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Stratechirk, Republic of - a tiny nation situated in one of Europa's mountainous regions, notable for its fiercely independent people.


-Geography and Climate-

90% Stratechirk's surface is placed above 1000 meters above sea level. Forests cover almost 32% of the total, with barren icy wastes (28%) and farmlands (23%) coming up second and third. Urban regions are few and far between, but tend to be large. Stratechirk's climate is best described as 'too cold to live' - tempratures range from +10?C in the summer and -40?C in the winter.


-Politics and Economy-

Stratechirk is legally governed by an elected body of thirty two, albeit they all tremble in fear of an elusive backstage figure, whose identity remains unknown, but frequently blackmails the rulers should they stray from the righteous path of freedom and economical power. There are very few laws pertaining the industry and businesses, leaving them free to fend for themselves - which they happily do. Income tax is outlawed, and the primary source of income for the government are foreign trade taxes.



Due to Stratechirk's policy of leaving everyone to their own devices, the population is divided into two major groups - those who manage to scrape some sort of living and those who don't. The second group is significantly larger, but generally the possibility of climbing the financial ladder always exists, though it is hard with the total absence of government-funded welfare. Regretfully, crime is a major problem, because many of Stratechirk's poor find a life of crime stains their honor less than begging.



The people of Stratechirk don't care for war, but still maintain a small professional army, which is generally sufficient to drive off any invaders. The climate and geography of Stratechirk greatly aids defensibility.




Anyway. Hello, peoples!

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Hiya. Didn't mean to be pushy back there, but I figured an active nation like yourself could use a bigger place to talk to other people. The RMB is only limited to 10 messages and doesn't have a way to save those messages yet. (Although I know a region who automatically has those messages saves to their forum. I'm still bribing them to get my hands on the code.) tongue.gif

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Welcome! I see you have a geographic outlay already, so get those 20 posts you need, asap. wink.gif


S-trait-cheer-k -> Straight queer? tongue.gif j/k


Anyways, much preaddelv to you along with some thuative mipcroche, or droinable croupcried, if you like that better and welcome to Europa! licklips.gif *


*This sentence has been made possible with the support of the Unique Word Generator.

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I need more neighbours. I'm getting lonely.



Blueport died a while ago so he'll be removed, and you asked that I remove US. What exactly are you aiming for, mister? (It would make a great historical RP though, you owning that entire area. That would really fit your nation's title.)

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