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Damak Var OOC Information

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This first post is outdated since the coup. But I would rather leave it.

Don't know where else to put it. Also, I see that everybody else has one, whether it is somewhere on these forums or on wiki. I'll start with the military. There isn't as much detail of military information that I've seen most people put though. If you don't feel like looking through all of it, at least take a look at my newest paramilitary branch, the Schutzgesellschaft!



The military is not massive, but it is professional and up to date in technology. The military has 3,000,000 active personnel and three million reserves.

The Army

Has helicopters, no fixed wing air units. Has plenty of infantry, artillery, AA, and armor units. The Army has special forces units of their own as well. The standard infantry rifle is the FN FAL. The Army has been toned down greatly since the beginning of the New Order.

Regius Navy (Navy)

Damak Var keeps a moderate size and professional navy, being an island nation. The primary task the Navy is concerned of is the protection of trade routes by sea. The Navy is the most funded and focused part of the military. Steps are currently being taken to decrease the military spending in all areas except the navy.

The Air Force

Damak Var has a standard and small sized Air Force. It is responsible for overseeing Damak Var air and sea space. Also is responsible for detecting attacks to Damak Var mainland. The Air Force specializes in long range intercontinental bombing. Defense against other fighters and bombers is also a capability of the Air Force. But Damak Var relies more on the Army's mobile ground AA units hidden in secret positions all around the country when defending against enemy wing units.

Speerspitze Legions

Much similar to the U.S. Marine Corps, they are elite forces. Composed of elite infantry and small armor, artillery, and air (fixed and rotary wing) units. Specializes in amphibious assaults and rapid response operations. Speerspitze Legionnaires tend to be excessively aggressive and fanatical. To be in a Speerspitze Legionnaire is considered a great honor in Damak Var. Though they are technically part of the Navy.

Waffen Schutzgesellschaft (Waffen SG)

A small but Elite interior guard force. They are composed of elite infantry, artillery, armor, and wing (rotary wing only) units. The Waffen SG are the only military units allowed inside the capitol city besides personnel on temporary leave. There is an ongoing competition for prestige and rivalry between the Waffen SG and Speerspitze Legions. As well as a controversy among the country over who is more "bad@ss".

Missile Defense Corps

A top secret military branch of 37,600 members. Mission is to defend the Damak Var mainland from all missile attacks. Using Mobile Missile Interceptors and the National Missile Tracking System, the MDC can potentially shield the country from a massive nuclear missile strike. But you do not know this. For more information on the MDC go here.

Verstecktoper-Mission is to effectively collect and analyze intelligence for the War Council. Also does covert operations such as intelligence, counter-intelligence, assassination, sabotage, infiltration, hostage rescue, search and destroy etc. It is an intelligence agency and elite special forces unit made into one. Mainly operates outside the nation, but does interior operations as needed.


Other Agencies

Damak Var Crime Investigation Agency (DVCIA)- Nationwide crime investigation. No further explanation required. (think FBI).

Provincial Law Enforcement Departments- Police departments of individual provinces. Mission is to ensure law and order, and pursue criminal justice. Base law enforcement force of the nation.


The following organizations no longer exist

The Schwarz Schutzengel (SSZ)

Emperor's elite bodyguards and personal agents. Birth trained and fanatically loyal. They answer to the Emperor only. The uniform of the SSZ is all black combat fatigues and kevlar vests. When uniformed, these agents always have their face concealed one way or another in order to keep their identities secret. SSZ members can operate in uniform or undercover, posing as a regular citizen. Wherever the Emperor goes, SSZ agents follow by his side in uniform or watching from the shadows as undercover agents. The SSZ are also the most highly skilled agents that Damak Var produces and can be sent on a variety of missions outside or inside the nation by the command of the Emperor and the Emperor only.

With the death of the Emperor, the SSZ have been disbanded

Schutzgesellschaft (SG)Β is the 'praetorian guard' of Damak Var. It is composed of many branches, each with their own specialties and tasks. The SG is under the command of the Grand General and Chairman of the War Council. Spreading propaganda and boosting the morale of the nation is also one of their concerns. The SG branches are as follows:

The Inquisition (The Gerunter)

Secret Police of Damak Var. Investigates and captures conspirators, traitors, and those who have disruptive thinking. Even investigates military personnel and those in government. Though, they must have solid evidence to convict somebody of a crime. The man sitting in the cubicle next to you might just be Gerunter agent waiting for you to say something bad about the State. But he must have proof for you to be punished.

Stimme des Volkes (SVM)

Charged with spreading pro-party, pro-State, pro-Emperor propaganda and boosting the morale of the people. They incite hate against those who are against the State and Emperor.


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Since I'm trying to expand my economy, here is a list of businesses.

TOP 20 Varian Business Enterprises

  1. Leets Incorporated – Information Technology
  2. Kropper Food and Drug – Grocery Retailer
  3. Byzacium Corporation – Software, computer technology, nanotechnology
  4. Batavadorum Motors Co. – Automobiles
  5. Dizdex Industries – Pharmaceutical, biotech
  6. Pope and Doppler – Energy
  7. Bricktop Co. – Investment Firm
  8. Varian Royal – Insurance
  9. Preacher Docks – Ship design and manufacturing
  10. Universal – Communications service provider
  11. Emperor Imbel – Banking
  12. Galaxy Incorporated – Integrated circuits manufacturer
  13. Teratech Incorporated – Supercomputers, military software
  14. Metron – Oil and Gas
  15. Lightyear Express – Delivery
  16. Nertshire Incoporated – Media
  17. Duke and Dauphin – Tobacco, food, and beverage
  18. Gozzel – Wholesale retailer
  19. Gerard Walker – Entertainment
  20. Apoc – Private military company (mercenaries)
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  • Turn Damak Var into a major economic power
  • Gradually decrease government defense budget and military spending
  • Improve education
  • Divert more funding to increase technological advancement
  • Build and maintain a strong Navy
  • Imperialize (economic imperialism, nothing military)
  • Move towards neutrality in the international community (despite being in the LT)
  • Pursue good relations with all major economic and military powers as good as possible, aka Akiiryu
  • Mitigate international disapproval of Rutanika situation and Stilistra's new government
  • Have the best Information Technology industry in the world
  • Find new sources for natural resources
  • Modernize all urban areas
  • Advocate a healthy Varian environment and reduce pollution
  • Research more efficient energy sources
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