anywhere else but here. And if some other crew thinks they can take it from us, well then, we'll see about that."


"Hmmm. Better eat, don't want to get caught up in the excitement later."

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The LSA team had arrived in the area where they believed the comet would hit. Little was known about the area. A team of the Londim Military had set up camp and had lookouts. Fred Phelps and the rest of the scientists were setting up equipment. The comet was due int the next couple of hours.


"Sir we have noticed another group in the vicinity. What should we do?"


"So another group is here already", Fred thought to himself, "this could be interesting."


"Leave them alone. They are probably another group of scientists from some other nation. We do not want to do anything that could seem unreasonable against them...unless they give us reason too.


"Understood Sir."

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TO: All nations in Europa

FROM: Ministry of Reserach & Development, Tamurin

RE: Incoming meteor


To ensure maximum scientific observation, the Luftwaffe will send three E-3 AWACS aircraft to Area 51 to observe the impact of the meteor and the events before and after the impact from three different locations. Each of these E-3 will be manned with a mixed team of scientists from different branches. We request overflight permissions from Rekamgil for an easier approach, otherwise the aircrafts will take the north route around Rekamgil.


The AWACS won't scan nearby countries (Rekamgil, Sarvoski, Miiros, Akiiryu, Mongol-Swedes) and they're not armed.


Their ETA in Area 51 is 1 hour before the impact.



Claudia Hartman


user posted image


Luftwaffe AWACS approaching Area 51

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Onboard the Acheron, the helicopter force was getting prepared. Three CH-53E Super Stallion helicopters, as well as another four MH-6 Littlebird special forces helicopters were ready. The force would be operating at the very limit of its range, carrying 40 marines and 10 scientists to the centre of area 51(Given the fact that several hostile nations may also have spotted this meant that there would have to be a significant security presence) . Several MV-22B tilt-rotors remained on standby incase anything went sour.


With only one hour to go until impact, the helicopters took off. Overhead, the meteorite could be seen with the naked eye. The seven helicopters took off and headed inland, racing against time to get to the touch down point.



One hour later...


The massive meteor had hardly burned up at all upon entering the atmosphere. As far as Meteoroids go, it had been a surprisingly unimpressive entry. But now, right in the heartland of area 51, the meteor was coming down.


There was an almighty thud as it hit the ground once, before half bouncing half rolling another 50 yards - taking anything that got in the way with it, and leaving a scar a lot wider than the Meteoroid itself in the landscape. It lay steaming, but the helicopters were still 20 minutes away...

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