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The Republic of Pine Park

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Pine Park, like most other nations, began with a rich history of primitive tribal cultures. Most notable of these tribes was the highly advanced (roughly translated) Clan of the Phoenix. This tribe is most known for its excellent examples of architecture, in the large stone obelisks they built in honor of the divinity of the clan's namesake, and their massive funeral pyres, which were said to raise as high as the gods themselves. The oldest of these pyres still stands today, on the northern edge of Kamarouth Mountain, in the Allen province. The Clan of the Phoenix was wiped out, however, in the mid 1500's, by a gang of pirates and brigands known as "Black Death" (the largest pirate's guild in the world at that time). Black Death inhabited the island, making it their base of operations for the next 30 years, murdering the males of the Clan, and taking the women as harlots and the children as slaves. Black Death would meet a well deserved end, however, soon after their guild captain, Greyskull, was stabbed to death in his sleep by his Clan harlot, Ku'tchka. The "Harlot Rebellion" is noted as one of the bloodiest periods in Pine Park's history, and even today serves as an inspiration to its citizens. Sadly, though, the children wrought by the union between pirate and tribeswoman were shunned by the Clanspeople, and they were exiled to a small village to the north, long worn down and eroded by time. Europeans would eventually tame the wild clans of this nation (at the time unnamed by its inhabitants) "educating" and "civilising" them. Many peaceful years of industrial growth would pass, until a group of Socialist refugees from parts unknown made their way to what was then known as "New Macedonia" in the late 1800s. Through a series of rousing speeches and backroom dealings, the Socialists wormed their way into the government of New Macedonia. Over the course of a great many years, the government regressed from Socialist Democracy to Socialist Dictatorship. Oppressed by the yoke of an omnipresent Socialist government, a group of New Macedonian citizens began forming plans for a revolution, meeting beneath the shade of the white pines in the middle of Stavros Park. The revolution, a combination of strikes, boycotts, civil disobedience, and rioting, was long and fruitless. Then, one day, the government suddenly collapsed. Some scholars say that it was the revolution's weight that cracked the Socialists, others say the weight of Socialism itself destroyed the government. All anyone knows is that one day, the Socialists left the country any way they could, and the capitol was found burned to the ground. In either case, the original planners of the revolution, called the "Freedom Fighters" decided upon a less conventional style of government, opting to run the newly named Pine Park (so named because of the area in which the planners drew up the revolution) as a corporation, instead of a government, and lead its people as equal employees, instead of lesser subjects and peasants. Based upon the fundamental ideals of personal and economic freedom and individualism, the Republic of Pine Park still stands today, a beacon of hope for those who crave the right to be who they want to be, individually, economically, and societally.

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