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Another unique RP

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To go on top of the Stargate RP, which is quite different and the global flooding RP by O, I thought I might as well through this one in.


It's basically the Great Adapton War. The first civil war. Now the the unique part. It's set at the same period as the Crimean war. With early rifles, dying age of cavalry, that sort of thing.


Here's how it goes. It's 1848 and it's been a while since the Empire of Adaptus was formed, and it's begining to collapse after the death of an Emperor with no heir or sucessor named. Thus, candates for the throne arise from all four of the original powers. One from Imperia, one from Sanctum, another from Ashton and the fourth from Isha. The conflict has two endings however, one in 1852, at the end of the official war, and 1855 after another uprising. The latter ending is however very political compaired to the first.


It's sort of a cross between the Jacobite rebellion in Britain and the Crimean war, because at the start, the first armies of the divided Adaptus are like Highlanders, but other armies of the divided states are more profesional, for instance the Imperian and Ishan forces will be more powerful to the Ashton and Sanctum forces, due to the fact the Capital region of Adaptus is Imperia, and the predecessor of the chaos was an Ishan emperor.


The first ending of the conflict it ends with the Emperors agreeing to meet up and ask the people who should become the leader, in the first Adapton Parliament. With emperor Halicus being elected.


Now the final ending. Halicus is hell bent on restoring his family to the throne, after the Parliamant stated he could not. So he takes to arms and disdands parliament. This results in large support from the populace and a Parlimentary army is formed, and fighting continues. This ends with the parlimentary army winning, and the first Prime Minister figure is promoted, and the Emperor is reduced to the "lesser" title of King and stripped of his powers, this paves the way for modern Adaptus.


Now your role. The role of other nations is supporting the regions. Both financially and militarily. It would open other nations to perhaps have a chance at annexing Adaptus with helping the right region to victory, and would help increase assets to other nations. However after the people uprising the comes to an end. But here's some background info on each of the regions just before the war. To help you choose:-


Imperia: The original Empire of Adaptus. Their roots run deep. Created the first United Empire over the Adapton region, under the Imperia name, however their emperor dies and an Ishan emperor suceeded. Thus seizing the Imperian Empire. These, once breaking off, revert back to their old colours and ways, Black and white flags and purple unifroms, much like Prussia. Being the Capital of Adpatus, most of the arisocratic heads and military generals come out of Imperia, which gives them a major advantage when war breaks out.


Isha: Currently crowned leaders of Adaptus. It is an Ishan Emperor who sits on the throne, and which dies to leave the opening, giving the Ishans' the best claim for the throne. The old Emperors loyalties run deep in many of the populace of all regions and the military. Due to the Isha's location it has the biggest Naval potential out of the regions, and takes control of 80% of the Adapton navy at the time, and a fair chunk of the Adapton Army of the time, with the strongest regiments and such placing their loyalites here. Think of these as the British.


Ashton:Territorially the largest region, yet having hardly and political say at the time, it's people highly resentful and hateful of the Imperians, due to a large war between Imperian and Ashton at the start of the Imperian Empires gains to take over Adaptus. They form the largest military of the regions, yet most are untrainded, ill-equipped troops, charging in mass formations. These are the Jacobites, and the most easily manipulated by foreign investors.


Sanctum: Sanctum are the people in the middle. Yet have most of the resourses, and petensial for to be the richest region. They to have a rag tag military. Yet more equipped than the Ashtons. Think Russia at the start of the Crimean war. Impresive uniformed troops but with old equipment.

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I seem to like the idea. I like the setting too... altough I'm not quite sure how they fought in the Krim. I know they had horses and cannons, but did anything change in the infantry since Napoleon? Still two groups of people shooting at each other?

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There still will be cavalry, but it's at it's end. Ships of the time are revolutionary new steam ships. Fast and deadly. But have less cannons and such. Whiles old ships would have had 60 cannons on either side these would have only about 15. But i'll have to research that a little more.

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I think Tagmatium will support Isha.


As the ruler of Tagmatium at this time is just supposed to be a rip-off of Queen Victoria of Britain at this time, could we have some arrangement of her (the Empress of Tagmatium) marrying a minor royal of the Isha line?


It would also give more of a reason for Tagmatine involvement.

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How about a marrage between the Ishan Prince or something? This would give it a good line. Or how about a major Ishan Naval Abmiral, that would work well due to the fact Isha have basicly all the naval power.

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If that one eyed "admiral" or any of his men come anywhere near Akiiryu or Akiiryan shipping they'll be dealt with in the traditional Akiiryan manner...Seriously not sure if I am going to come involved yet. Akiiryu will strengthen its border pickets, but whether or not it comes directly involved depends on the actions of other nations. That said given Akiiryu's conservative outlook, it would probably support the Imperial Family (Isha). Unless we can work out a historical reason for them not to.

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Ashton be a good pick...rather than taking the land Akiiryu might be looking at setting up a border state. Either way, it is doubtful Akiiryu would commit troops to the conflict, it would, however, probably train Ashtonian/Isha forces and equip them. It would also probably, in the longterm, offer a safe haven for Ashtonian/Ishans who did not want to become part of the new Adpt (that might be a partial explanation for the lon term tension between Akiiryu and Adpt). Need to think about this somemore.

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