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A NEW Geography Game

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Okay, the rules are simple. biggrin.gif


The person whoses turn it is makes up a question. The answer HAS to be a country name, river, town, city, state, province, village, forest, mountain range, river..... the usual stuff you find on a typical map of a country. If no one guesses the answer, more clues may be given. Google, atlasses, encyclopaedias and the like may be used.


The first person correctly answer the question (the correct answer has to be verified with the person whoses turn it is) wins, and gets to ask the next question.


So I'll go first:


Which country has the world's most coastline and, coincidentally, the world's largest bay? Name that bay!

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Nope. Switzerland is landlocked, but not double landlocked. Liechtenstein is landlocked, and the nations it borders with (Austria and Switzerland) are also landlocked. Switzerland is landlocked by nations such as France, Germany and Italy which all have access to sea/ocean.


I'ld have to admit though that the second nation is less obvious then Liechtenstein because its neighbouring nation(s) border a rather large lake, actually the largest lake on earth (=extra hint).

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If I'm right: The next question is this:


What is the name of the self-proclaimed micronation near the coast of Felixstowe, UK


Motto: E Mare Libertas (English: From the Sea, Freedom)

Type of entity: Micronation

Location: Western Europe

Area claimed: 550 m?

Membership: < 10 permanent residents

Date of foundation: 2 September 1967

Leadership: Prince Roy I (Paddy Roy Bates), 1967- and Prince Regent Michael (Michael Bates), 1999-

Purported organisational structure: Hereditary constitutional monarchy

Language: English

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