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I have an RP idea, something I was planning to do after exams, but it is a little bit 'out there'. I was thinking of doing an RP similar to Stargate (If you've ever seen either the films Stargate or Doom) whereby some archaeologists discover a portal to another planet.


If this is a bit too advanced, then I'll place it in the FT section, but I'd much rather it was done MT. The idea is incredibly futuristic, but on my part it would not result in any future technology.


I'm still thinking where to go with the RP once the portal has been discovered. Just typing this up to test the water really. See what RP mods reckon. I'm not really looking to create a second region or anything, just do some fun RP.


I was thinking others could get involved by means of discovering similar gateways in their own nations, but keeping it a secret and not actually finding out others have them too until they have sent a team to the planet.


((Nor am I looking to see Europa invaded by aliens wink.gif ))

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I don't quite understand how that would work for the rest of our RP's. I guess using the future RP area for this would be best. Not too far into the future, but still far enough so it doesn't bother with current RP's. How about 10-20 years from now?


In stead of getting all nations involved, you could compose a team of 1 person per nation, and have that team explore the stargates. That way we could all play along, but as 1 person. If that's too complicated, 1 team per nation could also do.

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I thought that medieval things was still going. mellow.gif I really liked what was going to happen. Perhaps with a bit more ooc planning it will pick up again. I was a bit unsure as to the role I could play, being so far from your empire.

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Well, you all ignored my Tank thing and my Medieval thing... grumpy.gif

ooc: I'm sorry about that Tag I forgot. With the medieval one I was waiting for either O, Akiiryu or Miiros to post again so that I didn't get too carried away with just the three of us. As for the tank one, I really was unsure how to continue. It was a great RP, but I couldn't send anyone into Tagmatium (for the obvious reason that they would stick out like a sore thumb and everyone would probably hate them). By the middle of May, I was too booged down with revision to write lengthy posts. That must make me look like a bit of a jerk now coming up with my own ideas and expecting you lot to take part. After Friday afternoon (my last exam) I guess we could continue with them, seeing as they're good RPs and put this one on hold.

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I'm up for a stargate type thing, I like it (Notice my avatar cool.gif ).


I would actually propose one team per nation, instead of one person. Each group, however, would be under a central, Europan command structure?


I can also make up some funky science for it too.... 2-thumbup.gif

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Stargate sounds like it could be pretty cool, if done properly. Hey, you could even travel to one of my puppet nations if you want. It's an entire planet, but sadly never used in any RP. =P


Sorry about your Medieval RP Tag. When I started into it I had planned Miiros to be in the west, but when the map came out it moved across the continent and it would be unlikely to be involved. However, I think I can change some names in my old posts and RP a fictional Empire not too far from yours if you still want things to go ahead. I've been slammed with work since we're short-staffed, but I'll try to be more committed this time around.

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Stargate RP - cool, I'm in! 2-thumbup.gif


Two things:


- We need to create a bunch of alien races and a background story. I wouldn't like the idea of us just replaying the fight against the Goa'uld, the Ori or the Wraith. We'd need to create something unique.

- Someone would have to impersonate these races; that would reduce his ability to play as a nation.


I'd offer to create and play the alien races. Of course only if Ide is OK with it and he hasn't already made plans...

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That's a good point. I havn't really thought about what would be on the other side. If that's something you'd be happy to do then, it would be very helpful. This probably won't get underway just yet though.


What does everyone think about time setting? I was thinking of putting it about 10 years in the future, so that modern equipment is still used - but the RP bears no direct consequence to modern Europan politics.

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But then neither did the Ilia one. Admittedly, it gave a reason for Sevrun blowing up.


I think it'd be fine placing it in the current time frame, because 10 years in the future, the chances are that Europa is a smoking, radioactive hole. tongue.gif What with current world politics, anyway.


It could give a reason for some otherwise opposed nations to work together, albeit clandestinely.

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I am in for sure as the Italgrian Space Command wink.gif


No but its a really good idea and ofcourse I will be joining it...


And btw isn't Europa at stage Modern+1? Stargate was made in 2004 (something around there or even earlier?) so why couldn't it go to the normal RP?

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I'm fine with it being in the modern time frame although what would be a good idea was that if all the gates were destroyed or something at then end of the RP.


Oh and I wouldnt mind taking on the role as an alien race. I've very imaginitive when it come to that sort of stuff. tongue.gif

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Modern time period is okay, but should it be know? Perhaps we can just have it sort of ambiguous. Or, it should have no effect on other RPs on the board at least, things could get messy all around.


If Tagmatium wants to help with the aliens and such, I'd like to help with the science part of it. I'm pretty good with that stuff, I've got a good background on all sorts of possibilities. Maybe I could both supply a team/person to help, along with the scientist, I figure Deltannia is good with the hard sciences (even if our space program failed). But, I'm a Jack O'Neill kind of guy myself.

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Thanks for volunteering me, CG tongue.gif


What I was going to say that in the Ilia one, the aliens weren't portrayed by any main one person, although Sevrun were in cahoots with them, or something.


Which lead to each nation encountering them in their own way, slightly working together, pooling information. But it wasn't ever concluded.


Could this lot be an extension of the "Ilia", or are they a separate people all together?

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FYI: Stargate was made in 1994, Stargate SG-1 in 1997 and Atlantis in 2004



We both could be the Aliens then, how about that? We'd be able to play Tamurin and Adaptus, but our main task would be the Aliens. We could each develope some races, coordinate tech levels etc.



Since more or less all want to play this in the present, how about this: We play this as an alternate reality scenario, meaning: Everything that happens here is the result of the possibility that this device is found. In our "main reality", this device is never found, so nothing happens there...


Hey, why am I explaining this. You guys know SciFi-Stuff if you're interested in this, you know what an alternate reality is... wink.gif

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Well, as an alternate reality, it wouldn't affect anything in our current RPs, and thus no nation could be affected in an RP by decisions influenced by this Stargate object. Also, we could have this funny go into an alternate reality thing where these people come to our own reality..... hope that wasn't too confusing.


Alternate reality is the best plan if we are going to have it in modern times.

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Also, we could have this funny go into an alternate reality thing where these people come to our own reality..... hope that wasn't too confusing.

So you mean like Europa meets real world Europe or something like that?

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