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Flag: Nan GorGwaith

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I need a new flag to go along with the changes going on in my nation.


My old flag was the Imperial "House" flag of the rulers, and did not really reflect the nation as a whole. I do want to incorporate it into the new one though. I made a really temporary one for my nationstates page. It has the old one split up and squished in the left side and has my national animal within the Europe stars on the right field.


user posted image


I would like it to be similar, only more stylish. The images I have used were a skull, an Iron Cross, a sword, the EU Stars, and my avatar. I would like to keep the colours similiar, but all the icons can be moved around or changed into different versions.

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Uhm that was just some example I pasted together as a basis. I wanted to know what I should change. This version is not really finished. It still needs to be resized to a width of 125 px, and a size less then 10 kb.

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